Polyester Carpet

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Product Description:

Product Description
Materialpolyester hook Carpet
Size4' x 6' , 5' x 8' , 5' x 7' or OEM size
ColorWhite, Black , Grey, Beige, Yellow, Pink , Red , Purple or OEM
pile heightPattern 1.5cm -3.5 cm ; Plain Color: 3cm-7.5cm
pile weight1600-2500g/m2
backinglatex backing , anti-slip backing, pvc backing or OEM
useHome, Hotel, Bedroom, Prayer, Outdoor, Decorative, Living Room
Place of originChina (Mainland)
Brand nameCNBM

Packaging & Shipping

each piece of rug be rolled in an individual standard plastic bag

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Q:Can i get a rug with a latex backing?
Not sure if it will bother you but you need to consider that latex backed rugs can discolor the flooring underneath of them. It might be better to choose a non-latex backed rug.
Q:Acrylic carpet, acrylic carpet price?
The advantages of acrylic carpets: good elasticity, anti fouling, anti mildew, moth. Chemical fiber carpet surface layer generally use medium and long fiber, villus is not easy to fall off, pilling, not affected by humidity, no mildew, no moth,. Polypropylene fiber carpet density, tensile strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, pollution is good, although less elastic than nylon wool, but good; acrylic carpet fiber lightweight, plump, high strength, good thermal insulation properties; moderate price, light weight, good flame retardancy. Chemical fiber carpet price is cheaper than wool carpet, synthetic fiber than wool light, moisturizing performance is good, feel similar wool, after flame retardant treatment, not easy to burn.The drawback is that its resilience, insulation, light fastness, dyeability are worse than wool carpets; man-made fibers flammable, easy to generate static electricity and dust adsorption.
Q:How are the carpets laid?
If you've chosen the carpet and are going to do it yourself, here are some basic ways to do it.Carpet laying is mainly fixed and not fixed type two; can be covered by the room, can also be partial laying.1., the laying of non fixed. The carpet tile on the ground around the shop to the required position, or spread to the wall. If the carpet needs to be connected, the carpet seams must be glued together neatly before laying. The carpet and carpet joint method is: in the carpet seam lining a 100mm wide linen strip, coated with adhesive, coating amount of 0.8 kilograms per square meter, and then aligned, flat can. If you want to make a double deck carpet, choose upper float 5-10mm thick carpet, and lower layer 5mm thick rubber foam carpet pad.2. fixed laying. There are three ways to lay this:Paste method. Paste the carpet and a leveling layer, along the carpet around the adhesive coated, coating width is 100-150mm and the amount of glue is 0.05 kg per square meter; or on the ground with adhesive into some 1 meters square box covered with carpet.Hook fixation. This method is in the room around the ground with steel nails installed with cards hook wood, carpet will hang on the card hook. The hook is about 25mm wide and leaves the wall around 20mm.Layering fixation method. Place 20mm * 30MM or 10mm * 25MM batten around the carpet, and tack and carpet onto the concrete floor with special studs.These three methods of laying carpet are more suitable for rooms that do not change frequently.
Q:How do I wash the plastic carpet?
Also called rubber plastic carpet carpet is made of polyvinyl chloride resin, plasticizer and other auxiliary materials, through uniform mixing, plastic form, it can replace the carpet and carpet use. The plastic carpet soft texture, color fresh, comfortable and durable, non flammable, and self extinguishing, not wet, not moth eaten, not mildew, good elasticity, abrasion resistance, according to arbitrary area
Q:Can I put rubber backed rugs on prefinished hardwood floors?
Like the others said the wood may color naturally around the rugs due to the sun, but another HUGE concern is the rubber backing on most rubber backed carpets is that they can react with the finish on the wood and ruin the wood. The use of special matts under the rug can be used to prevent this. There are a couple types of these thin anti slip rug matts . You must get the one made for wood flooring. They also allow the wood to breathe. Any questions yo can e mail me through my avatar. GL
Q:is there a laundry with big boy washers to wash a rug?
no she has wall to wall carpet and has washed all her laundry her house is very clean
Q:How do I make a woven carpet?
Look at the color fastness: rubbing the carpet with your palms repeatedly, or wiping the carpet with wet paper cloth to see if the palm and the paper towel are stained or stained, which means that the color fastness is not good.
Q:Carpet Shampooer?
I decided last year to do that very thing and researched carpet steamers and scrubbers on Consumer reports. Their finding was that NO home carpet cleaner was even close to the cleaning power of the rental steam cleaners that can be rented at grocery and pharmacies. (They did advise to inspect closely for worn or dirty units). But beyond that - they said that having Stanley Steemer out was far beyond the cleaning of the rentals. That's what I did, and I have to agree, having used both rental steamers and an older home carpet scrubber at our own home and on rental property carpets.
Q:any way to make a cheap rug? Or anyone know of places to check for affordable rugs?
I okorder.com/
Q:Removing fingernail polish from a rug?
It depends on what type of rug it is but most of the time anything that you can get fingernail polish out with will take the color out in the rug. Call a car detail shop and ask them if they will take a look. My husband owns a detail shop where we live and people even bring this type of thing in for him to work on.

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