Polyester Printed Carpet With Customed Design

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Technical Specification

1.Surface:100% Polyester


3.Pile Height: 3mm

4.Pile Weight:270g/m2

5.Total Weight:1000g/m2

6.Popular Size:40x60,50x80,60x90,100x150,160*230cm


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Q:Is saying six foot by six foot rug correct or six feet by six feet rug?
Six by six foot, for some reason. It wouldn't be six sq. foot, it would be 36 sq. foot.
Q:Conference room carpet, static electricity is particularly serious, how to remove? How can I get the equipment grounded? What are the specific requirements?
Practice is not the same, the equipment grounding, as mentioned above, is a factory overall planning. In the early days of electrical installation, there was a bus. Just connect the equipment. But it is a monomial electrostatic grounding. Such as a PCB turnover car, as long as a separate static chain, to achieve anti-static effect. ESD protection 1) grounding is the connection of some antistatic products or other equipment to a ground wire. The method of buried line is used to establish "independent" ground wire. The resistance between the earth and the earth, < 10, acts as a potential charge on the discharge conductor. The grounding method is that the human body is grounded through the wrist band; the human body is grounded by the anti-static shoes and the anti-static floor; the work surface is grounded; the testing instruments, tools, clamps, irons and other grounding; anti-static floor, floor mats, grounding and so on. 2) the use of static elimination equipment such as ion fan, ion wind guns, is the electrostatic eliminator good, its principle is to produce positive and negative charges in a static eliminator, then put these charges to the place by electrostatic blowing wind, electrostatic charge polarity will be opposite in and out. The static electricity elimination equipment also has the human body static electricity release alarm device, the human body static electricity eliminator, the clean room, uses the vacuum cleaner, the ion wind mouth, the ion wind stick and so on.
Q:What is a rug? is it like a carpet?
I am a carpet installer, and i wouldn't recommend putting these treads over existing carpet and pad on the steps, as it could be a major trip hazard. If you decide to anyway, you can go to a flooring store and buy stair rods that install over the tread, in the crotch of the step. Good luck, John
Q:Dirty carpet?
Urine sucks. I had the very similar concern. something that could help is shampooing then doing a once over with vinegar and water. The vinegar scent will bypass away even as it dries. Vinegar is acidic and helps eliminate oils and soaps the shampooer or although else left behind. also works as a organic fabrics softener if utilized to the rinse cycle on your laundry. in case you shampoo, lease a rug clinical specialist. fingers down the proper cleanser attainable to maximum persons. those shampooers offered in shops are all junk, i know, I used to promote them. All that suggested, it probably received't artwork. Urine is a particular kind of molecular structure. each so often it basically can't be bumped off. once you shampoo you're surely cleansing the authentic (fuzzy) layer of your carpet. you nevertheless have the binding, carpet pad, and plywood lower than your carpet. even as it truly is humid, the water bonds with the urine and rises out of your floor in a harmonious draft of stench. i actually hate to assert it, yet keep your self the hassle of attempting to detect a cleanser that would not artwork and pull the carpet. then you definately can say we are replacing the floor truly of i know, I scent that too. I painted my floor and left it for 3 months before i replaced into in a position to interchange the carpet. The professional must have informed you his service would not remedy your concern. sturdy success.
Q:How do you wash a large bathroom rug?
I have one I think is very similar to yours (from Crate and Barrel?). It's a big black rug that almost looks shaggy, only it has no rubber backing, and it sits under the coffee table. I have several with rubber backings too, but the weave on them is very fine. When they need cleaning, I just take them outside, set them on the deck and hose them off with the power sprayer. It's kind of gross how much dirt comes out of a rug. After I've given them a good bath, I throw them up over the deck railing and let them air dry. It doesn't seem to hurt them, and it's the only way I have ever figured out to clean rugs. I made the horrible mistake of putting a rubber backed bath mat in the washer/dryer once. The washer creased the rubber backing really bad, and the dryer made the corners curl under and melted some of the rubber. I had to toss a perfectly good bathmat out, and I will never make the same mistake. Now the non-backed rug that sits under my parrots cage goes in the industrial washer at the laundromat and air dries. It's pretty beat up from that, and inhale had to patch it, but it also stained and gross from having a bird on top of it flinging food, so I don't really care, it isn't decorative. So ya, no washer/dryer, but the hose seems very effective.
Q:How do I remove the tea stains from the carpet?
Then sponge dipped in detergent solution wipe, and then wipe the solution with paper towels and cloth;
Q:How can I get Sudacream (nappy cream) out my carpet?!?
Carpet cleaner and then add boiling water. After this, make sure you scrub really really hard and make certain that the carpet is completely dry, use a hair drier if you have to, because you don't want mold under the carpet. This should remove it, it removes most carpet spills except things like ink.
Q:How do I dye a wool rug border?
I have worked with Rit dyes quite frequently and although they are good dies for natural fibers, I am not sure painting a boarder will net the results you desire. First of all, the dye has to be mixed with salt. Because you will not be able to rinse and spin the dye out of he rug, that salt will just remain in your rug when the dye has dried. This may leave salt crystals in your rug along with making it quite stiff. And,because the dye is wet, it will certainly bleed outside of the boarders of the rug. Another problem is the dye bleeding onto the floor causing permanent damage. Even if you can jump over these obstacles, the dye will remain in the rug, full strength because it can not be rinsed and spun out, so it can easily transfer the color from the rug to your shoes to other areas of the house. And, heaven forbid, if the rug gets wet at a later date it will reactivate the dye and boy I will hear you cursing from here. So, you see, using this type of dying process is really full of challenges and there is too much to go wrong so I do not think it is worth the risk. However, there may be other dyes I am unaware of. Do an internet search on dyes and also rug dying to get some helpful hints and possible products that will net you the results you are after. I have lots of resources that I will check on and edit my answer if I get more information.
Q:What is the best way to get dried blue nail polish out of a beige rug?
Have you attempted baking soda with ginger ale. location the baking soda at the spots and pour a few ginger ale on it allow it set for a at the same time. Or use orange cleanser diluted with cool water.You too can use somewhat bleach with very bloodless water and a broom, if the carpet is off white this must now not exhibit.Bleach could be very, very powerful so it might exhibit on a darker carpet.
Q:when do you have to rug and urug horses?
Well I live in Australia [ yeah dont ask why I am on the uk ireland one - thought I signed up to the other one LOL ] In winter it will be around the mid teens [ degrees celcious ] and usally windy and cold, my horse will have his winter rug on - 600d medium weight. and that is it. As soon as it is middle of spring comnig into summer I strip him and leave him unrugged. in saying this he is a hardy horse and he was unrugged for years before I owned him so he doesnt really need to be rugged, I just feel bad in the middle of winter having him rugless.

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