Polyester Hand Tufted Carpet Tile

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Product Description:

Quality:Hand tufted carpet

Material:100% polyester

Designs:Various designs applicable

Size:Any size

Color:Any color

Pile height: 1cm

Pile weight:1500g, 1600g, 1700g, 1800g or 1900g /sqm

Rug back:Canvas latex back

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Q:Does man-made fibre carpet contain formaldehyde?
Carpets (carpet), is a kind of textile fabric, laying on the ground, as the furniture decoration facilities, landscaping Home Furnishing, insulation and other functions. In particular, there are young children or elders in the family who can avoid falls and injuries. So it does not contain formaldehyde
Q:Rug: what size do i need; ie how much larger than table should it be?
Design rule is that your rug should be 24 behind the chair with someone seated. Mine is much less, maybe 12-18 and works fine. Jute will work but it's a bit hard to clean. On the plus side, it doesn't show spills too much. If you have cats, they might think that you bought it for their scratching needs. Invest in a good rug pad if you want to extend the life of your rug, or the rug is thin or stiff enough to slip.
Q:Will it look ok if I put a cream rug....?
Sure, I don't see why not. :)
Q:How do you get dried nail polish from carpet?
Nail okorder.com). They care for our carpets meticulously and offer the same superior cleaning and restoration resources.
Q:clean carpets?
Depending on how big your house is, it can take about half a day to steam clean wall to wall carpeting. Most companies will be able to work around furniture, but obviously it's better if you can move as much furniture as possible so that the cleaners can clean as much carpet as possible. You'll want to open up your windows after the carpet cleaning has been done to air out your rooms (and with this heat, to quicken up the drying time). If you are talking about cleaning hand made rugs, then cleaning is done off site and you generally have to wait 2-3 weeks for the professional cleaners to return your carpet.
Q:Can anyone tell me how a bamboo area rug would do on carpet?
fyi ..bamboo rugs cannot be washed so anything that leaks through to the pad is permanent .. I use them in my bathroom and have to replace often for fear of mold... personally I love them .. they are extremely even and I thought maybe they would crack or break but no..extremely bendable.. I would say go for it ;)
Q:Can i do yoga on carpet?
yes you can
Q:horse rugs with tail chords?
not really any big difference. Only that rugs or blankets with tail chords have one chord running behind the horse while rugs with leg straps go in between the horse's legs. Rugs with tail chords would be better for a horse who is stall kept who doesn't move around as much. The tail chord isn't the best for keeping a rug in place, especially when the horse is running around. Some owners don't like to use them because their horse developed a habit of using the chord to rub their tail Rugs with leg straps keep the rug in place and keep it straighter when the horse is moving around. Some horses with sensitive skin can get rubbings or chaffing because of the straps being too tight. They are better if your horse is pasture kept or rolls frequently.
Q:How do you clean the stubborn stains on the carpet in a simple way?
Carpet fluff is easy to dust, especially wool, carpet, this kind of long hair, vacuum cleaner is a good helper to hide dust in the carpet. The large area of the carpet to clean it again with a vertical vacuum cleaner, dust first; then the use of hand-held vacuum cleaner, the dust is particularly serious, for example, the table below the corner, the edge of the bed, the edge of the carpet and meticulous treatment, two times to completely clean. Use the vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet must be regular quantitative, persevere! Long time not clean dust, carpet surface discoloration and deterioration, once again cleaning Meidian late.
Q:Invisibility or magic carpet?
magic carpet, most definitely as long as I can go over peoples heads/ The speed factor is not a big worry. I can walk pretty fast after all and in a mosh pit you'd still be able to get to the stage front without being trampled or beaten.

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