Polyester Hand Hooked Carpet

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Hand hooked Indoor /outdoor Rugs

(1)Material:100%  polyester

(3)Pile height:1700g/sqm
(4)Pile height:8~10 mm

(5)Size:70X140,1.4m*2.0m;1.6m*2.3m;2.0m*3.0m and any size.
(6)Color:any color

(7)Desgin:Our and customer's designs
(8)Backing:cotton cloth
(9)Packing: pp bags
(10)Cintainer Holding:

20ft container: 2500 sqms

40ft container: 5000 sqms

40ft HQ container: 6000sqms


(12)Delivery time:30~40days.

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Q:Why are most homes carpeted in the US?
It's cheaper. It's more comfortable. It's less work to maintain. I wouldn't buy (or rent) a home without it.
Q:please someone tell me what area rug should I buy that does not move or wrinkle when I walk on it?
You 1st poster is right about the matt( a very thin mat) that goes under rugs.BUT you must get the type to fit your situation. They have them for rugs over carpet,over hardwood ( allows the wood to breathe and won t stain the wood) and for rugs over a hard surface such as vinyl and tile. These will feel tacky but will leave no residue. They will collect dirt and fine lint and lose their tackiness . Wash in the washer and they come right back to use again. Know your rug sizes, these mats come in many sizes any you can trim them w/ scissors to fit. NEVER EVER use a duct tape or any type tape.They leave a residue that may even ruin carpet or leave a residue that attracts dirt to carpet.. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL
Q:getting carpet clean?
Make sure you take before pictures! that way when you move out you wont get blamed for the stains. Sears will clean 2 rooms for $69. You could buy a green machine handheld cleaner for that price too. Most grocery stores have the rental steam cleaners for less. If you go for the professional company then they have to get it clean or they wont make you pay.
Q:where can i get heart shaped rugs?
I've okorder.com
Q:Anything good for brightening carpets?
Get a carpet washer(I don't know what its called, but it shampoos your carpet and it looks like a vacuum, but you use water and soap in it), it may just be really dirty. If thats not the problem, then ask a carpet store, they would definitely know.
Q:How to get wall paint out of the carpet?
Paint thinner and acetone won't work...it will just work the paint deeper into the carpet. However, you can usually remove paint spatter with scissors. Often spatter is just on the very tips of the fibers. If this is the case you can just snip the paint off with sharp scissors. Just cut the very tips of the fibers. Work slowly. Don't cut a single millimeter more than you have to and pull up while cutting. This will help prevent divots in the carpet. Try your best to do just one or two fibers at a time...not a whole clump. And dissect the spills first by cutting them in half or thirds, so that you separate clumps. This will work unless you have already used a solvent and have worked the paint into the carpet. Also...cutting the spatter on shag or plush carpet, but not Berber or loopy carpet. Good luck. - It worked for me
Q:How soft is the carpet after washing?
After several dry foam carpet after washing, some foam debris and fiber bottom could not wash, then, must adopt the pumping method will bottom dirt, sand, water, and can make the rolling brush, absorb away dirt, restore the original soft and clean.
Q:How to freshen a smelly carpet?
You can purchase carpet fresh and place this on the carpet 15 minutes before you vacuum and then vacuum it up. It may take several applications over a few weeks to cure the problem. I used baby powder and that worked just fine. Don't inhale the powder when you put it down. Or you can use any other scented body powder. I like the fragrance better than carpet fresh.
Q:removing carpet glue from terrazzo?
The extension handle on the scraper will help your back from getting too sore. I spent many a day (between the ages 19-23) scraping carpet/vinyl glue off of sub-floors and tile. I don't envy you your task! (lol) PS- Removing the old carpet is going to improve the overall health of your home. Old carpeting is the #1 cause of asthma and other air-born illness's. When we moved into our home the FIRST thing we did was remove and replace the carpeting. (At that time we could not afford to replace with real wood floors.) 4 years ago we found some tongue and groove laminate flooring (from all places) at Sams Club. It was super simple to install and the price was RIGHT! So, now we have wood flooring all in the upstairs area's of our home. Wood or Tile flooring is awesome. It's healthier easier to keep clean than carpet.
Q:How to install car carpet?
I would use 1/4 pegboard (already has the holes). It is stiffer than plywood. Attach the carpet with contact cement. Good luck.

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