Polyester Jacquard Rug with Easy Washing and Super Waterproofing

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1000 m²
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40000 m²/month

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Product Description:

Description of Polyester Jacquard Carpet 

Style name:

Polyester Jacquard Carpet 
Raw Material:

Polyester chenille yarn

Use:Bathroom, bedroom, parlor, toilet, decoration, movie house, outdoor etc
Restaurant, hotel, restaurant
Weight: Top:600 - 750 g/m2  Bottom: 400-450g/m2
Size:25*75 / 40*60 / 50*80 / 60*90 / 70*140 / 70*120 / 70*180 /  80*120 / 80*100 / 90*90 / 90*14 / 90*150 / 120*170
Pattern:As customer's requirements  
Packing: Each rug packed with a OPP bag .
Technics:Needle punchded/non woven
Productivity:40000 square meters per month . 
Place of origin: China
Standard quantity: 2800-3000 M2 in 1x20'GP container , 6500-7000 M2 in 1x20'GP container 
MOQ:500 piece( Our company design )    2000 piece ( The guest design )
Delivery time: Within10-15 working days after receiving your advance money
Payment term: T/T, L/C
Port: China Main Port


Pictures of Polyester Jacquard Carpet 

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Q:What kind of carpet materials are there? Which kind of material of the carpet is good?
Q:HOw DO i get Candle Wax out of carpet????
try steam/hot water.
Q:Will carpet tiles deaden sound as well as carpet?
if laid wall to wall carpet, does not specify padding?
Q:I am looking for floor rugs that do not attract animal fur.?
If you are asking about area rugs, then the braided rugs aren't too bad for that but they can slip so need something under it to stop the slipping (stitching rubber sealer rings in random places can work)..I have a couple of natural coloured sheep skin rugs that seem good..the hair from my dog (who sleeps on one a lot or from the cats - have two) doesn't seem to stick to it at all! The only problem I have with the sheepskin is that you have to have it specially cleaned...but looks great.
Q:Purpose of these rugs?
Outdoor rug will keep your horse warm and dry while out in the field. Stable rug will keep your horse warm while in the stable.
Q:What size is needed of the carpet if sofa is 2.3 meters, tea table is 1.4 meters * 0.8 meters
The sofa needs type L, 3+2 or 3+1 single side166X240CM to 1+2+3 with unilateral placed around the whole, 200x300CM size refers to the woven carpet, hand carpets 183X274CM are suitable as candidates sofa. Blanket should be selected by the buyer to see whether it coordinates with the overall decoration.
Q:Is the Rug Doctor strong enough for my carpet?
As a professional carpet cleaner I must admit I hear many people say the rug doctor does just as good a job as a professional. The people who say this however have never hired a professional. for cleaning purposes power is everything, lets look at the 3 most important numbers in carpet cleaning 1 water pressure 2 vacuum lift and 3 water temperature. the rug doctor runs at about 50 pounds water pressure 3-4 pounds of vacuum lift and the temperature is water you get out of your faucet. (the rug doctor is also designed to be a spotting machine, it was not designed to clean a whole room) A machine you can buy for your personal use runs about 60-70 pounds of water pressure 5-6 pounds of vacuum lift, most are also limited to the temperature you get out of you faucet however many of the better ones do have heaters in them. A proffesional grade portable carpet cleaner runs between 75-120 pounds of water pressure, with 7-10 pounds of vacuum lift and most will have a heater in them that heats the water to about 150 F A truck mount carpet cleaning machine however typically runs at 500 pounds of water pressure, with 15 pounds of vacuum lift and heats the water to almost 200 F. If the truck mount also uses a rotary cleaning machine it will make the equivalent of over 300 passes per minute compared to 10 -15 passes with other types of machines. Also you want to take into consideration experience, as you may have guessed I'm a proffesional carpet cleaner I clean over 1000 houses a year. You may have cleaned you carpets 2-3 times a year like in all things experience counts. For the best results I suggest you call a professional cleaner, preferably one with a truck mount machine and a rotary cleaner As an incentive to get your landlord to pay for the carpet cleaning you can point out a landlord can claim carpet cleaning on his taxes
Q:Home made carpet cleaner?
First of all, if you clean your carpets regularly (twice a year), the cost of purchasing a carpet cleaner versus renting may be warranted. Second, if you really want to cut costs, don't mind using elbow grease, and want much cleaner carpets, try a mixture of ammonia and water, using a scrub brush. Using a terry cloth, rinse with vinegar and water. This is an excellent way to clean high traffic areas and area rugs.
Q:Is professionally cleaning a FILTHY carpet enough or should it just be replaced?
Professional cleaning can accomplish a lot. I've seen a really grubby carpet that was 5 shades lighter after it was cleaned. Why don't you wait and see how the carpet looks after cleaning?
Q:Why are PA speaker cabinets carpeted?
Hello there, Good answer Tommy. The carpet may be slightly cheaper than tolex when you take in to account the installation cost along with material cost. But the major reasos some speaker cabs have carpet is because it stands up better to wear. Tolex tears pretty easy and gets scuffed up even easier. Carpet is a more sturdy covering. Later,

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