Polyester Long Pile Shaggy Carpet

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Product Description:

This carpet is made by Polyester yarn. It is shining, modern and fashionable.  

1. material: acrylic,or polyester, or polyester and silk, or multi-structure

2. patern: shaggy

3. design: many different fashonable design

4. pile height: 3cm--4cm

5. weight: 2000g--4000g

6. backing: white or grey canvas of backing with latex

7. color: various and can be made as buyer's requirement

8. size: 140x200cm, 160 x 230cm, 200 x 300 cm, etc, or produced as customer's requirement

9.  payment: T/T, L/C

10.delivery time: within 30 days after order

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Q:Are there any rug hooking guilds or classes in the SC area, where can I find discount burlap and wool yarn?
Debbie okorder.com/
Q:how can i get dry poop stain out of my carpets?
I use Resolve High Traffic Foam. Smells nice, gets the poop stain out of my carpets.
Q:Clean dark colored carpets.?
It would be less expensive to replace the carpet, using a carpet remnant available from a specialized carpet store. Take your room measurements with you and look around. These carpet stores are anxious to sell these remnants and will take a reasonable offer on them. Nylon carpet is perhaps the easiest carpet to dye and going from a light color is the best choice when dyeing this fiber. Olefin carpet cannot be dyed. Polyester carpets, made from recycled plastic bottles is relatively inexpensive to begin with and is, in my estimation and experience, not worth dyeing. If you follow through with the replacement, carefully examine the carpet pad to see if it to should be replaced. Removing the old carpet and pad is relatively easy and something you can do your self with a utility knife. Cut it in smaller pieces from the backside to make removal easier. If you shop for a remnant, make an offer they cannot refuse.
Q:To rug an 'old' horse this winter?
Once it starts getting colder out, watch him for signs of being cold, such as shivering. If giving him a little more grain doesn't help, I would rug him. It's all up to how he is on his own. I would at least put a light blanket on when it's windy, if he has grown a winter coat. If his coat isn't as thick as it should be, I would rug him with a heavier rug. If you're concerned about a rug being too warm, go out to the paddock every few hours and stick your hand under the blanket. If he's sweating, it's too heavy. If he's toasty and not sweaty, he's good.
Q:How to put on a horse rug?
first; look at the blanket find the front and back, and make sure it is not inside out, look at the buckles and straps to help second; look at rug as you would see it on a horse, hold it out straight in front of you. put a hand on the withers of the rug and a hand where the seam is across the bum to the tail flap, then i usually fold the font part where the withers are back to the bottom of the rug so it is folded in half showing half the inside of the rug and the breast stapes are one each side. thirdly; stand on the horses left side, hold on to rug with a hand at the front fold(which is technically the middle of the rug as you have folded it) and a hand at the back holding the withers and the back seam together. throw it with a sweep pull the withers back from the back of the rug then adjust to make sure it is level on each side, do up breast stapes the tail, the lastly belly, i know it is embarrassing but ask for help if you get stuck, people prefer you to ask ins-ted of you getting wrong and catching a horse with a buckle etc... or you injuring yourself... and just keep practicing ;0)
Q:wash carpets?
I am giving away my secret. DREFT baby laundry stain remover! They sell the laundry detergent in the laundry isle at WalMart, but the stain remover is sold in the baby department, usually on the bottom shelf near the baby bottles. Its $3 a bottle and WORKS WONDERS!!!! I use it in my carpet cleaning machine. 2 bottles usually do a room! It smells great and will take out anything!!!! Good luck. I'm trying to imagine why you have eye liner all over your floor though. lol
He wants to get back at you for being a bad owner. Next time, he better piss on you.
Q:Rug Ceaner?
Is this a rug you can take outside.? if so, use the dishwashing liquid( just a little) and scrub it then rinse well, hang to dry..Mine come out beautifully.
Q:Home made carpet cleaner?
I work 1 day a week for an Alzhiemers facility. I maintain their plumbing, electrical and security systems. After observing the condition of their carpet, I asked them if I could help them find a product that would improve it's condition. They owned a carpet cleaner. It was a $4,000.00 machine so I expected that the machine wasn't the problem. For the next year, I searched the internet for formulas (There is no end to the people that have mixed up a concoctions) This is what I discovered. Although there are some homemade remedies that work well on certain stains, the best product for the money is available at Ace Hardware stores under their own brand name. Ace 6 in 1 carpet cleaner The problem when purchasing carpet cleaners is the ratio of cleaner to water. I purchased a gallon of each type carried by WalMart for example. The best ratio they carried was 4 to 1, 4 oz of product per gallon of water for standard cleaning. The Ace product wax mixed at 2 to 1, 2 oz of product per gallon. Since these all were in the same price range, this meant that the Ace cleaner was 1/2 the price of not only the Walmart cleaners but almost every other one we tried. We found that Oxy clean would bleach out carpet dyes over time. Vinegar had just enough sticky to attract dirt. Windex, however, worked great on urine spots and some stains. When testing these products and formulas, I used a test piece of carpet rather than the installed carpet which was lucky considering some of the helpful formulas we tried. I should add that we cleaned our carpets once a week plus did constant spot cleaning. The problems we encountered would take years to develop if the carpets were cleaned only once or twice a year
Q:How do you remove rust stains from carpet?
Oxiclean, will take out anything !! It works really well for me

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