Polycarboxylate AM-200 good dispersion, and provide a guarantee to improve concreteperformance

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AM-200 (economic) is developed by our company is an environment-friendlypolycarboxylate ethers high performance water reducer, it has a high waterreducing rate, low cost, low alkalisuitable for a variety of ready-mixed and in-situconcrete of industrial and civil constructions which require lower level of coagulationslump, especially in the commercial concrete application .Good economy.

Featuresand Benefits

1 ,It has high water reducing ratio(up to 35%), good dispersion, and provide a guarantee to improve concrete performance, increase the strength of concrete, save cement.

2,It has generally mobility sustained, by composite a certain percentage with otherpolycarboxylate high range water reducer, it can increase sustainedperformance, and saving costs.

3, Mixed concrete can significantlyimprove the workability of the concrete mixture; It can reduce the viscosity ofhigh performance concrete effectively, improve the performance of construction,not be easy to segregation and bleeding, and easy pumping.

4 ,This product can improve the early strength and latestrength of hardened concrete, impermeability and frost resistance, and improvethe contractile properties ,creep performance and durability. It reduces therate of carbonation of concrete, alkali- aggregate reaction.

5 ,Due to  lowcontent of alkali and chlorine ion, it improves the durability of concrete. Ithas a good adaptability for a variety of Portland cement, ordinary Portland cement,slag Portland cement and mineral admixtures.

6, It has a good economy, particularly suitable for thecommercial concrete.




Visual Appearance

Orange yellow

Solid Content()






Chloride Content()

≤ 0.02

Na2O+0.658K2O ()

≤ 2

The formaldehyde content (according  to solid content exchanging)  ()

≤ 0.02

The fluidity of cement paste(mm)

≥ 250


1, Adapt to a variety of industrialand civil construction, rail, water, marine,port, transportation, bridges,municipal, and electric power engineering andin-situ concrete, reinforcedconcrete, prestressed concrete and commercial concrete.

2, Adapt to different strength grades of concrete,especially suitable for the key projects of all kinds of high-performanceconcrete.

3, This product is particularly recommended for highstrength and high durability concrete, the superfluid self-compacting concrete,pumping concrete, precast components, steel fiber and special concrete.

4, Composition with other polycarboxylate highperformance water reducer at certain percentage, it is used in the place withhigher requirement, such as commercial concrete, mean while saving costs.

Theusing method

1,Thisproduct recommended content is 0.25% -0.85% of thetotalweight of cementitious material, actually content should be experimentallydetermined.

2, Due to the adaptivedifferences between different types of the cement and admixtures, The adaptivetest of cement and admixture should be done before using or changing the cementtype.

3,Inorder to achieve better water-reducing effect, and ensure the quality ofconcrete, the mixing time is recommended at least 120 secondbeforethe concrete mixing test.

4,This product is sold as raw material, it shows good compatibility with avariety of retarders, defoamers, and air-entraining agent. Processing compoundis not recommended to be used directly on the concrete and other materials. Itis strongly recommended through trial and complex technology to determine theusing method and conditions prior to use. It can be used as a masterbatch thatmixed with different characteristics agent to produce retarded setting agent,early strength agent cryoprotective agent and pumping agent, it can fully meetthe requirements of the different categories of engineering, constructiontechnology, construction technique and temperature conditions.

Packaging,transport and storage

(1) Itis packed in 1000Liter per IBC Tank,Other special package can also be available according to prior consultation.

(2) Specialmeasures should be taken to ensure entire package. Keep waterproof duringtransportation.

(3) Dry andwell ventilated warehouse is needed for storage. Quality guarantee of AM-200 issix months under normal conditions. If storage has surpassed the time, test must be done to confirm the validity.  

Health and safety

(1) Oncesplashed into eyes and skin, wash immediately with plenty of water and seekmedical treatment.

(2) Inedible.When eating by mistake, drink sufficient water to urge to vomiting, and then goto hospital.

(3) Nolittering. Caution should be taken to protect environment.

Customer services

Data in thismanual is only for reference. Technical data about dosage and mix proportion isavailable if necessary. Professional services insite are also available. More information needed, please direct all inquiries tocompany.

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