Polyester Printed Area Rug

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Product Description:

Product name:Polyester Printed Area Rug

Origin:Tianjin China


Technique:Hand tufted

Pile height: High pile 7-8MM

Size: or customized

Color: natural white、 off-whiteivory、 beige、pink、、red、oriange、lilac、blue、silver、light beigecoffee etc

Weight: 3.0kg/m2

Feature: Simple pattern, Modern design, Feeling soft and comfort, bring a sweet life

Advantage:Non-slip,Moisture-proof,,Anti-static,Soundproof,Cold insulation,Wear-resistant,Easy clearing,Cost-effective。

Application:sitting room,bedroom, bedside study,entryway。

Washing:please make sure to use dedicated carpet cleaner or neuter scour after add water dilute washing. Pay attention to dry in the shade, airing, avoid exposure.

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Q:Removing nailpolish from carpet?
Try mineral spirits or steam cleaning. Good luck!
Q:I just got 2 new ferrets and something weird happens when they go on the rug?
War dance. Weasles jump and flip around when they are happy.
Q:Wrinkly Carpet Issues! What should I do?
Carpets okorder.com., to locate a professional certified, and insured carpet cleaner who uses the hot water extraction process. In most cases the furniture and other household furnishings need to be removed from the room to properly stretch the carpet. Coordinate the time for this with the cleaner to come in after the carpet is stretched, perhaps all completed in the same day. This is how we do it, I'm a professional HWE carpet cleaner.
Q:a good, orange, shag rug?
Hi, okorder.com/ ... Hope this helps.
Q:Question about area rugs...?
No, but... do you have a fabric outlet in your area? I got my large (8'x10' I believe) rug from a fabric outlet in my area, for $150. not bad! Its beautiful too. just a suggestion.
Q:why does this island have no zebra print rugs?
Don't okorder.com/ ... They have various styles of zebra rugs in 8 x 11
Q:What are the brands of household carpets? What's good?
My advice is to choose a large area laying vinyl woven carpet, so as not to breed mites nor bacteria moldy, cleaning care is also very simple, good vinyl woven carpet on the choice of the Swedish dragon carpet, if not too clean trouble, or simply choose a small decorative blanket can be considered if more than other traditional brand carpet.
Q:help me plzzzzzzz....very dirty carpet.....?
there are two ways to go as i see it- either hire someone to clean your carpets- one of those companies that has a van/truck mounted system can do a good job- if they will take the time to DO a good job- not just a quickie. you can pre-soak some of the stains with a low-sudzing, preferably enzyme based soulution like a laundry pre soak sprayed or poured on before they get there. bleach is not a good idea. they will move furniture for you. The other way, less costly, but good exercise, is to rent one of those machines at the grocery, home improvement store etc. they are about $20-30 for 24 hours- so do it on day off so you can go back over areas that need it since you have the machine for a while. the machines are usually one piece, simple to use, heavy any you are supposed to buy the rug shampoo that they sell with the machine. I have used Mr clean just as well, costs less though they of course dont approve of that. Do the pre soak spots thing the same, put as much furniture in another room, put legs of sofa up on a big cooking pot or mixing bowl to let air underneath for drying. rent the kind of cleaner that sprays the water/soap on, also has a vibrating brush, and then you drag the whole unit backwards with the vacuum area in contact with the carpet. it really gets the dirt and water out. Berber carpet is a little harder because it is bumpy, i have used these many times, i am a do it yourselfer and it is easy. use water as hot as you can get it out of the tub faucet, dump the dirty stuff down the toilet. i have a home rug cleaner and it is lousy too for anything major. your back may be sore when you get done, but it will work great. GL
Q:Why does my cat keep peeing on the rug?
Last year my beautiful Manx cat Theodore went out for the evening and never came back. I love cats and the house didn't feel the same without one, so I picked up Lola from a rescue centre. She was very frightened and would pee all over the house. I found Cat Spraying No More� on the internet and the techniques worked almost immediately. I haven't had a problem with Lola since. Amazing! Can't stop your cat peeing in the house? Then worry no more...
Q:Odour in rug?
You could try a steam cleaner with an odor-out additive. There are also pet odor sprays that are different than Febreeze that may work. I have a Bissel steam cleaner, and just use that to steam clean things with an odor fighting additive mix. If it gets real bad you can always try to steam clean it anyway on a small area and see if it tears it up. Plus there's the trash, but I know that's a bummer. Vanilla extract gets odors out but it stains. Depends on how dark the rug is. Definately for any type of plastic cooler or plastic in general, I always wipe it with vanilla extract after washing it.

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