Polishing pads-It mainly applies to the polishing of marble and granite

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It is durable and efficient and is able to make the surface of stones bright after the polishing, and it can also fill up alveolus of the surface,and form the transparent organic film. It mainlu applies to the polishing of granite and marble. It has the feature of high speed, high degree of  finish,and long life performance.


Polishing  pads-It mainly applies to the polishing of marble and granite

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Q1: How soon can we receive the goods after purchase?

A1: Within three days of placing an order, we will begin production. The specific shipping date is dependent upon international and government factors, but is typically 10 to 30 workdays.



Q2: How to make a quick resolution for after service?

A2: OKorder and our manufacture both have overseas branches all-around of world, If needed, the seller shall dispatch 2 engineers to the buyer's site for supervision of training. The buyer shall make available of necessary facilities & skilled personnel at site for training.



Q3: How do we guarantee the quality?

A3: We have established an advanced quality management system which conducts strict quality tests at every step, from raw materials to the final product. At the same time, we provide extensive follow-up service assurances as required.


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Q:How do you polish your tiles?
Because there is no professional equipment, throw out the effect must be shocking, miserable. Also don't use floor wax or tile wax, that won't have a very good long term effect. And how many will produce a little side effect to influence the life, if the tile pollution, had better choose to change.
Q:Household wooden floor cleaning
In order to prolong the life of the annual regular floor paint, wax the floor. In the first floor before waxing, we will wipe clean; then, in a layer of floor wax evenly until the surface of the floor, the floor wax slightly dry, wipe with a dry cloth on it.
Q:Polished concrete technology
Polished concrete technologyBefore introducing the polished concrete technology, let's first see where the polished concrete technology goes.
Q:What is the function of the polishing pad in the work of the flat grinding machine?
The polishing process is stable and the surface is not deformed so as to obtain better surface topography of the wafer.
Q:How can you erase the hair dye carelessly on the dresser?
Find some soot or ash, against the point of water and mix thoroughly, and then smear on the traces, gently massage for a while, and then wipe the wet towel to remove.
Q:How to repair the glaze of hand washing basin?
Repair principle of luster glaze repair agent is heat and high temperature ceramic tile repair agent produced by the rotating polishing pad friction small hand-held polishing machine of the above reaction, formation of crystal glaze layer, fill tile micro holes and scratches, because each paint polishing time, glazed bright will thicken a little, so repeated several times to apply polishing several glazed tile surface, slight damage, scratches can restore new brick bright luster, a hard wearing bright surface gloss can reach more than 85 degrees, and tile repair agent glaze layer bright surface and the tiles are combined firmly resisting water scrubbing, using a tile repair agent will keep the bright luster and as high-grade tiles.
Q:When grinding and polishing, what material is better on the flat grinding board?
Ordinary towel certainly not, to pad the high point of cloth, there are special grinding pad to buy ah
Q:How to polish tiles?
Features: ceramic, stone special nano polishing liquid, made of nanometer materials, inorganic materials, polymers and other materials as the main ingredients, using a unique advanced technology produced, the appearance of milky white.
Q:Floor tile has not been wiped for a long time, some places can not be wiped, what kind of method should be used?
Recommend the use of liquid medicine, the best is the two component of the enzyme cleaning agent, it can penetrate the stone bottom, and dirt and dust filter to the surface. Enzymes are especially effective for vegetable stains. This kind of cleaning agent can be purchased from the high quality stone cleaning agent.If this method is not effective, it is recommended that the solution of the enzyme detergent be mixed with the cleaning powder until a viscous paste similar to peanut butter is formed. Apply a mixture of cream to the contaminated area. Cover with plastic film and wrap it around with adhesive tape. Keep the reaction time from 24 to 72 hours, and then scrape the dried ointment with a small bamboo board. Repeat it if necessary. Once the pollution be removed, with the penetration of protective agent to protect the stone, to avoid being polluted again.
Q:Tile above some scale, how to clean up?
Glue hammer printing decontamination method: first use 20% - 40% sodium hydroxide (NaOH) solution soak twenty-four hours later, wipe with a cloth, and then use 30% - 50% hydrochloric acid (Hcl) solution soak, thirty minutes later, wipe with a cloth.

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