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Product Description:

Product Description
Materialpolyester hook Carpet
Size4' x 6' , 5' x 8' , 5' x 7' or OEM size
ColorWhite, Black , Grey, Beige, Yellow, Pink , Red , Purple or OEM
pile heightPattern 1.5cm -3.5 cm ; Plain Color: 3cm-7.5cm
pile weight1600-2500g/m2
backinglatex backing , anti-slip backing, pvc backing or OEM
useHome, Hotel, Bedroom, Prayer, Outdoor, Decorative, Living Room
Place of originChina (Mainland)
Brand nameCNBM

Packaging & Shipping

each piece of rug be rolled in an individual standard plastic bag

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Q:Does anyone know where I can get a black and gold area rug?
What size are you looking for? And what's your general price range? Area rugs range in value from cheap machine-made rugs to extremely expensive handmade works of art. If you're serious about having this rug, have some money to spend, and are willing to wait a few months, I would recommend a custom ordered Tibetan carpet. There are several small Tibetan rug productions that make high quality handmade rugs in a variety of styles and colors - they'll even work from a design you give them. Typically these rugs can be had for $50-$100 per square foot, and take 3-6 months to complete. If you're interested, you'll want to work with a reputable oriental rug dealer that can help you find the right production for your needs.
Q:Can anyone offer advise on fraying carpet?
google DIY carpet binding follow and read the links and you see what is available..
Q:How to deal with bedroom carpet near the door
When indoor decoration is completed, make a mark, which considers from a beautiful and practical point of view, by the way. Fifth, the device is qualified acceptance, it only makes home full carpet: even if you don't use carpet, you still need to do. Fourth, if the floor heating paves along corner, you should pay attention to: According to the personal economic situation, the waterproof should do well: The door bottom should reserve the height of the thickness of carpet plus 1cm from the ground (or the door will not open), seventh water pipes, now at home, try to buy high-quality carpet: The door of carpet and hard material junction do not to use loose sand, wood finishing have done mirror processing: Cement floor has done self-leveling or mirror processing, there is no certain height of the people; there is no furniture and sundries debris piled up indoor(convenient for construction) second: The bottom of skirting line should reserve height that the thickness-1cm from the ground
Q:how to clean a cheap ikea rug?
You will have to put some outer trim around the stove additionally put up some decorative borders or trim at the top to check the paint your going to purchase. Fix the cabinets over the sing they've unfastened screws or hinges now not set correct and get a gentle diffuser for the lamps over the sink it will make the lights less harsher than what they are and make it easy on your eyes. The diffuser is a plastic masking that may be hooked up beautiful effortless and makes the kitchen look higher. Additionally substitute the diminish trim plastic with a lighter color it can be known as a mop board.
Q:Carpeting question...?
The newer carpet fiber systems it doesn t matter tall or short. The newer , heat set yarns always retain their set when cleaned properly. Depending on how thin your carpet is depends in the poundage. Thinner, like a commercial carpet or berber, calls for an 8# pad or higher. If you mean just a thinner, shorter fiber residential carpet, both pads carry all the manufacturers warranties.( 5 1/2# is standard carpet minimum to hold warranties) Its a matter of your preference and what you can afford. You ll feel very little difference from a 6 to an 8# pad. And any one selling carpet OR pad by the s/y is breaking federal law. ALL flooring MUST be sold by the s/f. They can show it by the s/y and s/f but it must be sold by the s/f. So I d be wary of what else some one is saying if they can t comply with the law. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL
Q:How to soften carpets?
Definitely too much soap. I have heard some say that you should only use incredibly hot water and maybe some vinegar in carpet cleaners. I personally do use soap, but just a small amount. Not nearly what they recommend. Use some very hot water and go over it all. Maybe take a few times to get it all out!
Q:Worth getting oriental rug cleaned?
Places that appraise handmade oriental rugs are often also equipped to repair them. It can be surprising what even torn rugs are worth, depending on age and quality. I moved into an apartment back in college where someone had left an old wool oriental with frayed fringe and a couple of spots worn smooth. It was pretty so I kept it for years and eventually took it to be professionally cleaned -- they told me it was worth over $1000 if it was fixed up! They charged me about $100 to repair the fringe and the bald spots and another $50 to clean it and moth prrof it (probably costs a bit more now). I used it for a few more years and then sold it for $800. The appraisers will be able to look beyond it being dirty to evaluate it so don;t worry about doing that before they see it. Please DON'T wash it with rug shampoo and a hose like the other guy suggested. That would ruin the weaving and run the colors if it is made with old vegetable dyes and would likely shrink the cotton warp and really trash it.
Q:Soap Stains in Carpet?
Unless it is an excess of cleanser, which can be rinsed, it sounds as though you have bleached out some color from your carpet. If it is the latter, that is permanent. Sorry.
Q:does anyone have carpet tiles?
Carpet Tiles are sort of the DIY answer to laying carpet, since some people find the thought of unrolling the whole 12' roll and cutting it to be a bit daunting. Most of them will come with a 6-8lb pad attached to the bottom, but some come as a flat lay commercial style as well. They're comparable to the actual rolled carpet, but over time they are a bit quicker to show wear and fray, and the visibility of seams really depends on the installation. With the newer technologies, they've made it so they blend in very well, but only if put down properly. The lasting factor comes down to how you treat the carpet and what kind of warranty it has. Obviously, the one with lesser warranties will go a bit quicker, but the same can be said for high traffic areas vs. low traffic. On average, they don't last quite as long as standard roll carpets. I usually see them installed in basements or sitting rooms, not usually entry ways or bedrooms. Just make sure you do some research on the brands and check the warranties before purchasing, and good luck if you do decide to go through with it :)
Q:A: is it good to lay full carpets in the bedroom?
the cost of carpet is not low, and maintenance is also troublesome. No matter how less things in bedroom, it still has blind angle, this will make the carpet breed bacteria easily.

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