Polyester Long Pile Shaggy Carpet

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Product Description:

This carpet is made by Polyester yarn. It is shining, modern and fashionable.  

1. material: acrylic,or polyester, or polyester and silk, or multi-structure

2. patern: shaggy

3. design: many different fashonable design

4. pile height: 3cm--4cm

5. weight: 2000g--4000g

6. backing: white or grey canvas of backing with latex

7. color: various and can be made as buyer's requirement

8. size: 140x200cm, 160 x 230cm, 200 x 300 cm, etc, or produced as customer's requirement

9.  payment: T/T, L/C

10.delivery time: within 30 days after order

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Q:Dirty carpet?
It really depends upon what the stains are. Different products and methods work for different stains. Here are some excellent and practical sites that will help you with a whole variety of stains. Best of luck with it.
Q:Cost Carpet?
Well it really depends on where you live and who there is to install it. You can usually count on atelast $50-$150 an hour for installation. Some come as a package. Carpet usually can run anywhere from $1.99 on sale upwards to $15.00 a sq ft.
Q:Rug burn and scarring?
Regarding the rug burn, it does not look like a very deep wound from the picture. Most scrapes are shallow but painful because a large area of skin is missing. Shallow wounds do not usually scar. My brother went headfirst over the handlebars of his bike about 6 weeks ago and had some really nasty scrapes, some of which were moderately deep, and he didn't scar at all. Just keep it clean, wash it daily with soap and warm water. Keep using the neosporin as well. That will prevent infection and keep it moisturized; both of those things will help speed up healing, and the faster things heal the less likely they are to scar. Once it's all healed there will be some residual redness in the area for probably 3-7 days, but that isn't scarring and it should go away. Regarding you passing out, I would advise a doctor's visit. Getting light headed when standing is called orthostatic hypotension and it has a number of possible causes; some of them are fairly serious, such as a heart problem. Your orthostatic hypotension, plus now an unrelated episode of fainting indicates some sort of underlying problem. Better to go and get checked, just to be safe.
Q:Wet carpet due to leakage - remove carpet to prevent mould?
No, don't go tearing out carpet. What I would do is use a wet/dry vac or carpet shampooer and suck up all the moisture first, then go back over it with a hot, soapy, solution with just a small amount of bleach. The bleach shouldn't hurt the color of the carpet if you use trace amounts, but it will kill any mold or fungus that might start forming. The carpet shouldn't have to be torn up, if properly cleaned like the above poster stated.
Q:Ur parents leave u alone for the first time an the first thing u do is spill red soda on ur mother's white rug?
so plenty extra now as an older guy than while i became plenty youthful. I take a itemizing of places i might desire to offer up for the errands and a itemizing of the failings that i might desire to purchase. wallet funds. keys. colors. cap or hat. cellular telephone. handle or mapquest guidelines if taking the dogs then puppy baggage puppy treats the folding puppy water bowl Oh, I forgot the spouse.... lol
Q:Cat urine under carpet?
Your so right the pee is in the pad and wood under the rug and if you can put some white vinegar and arm +hammer baking soda in a mix it will help and get the first and second layer done then do the same on the pad and carpet' sopping wet and let i stay 3 hours then get some news paper and dry it out and get the rotten carpet and padding out if it still smells real bad. Never just cover and forget it as it only will come out 10 times more stronger.
Q:Area rug for dorm room?
A lot of carpet stores sell remnants and will cut to whatever size you want. Typically, you want a minimum of 2 feet smaller than the room all the way around--so it would be 7x8 for you. However, maybe you don't want to center the rug in the room--you might not want to have carpet under your bed as most college students use the bedrisers and underneath the bed for storage (things will slide out easier with no rug). You might consider a standard 5x7--The Home Depot usually sells bound berber and other other area rugs this time of year for dorm rooms and they are cheap. Check out their remnants also--it is easy to cut the carpet yourself to size if you buy a carpet knife there.
Q:Should I put a rug on him?
He would be best with no rug on as long as the weather is dry. The bacteria that causes rain scald can only survive in moist conditions so it's best left open and dry. Wash him in hibiscrub occasionally and dry him off fully, hopefully the scabs will then come off. If he must go out in the rain then put a lightweight rug on. Why do you need to put louse powder on him anyway? He shouldn't need it. No offence but you sound very inexperienced with horses. Make sure this horse sees a vet, then find someone experienced to help you look after him. Looking after a horse is very hard work.
Q:What kind of handicraft is the Xinjiang rug?
The Uygur carpet is a handicraft with a long tradition. It combines painting, knitting, embroidery, printing and dyeing techniques into one. Or hanging on the wall of the hall, or spread in the indoor corridor, carpet surface gloss smooth, firm soft blanket plate, beautiful appearance, durable, is the crystallization of the wisdom of working people of uygur.
Q:can you wash sheepskin rugs?
I have a sheepskin rug that I have washed, never thought about using Woolite however I am sure that works great :). Since it is a hair like fur I actually have used a little shampoo in the washer with it. It worked just fine, I was a bit nervous to put the rug in the dryer so i just let if hang for a while to air dry and also use a brush to bring the life back into the fur.

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