Polyester High Low Carpet

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Polyester Shaggy Carpet with High-Low Design

Pile Material

100% polyester

Pile Weight


Pile Height

High: 2.5cm; Low:2cm

Primary Backing

Similar Color as per Pile Color

Secondary Backing

Grey Color to Avoid Dirty.


Grey Color


300 SQM

Standard Packaging

1 Label+1Shipping Mark+1 Polybag

Container Holding

20ft container: 2500 SQM

40ft container: 5000 SQM

40ft HQ container: 6000SQM

Delivery Time

Samples: within 7 Days

20ft container: within 30-35 Days after receipt of prepayment

40ft/40ft HQ container: within 40-45 Days after receipt of prepayment

Shipping Port

Xingang, Tianjin

Payment Terms

30% Deposit+70% Before Shipment

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Q:What's the texture of the carpet? What's good about it?
Carpets are divided into six grades according to the performance of the sites they use:(1) light domestic grade: laid in a less used room or place;(2) moderate domestic or light professional grade: used in master bedroom or dining room;(3) general household or moderate professional use level: used in living room, traffic frequent parts, such as stairs, corridors, etc.;(4) severe household or general professional grade: for severe wear and tear in the home;(5) severe professional use: families generally do not;(6) luxury class: carpet quality is good, fiber length, and thus luxurious style.
Q:help on rug costs-- geometry?
first be sure the component of the rugs. RUG1 is 29 by 40 seven ins, so it fairly is 1363in squared. RUG2 has ft and in, so shall we covert the ft to inches. We do 4*12 it fairly is 40 8, then we do 40 8+10=fifty 8. so the 1st fringe of that rug is fifty 8. the different ingredient we do 7*12=80 4 then 80 4+10 it fairly is ninety 4. The RUG2 is 58in by 94in. So fifty 8*ninety 4=5452. section OF RUG1=1363inches squared =$seventy 9 section OF RUG2=5452inches squared =$299 1363/5452 reduces to a million/4, so rug2 must be approximately 4 situations the quantity of funds as rug1. $seventy 9*4=316, so rug2 must be $316. So particular, the enormous rug is a sturdy purchase.
Q:How to clean the large carpet at home?
forwool or wool blending blanket, detergent should be used ; other blankets should use washing powder (high foam, and dirt remover). wet the carpet and lat flatpaving, brush with soft brush dipped in detergent solution (water dissolved detergent) brush blanket from the edge, cannot leak, otherwise the effect will be affected. rinse and brush (ture on the water from the hose and brush with a soft brush ), insure the detergent on every spot. wash and push the carpet with a piece of flat wood. Rinse blanket, spray a few drops of water added vinegar on the carpet to remove residual washing liquid, antibacterial disinfection. squeeze water as much as possible with plank, hang it to dry it, drying as soon as possible, when the carpet is completely dry, lay flat and brush with a soft brush toward one direction to make it more organized and neat.
Q:Does anyone have any insight about how to deep clean a large shag rug?
that is fairly complicated to get out of the rug with the aid of form that is. An smell neutralizer is suited, and seek for suggestion from a rug cleansing enterprise-they might have the suited suggestion for you. At this ingredient, I practically think of that is suited to allow the rug pass. that is practically impossible to get it each and each of ways out and if the canine smells it there, which he will, he will urinate on it persistently. As will the different animals that are available to mark the rug.
Q:rugs and saddles?
Your link just goes to the main menu page so I didn't get to see which saddle you were asking about. Basically a good saddle, if looked after will probably outlast you ! Rugs can be complicated, I don't know what sort of weather you get but here in the UK my horses are out for most of the time ( they only come in a night in the worst part of winter and they don't like that much either !) I have full neck rugs for really nasty cold time and ones without necks for when it's just normal winter weather. They don't wear any rug during the summer as a rule but if it rains for long periods ( as it has this year) I put the lighter neckless rugs on them. If it got sweaty during riding in winter then towelling dry is a good idea and you can also get a cooler rug - this acts like a string vest and stops the horse getting chilled while he's cooling down. As your horse would be going straight back into the field it would be best to cool him down on the way back from your ride so he doesn't get home so sweaty. You can't just go throwing thick rugs on sweaty horses so you would need to walk him round in a cooler to get him dried off first. If this turned out to be a problem with you spending ages cooling him down you could get him clipped which would stop him getting soaked but then you would need a really good rug to make up for the lack of winter coat.
Q:How to clean the tea stain on the carpet?
Q:candle wax & carpet!!!?
For candle wax. You can freeze it off. Take a can of keyboard cleaner or any canned air will do or even ice will work. Slowly spray the canned air on the wax or rub on the ice. Then when it's frozen just chip it away with a dull butter knife. This also works for bubble gum. Carpet cleaner for 13 years.
Q:Home made carpet cleaner?
I recommend professional cleaning but if youre just hard headed and insist on a home brew here ya go...If your carpet is synthetic material(nylon, polyester, olefin) depending on the type of soiling, Tide will work excellent, but dilute dilute dilute. Only use 1 drop to 5 gallons of water. With that, add 2 cups of 30volume hydrogen peroxide(can be found at sally's beauty supply for $3 a quart). If your carpet is natural fiber such as wool, dont be a cheap a$$, get it professionally cleaned. If you need something to spot clean you need some thing on the acid side of the pH scale, equal parts of vinegar and water will work fine. It will stink when you use it, but when it dries the smell will go away.
Q:What's a reasonable price for carpet installation?
I had a 14x14 room recarpeted, no carpet, concrete floor, no stairs, and the carpet, pad, and installation came to about $860. Throw in the stairs and I'd bet it'll come to about $1500. It also depends on what grade of carpet and pad you buy. I got the middle of the road quality for both carpet and pad.
Q:How to get blood out of a persian rug?
Well,aren't you just lovely.

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