Polycarbonate hobby greenhouse for research purpose

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Good light transmittance, the transmittance of single layer glass greenhouse up to 90%, the double glazing is 80%

Good water proof

Anti-age, anti-sweat large area for cultivating

Venlo, small roof not only makes the greenhouse beautiful, also provide high efficiency for users

Uniform illumination

Framework with double-face galvanizing processing, good anticorrosive effect

Good Draining ability

Greenhouse Configuration:

Hot galvanized steel structure, Aluminized structure, Aluminized top windows, side windows, Shading nets, Wet pat and exhaust fan cooling system, Heating system, Irrigation system, Light supply system, Computer intelligent control system

Manual or auto-electric Exterior shade system or internal shade system can be choose

Optional system for the multi-span greenhouse 

Greenhouse fans and pads for cooling system 

Greenhouse irrigation system 

Greenhouse fertilization system 

Greenhouse heating system

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