Polyester Cloth For FRP Sand Adding Used For FRP Pipe

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Product Description:

1.Brief Introduction

The polyester sand addition cloth is typically used for GRP pipe production. It has good strength and compatibility with various resin. When producing the GRP pipe, this cloth brings the silicone sand to the half-finished pipe. The sand and cloth can increase the stiffness of GRP pipe.


2.  Product Features

Easy to handle

Good mechanical property

Good tensile strength








100% polyester yarn



300±10mm,and any size available





Weight per roll



Warp thread (tex)



Fill thread(tex)



Tensile strength



Moisture (%)







Package: 2 rolls are packed into one carton

Application: sand addition process


5. Photos

Polyester sand addition cloth

Silica sand

Polyester sand addition cloth


Well-wrapped GRP pipe with Polyester sand addition cloth



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Q:Which is better, basketball shirt mesh and polyester cloth?
Personal comparison of polyester, mesh of a sweat attached to the body, especially uncomfortable
Q:What should antistatic workers do to make them whiter?
In order to remove water soluble pollutants, wash with clean water, and then use solvent for final washing, remove oily pollutants.
Q:How is God's concrete coating built?
God's construction is basically three coated with a cloth or coated with a cloth
Q:Glazed roof tiles leaking
Glazed tile roof leakage Water Leakage the situation is more complex, involving tile roof and eaves gutter, etc. out of roof structure waterproof. According to this characteristic, we have formulated a glazed tile roofing waterproofing system plan. Glazed tile roof waterproofing system is made of pure acrylic emulsion, high quality pigments and fillers on the quality of the JS composite waterproof coating, waterproof system assisted by sewing polyester cloth is formed, the system can be a fan of glazed tile roof of the mouth, pipe out of roof and dormer windows, glazed tile joint, and gutter other waterproof weak parts provides a perfect solution, it has excellent fatigue resistance, aging resistance, low temperature flexibility and excellent elasticity, is a glazed tile roof waterproofing experts.
Q:The window is surrounded by two cm foam. Will it leak when it is filled?
Sure.Foaming agent is only filling material, but also need sealing waterproof material.
Q:Waterproof, not in waterproof coating powder, so waterproof?
Of course waterproof! Depends on what waterproof paint you are. Some waterproof paint will not be mixed with powder. Like the AA-JA special metal roofing waterproofing system fluoroglycofen better without the incorporation of patent brand powder. AA-JA metal roofing system is based on the quality of American 100% pure acrylic emulsion as base material, high quality waterproof coating with high quality materials and refined processing, seamless waterproof system complemented by reinforced polyester cloth and the formation of the system, solve one metal roof long treat do not heal the Water Leakage disease process performance in the international first-class. With excellent tensile strength, UV resistance, anti-aging, fatigue resistance, low temperature flexibility, fine, water, non-toxic, tasteless, otherwise, no corrosion, quality stability, the Department of cash is the best metal roofing waterproof system
Q:How can steel roof waterproof be done?
Steel structure roofing system is based on the quality of 100% pure acrylic emulsion as base material, high quality waterproof coating with high quality materials and refined processing, seamless waterproof system complemented by reinforced polyester cloth and the formation of Water Leakage, this system can solve one problem of metal roofing permanently, process performance in the international first-class. It has high tensile strength, anti UV, anti aging, anti fatigue, low temperature flexibility, water resistance, non-toxic, tasteless, non flammable, non corrosive, stable quality, steel structure roofing system is now the best.
Q:Ventilation building waterproof technology which is good?
Building waterproof ventilator can be used acrylic high elastic waterproof coating, the best method of waterproof metal roofing industry standard.
Q:What is polyester cloth?
Polyester fabric in the engineering world generally refers to a kind of engineering material which is made of fiber, net or needled or heated, pressed or impregnated. It is called cloth because of its cloth
Q:What kind of material is good for steel roof waterproof layer?
A high quality waterproof coating made from pure acrylic emulsion and high quality pigments and fillers. It is made of waterproof fabric material made of stitched polyester cloth.

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