Polyester Handmade Tufted Carpet

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Product Description:

Product name

Hand tufted rug


100% polyester


As per required




cotton canvas with latex adhensive

Pile weight



Plain color and design colors are available




As per required (normal sizes are 70×130cm; 80×150cm; 120×170cm; 150×220cm; 160×230cm; 180×270cm; 190×280cm; 200×300cm)


Home, hotel, commercial, office

Place of origin

Tianjin, China (Mainland)

Brand name



Mixed thin polysester silk/filament yarn, Malai dori & acrylic cut-loop. (Gives the carpet a three dimensional appearance)

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Q:Need advice on carpet cleaning?
Use a spray and vac cleanner once in a while and use a scoch guard, The best way is to remove your shoes before you get on the carpet, keep some Tyvek shoe covers around for service people to where, most(cable/phone) people should have their own
Q:Carpet Cleaning?!?!?
Handmade okorder.com/handmade-wool-rugs.html
Q:What are the methods of cleaning carpets ?
I would advise you to rent a carpet cleaner professional so that your carpet stuff is looking like a novel.
Q:How cold before I should rug?
I also agree with the first answer. My horse is not blanketed during the winter and I live in Wisconsin where it gets pretty cold during the winter. He just turns into a very fuzzy horse during the winter. I do cover him after I have worked him so he does not get chilled then. Addition: If your horse is older, or possibly has issues keeping weight on during the winter it may be beneficial to blanket. But as long as your horse does not appear to be deficient in a winter coat then you should not have to blanket.
Q:My carpet is so stained! Help!!!?
I too, have kids (and a dog...) and I know how tough it is to keep up when it comes to the carpet. There are powder carpet cleaners that work great. I know you can get them at Oreck or Sears, and I'm sure other places as well. These are great products because you don't have to wait for the carpet to dry after using. Also, try Basic H-It's a Shaklee product and works wonders on all kinds of stains. My sister got me started with Shaklee and not only are their products environmentally safe but they really do work great! As you stated that you have small children, cleaning chemicals may not be something you want to put on your carpet.
Q:Curry on my sheepskin rug-how can I clean it?
Take the rug to a Dry Clean that specializes in fur coats...or at least one that has experience in cleaning fur coats. They should be able to clean the rug.
Q:Wrinkly Carpet Issues! What should I do?
Carpets okorder.com., to locate a professional certified, and insured carpet cleaner who uses the hot water extraction process. In most cases the furniture and other household furnishings need to be removed from the room to properly stretch the carpet. Coordinate the time for this with the cleaner to come in after the carpet is stretched, perhaps all completed in the same day. This is how we do it, I'm a professional HWE carpet cleaner.
Q:How do I get rid of this stain on my rug!?
Your rug looks bleached. If that is the case, you will have to color it. But, if this indeed a stain causing this color: Go to Home Depot and pick up Liftoff 2 (oil and adhesives) It will be in the paint aisle. spray it on your stain, let sit for 30 seconds, scrub and vacuum. Repeat as necessary, rinse and let dry. However, like I said before, it looks like your rug is bleached, not stained.
Q:Can I put a rug over top of a heat vent?
It depends upon what kind of heat vent you have. If it is a floor furnace, it would get hot enough that it could start a fire. If it is a forced air heating duct, the rug would prevent the air from coming into the room, but the temperature of the air coming out isn't high enough to cause a problem. If it is a forced air heating duct, you could pull the register out of the floor, cut a hole in the rug the same size as the duct boot and slip the register back into the hole so you would have the warm air coming into the room.
Q:What Should I know (or ask) during a carpet installation ?
Go to 3 different carpet stores. Choose the carpet you like and ask for an estimate. Most reputable carpet stores will give you a free estimate. It will tell you how much carpet you need. How much padding. What you need to prep. It is cheaper to have the room cleared. If you can't then you have 3 different estimates. When choosing the carpet. Bend the sample in half. If you can see the backing choose a different carpet. You don't want to be able to see the backing if possible. The denser the carpeting the better it will hold up to wear. Get the best padding you can afford. If you have pets get a vapor proof liner pad. If it is a berber carpeting it should be stretched drum tight.

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