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Product Description:

This carpet is made by Polyester yarn. It is shining, modern and fashionable.  

1. material: acrylic,or polyester, or polyester and silk, or multi-structure

2. patern: shaggy

3. design: many different fashonable design

4. pile height: 3cm--4cm

5. weight: 2000g--4000g

6. backing: white or grey canvas of backing with latex

7. color: various and can be made as buyer's requirement

8. size: 140x200cm, 160 x 230cm, 200 x 300 cm, etc, or produced as customer's requirement

9.  payment: T/T, L/C

10.delivery time: within 30 days after order

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Q:Ok;I think I need some color help with a rug?
I would go for a shag pile, string coloured rug.
Q:What to do with finished latch hook rugs?
There okorder.com is another site where people sell completed handcrafts. If you have consignment shops in your area, they may be willing to sell the rugs for you. I have some that I've hung on the wall as art, and I have also used some as tops for chair cushions or throw pillows. Unfortunately, though, in general this is one of the class of craft projects where the unused kit often sells for more than the completed item. If selling doesn't work out, you may wish to restrict yourself to rug projects where you have a specific use or recipient in mind, or else put some of your energy into a less expensive craft like friendship bracelets, for instance. Good luck!
Q:removing pet urine odor from carpet?
You are never going to get cat urine smell out of the carpet, your olfactory senses are just going to become accustomed to the smell and mask it themselves. Then when you have company or guests they will smell it. That carpet needs to be ripped up and the floor checked for saturation as well. The landlord IS responsible for that, and should have gotten a cleaning/security deposit from the last renter which He/She probably did, and wants to pocket the money, or tried a quick cheep carpet cleaning method which is a joke anyway, but that's a whole new subject/posting. I'm not sure what your relationship is with the landlord, but I told you what needs to be done, and maybe there is hardwood flooring under the carpet that can be restored or even just rip up the carpet and the HW floors might be in good enough shape to just clean up. ANYTHING will be better than that cat urine smell and nasty unsanitary environment for anyone to be around. I sure hope you dont have children especially ones that crawl still, THAT IS JUST NASTY. Either way, the landlord IS responsible and you have rights so If said landlord is refusing to step up and take their responsibility seriously, then take the slumlord to court and do a little research to find out the list of infractions they are committing , there's quite a few last time I inquired. Good luck, and remember, any cleaning will only mask cat urine, some more than the next, but will never completely remove the secretions.
Q:good adhesive for rugs?
You can get rug hold from your local hardware store and it should not cost that much. Add the rug hold. If the crease stays, boil a kettle, do not drench it, but dribble a bit on the backing of the carpet that is creased after removing the rug hold. Put some weight on it and leave for a few hours. When the crease has gone, re-appy the rug hold and it should be fine. Good luck Joe Kelly Kingsland floors
Q:Help with rug cleaning?
Hmm. I have bought the same type of rug only in a dark blue with the note to spot clean. I had the same thing happen except on linoleum. I didn't really pay much for it so I thought I'd try washing it on a gentle cycle, the materials it was made from was pretty durable (don't know what yours is made of) so I washed alone and added vinegar to the wash (which is said will set the color). I washed mine on a medium load to make sure the water completely covered the rug, add the vinegar to the water as its filling. I poured mine in but if I had to guess I used about 2 cups and don't use detergent. I stopped the cycle and let the rug sit in the solution for about 1/2 hour then continued the wash cycle. I thought it did a good job. I used the vinegar/water wash a few times and noticed that it did help with the bleeding. Good luck whatever you end up doing.
Q:find the area of carpet!?
The green carpet is 2 feet wide by 4 feet high and therefore has an area equal to 8 square feet. The blue carpet is 2 feet wide by 4 feet high. Its area is equal to the area of the green carpet
Q:Rug Ceaner?
Is this a rug you can take outside.? if so, use the dishwashing liquid( just a little) and scrub it then rinse well, hang to dry..Mine come out beautifully.
Q:How do I clean my IKEA area rug?
The clothesline and backyard hose approach is what I do with small section rugs. in case you have any way of soaking it with a carpet cleansing answer first, that helps plenty. There are backyard sprayers that can try this actually properly. do no longer use a detergent, or any purifier that makes suds. it incredibly is too demanding to get all of it out and any remants would have a tendency to charm to airborne dirt and airborne dirt and dirt whilst they are dry. Even windex may well be extra suited than no longer something. attempt to do it on an afternoon whilst it incredibly is going to likely be heat and dry for long sufficient to get the rug a minimum of quite often dry till now you deliver it indoors.
Q:Big carpet can be washed directly with water, and then dry it exposed to the sun ?
Wash, then dry, don't directly exposure to the sun
Q:Where can I find a simple Solid White Oval Rug?
in basic terms %. a base color(black, white, brown, tan, beige...) and your typical color(trim). i could recommend: green/brown blue/brown black/pink white/pink white/rainbow in basic terms use regardless of base color (or a similar color) you opt for for the furniture, and a trim color for the pillows/rugs/curtains/decorations. you will possibly desire to difficulty related to the great stuff first, and get around to putting the ending touches later. you're able to additionally use a stencil to paint types on the partitions, and incorporate that development into different aspects of the room. additionally, circulate on google and seek for variety rooms. you may get relatively good suggestions from them. circulate out to random shops and flick with the aid of for suggestions. consistent with danger that lamp ought to paintings with that development you like, or the rugs tournament the pillows. Do regardless of you like. it is your room, and you will possibly desire to like it. good success and chuffed adorning!

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