Polyester ATY Yarns

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10000 m²/month

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100% Polyester







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Polyester ATY Yarns 
1)Export quality 
20On time delivery 
3)multi-filament textured yarn




Air Texturised Yarn

This invention relates generally to yarns produced by combining a false twisted yarn and a cold drawn yarn in an air jet to supply a continuous, multi-filament textured yarn.

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Q:There are several kinds of yarn in textile mill
Many varieties of yarn, different performance. It can be made of natural fibers or a variety of chemical short fibers made of pure spinning, it can be mixed by several fibers made of blended yarn, but also by the chemical fiber directly from the filament yarn processing
Q:40s / 2 What does it mean, is this yarn 40 or 80?
21S.40S popular talk about the thickness of this yarn, the greater the number of sand lines on the more thin, and vice versa is thicker. 1 (single strand) .2 (double) is to say that this yarn is twisted after a single sand or two double yarn
Q:Will the following kind of yarn which fine? A32 support, B21 support
At a nominal moisture regain, a 1-pound (453, 5g) heavy yarn length of 840 yards (one yard equal to 0,9144 m) is a multiple of 1 pound, which is just 840 yards long, ; 1 pound yarn length of 21 × 840 yards long, the fineness of the yarn 21, written for 21s
Q:Is the thickness of the yarns 40S and 80S / 2 in the textile fabric the same?
80S is a special high, the price is much higher than the 40S, single yarn twist is much higher, after the stock it is much stronger than the 40S. As the twist to different, cloth style is also different
Q:Textile spinning workshop car car summary and plan
Work summary is to let the superior know what you have contributed to reflect the value of your work. So it should be written several points: 1, your position and work on the understanding of 2, specifically what you do
Q:What is the difference between textile sizing and paper making?
The modified starch used in papermaking is mainly: acid modified starch (surface sizing), oxidized starch (surface sizing, coating), phosphate starch (surface sizing, coating), oxidized acetate starch (coating) Cationic starch, amphoteric starch (pulp added), grafted starch (coated. Market less) a technology is not up to standard, and then a cost can not accept
Q:Cotton yarn from the process and use is how to divide
Knitting yarn requires yarn twist small, even dry, to ensure that the knitted sweater of the villi thick, good elasticity, warm and strong. Woven yarn requirements of light, weft knot less, even dry.
Q:What does JC40S cotton yarn mean?
(1) cotton yarn production and export in China has a long history, occupies a certain position in foreign trade.Current provinces, cities and regions have cotton yarn production and export capacity, production and export volume of Shanghai, Tianjin, Beijing, Jiangxi and other provinces and cities. (2) the output object mainly in Europe, the United States, Japan, Hong Kong and Macao and other countries and regions.
Q:What are the types of textile yarns?
(Polyester) Polypropylene (PP) Polyethylene (PE) Polyester (Polyester) Polyester (PPL) Polyethylene (PE)
Q:What are the types of cotton yarns?
(3) according to the cotton grade points: ① carded yarn: is not through the combing process spinning process spinning ring yarn, for the general needle, woven fabric; ② combed yarn: with good quality cotton Fiber as raw materials, spinning than the carding yarn to increase a combing process, spinning yarn quality, for the weaving of high-grade fabrics, such as high-level poplin, fine cloth, etc .; ③ waste spinning: refers to all the spinning process Processing down the waste cotton as raw materials spinning yarn, used for weaving low-grade cotton blankets, velvet and foreskin cloth, etc .; ④ new spinning: spinning with a new spinning system yarn.

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