polished surface decorative vermiculite fireproof board for fireplace

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magnesium oxide board 
CE certificate 
A grade non combustible(GB8624) 
green board

Products data


Chemical compositionMagnesium oxide,magnesium chlo-ride,saw dust,perlite,glass fiber cloth,non-woven cloth
MaterialModified magnesia cement

Fireproofing characteristicA grade non combustible(GB8624)


Intensity of bending resistance when dry18Mpa(GB/T7019-1997)

Intensity of bending resistance when  moisture-saturated condition22Mpa(GB/T7019-1997)

The rate of deformation when pick up the moisture0.26%(GA160-1997)

The shrinking rate when heated1.0%(GA160-1997)

Water permeabilitythere is no drop of water to emerge in the back(CNS13778)

Impact resistanceNo crack,strip and run through(CNS13778)

Thermal resistance1.14m2k/w(GB/T 13475-92)

Sound insulation≥44db(GBJ121-88)

Colorwhite or grey

Security100% does not include the asbestos,formaldehyde,and benzene

RadioactivityNot limited by the scope of application(GB6566-2001)


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Q:Math Help. Please Explain. I really don't understand how to do it!!?
Vermiculite sticks to just about everything, so I don't recommend using it for anything other than an incubator substrate. Not even for a laybox. Coconut bedding is also not good for a leopard gecko, as leopard geckos are not tropical. If it's been sitting outside, you also don't know what kind of bugs, mold spores, or toxins are in it. For now, use paper towel instead if you don't have actual leopard gecko substrate and need to clean the cage.
Q:Can i use vermiculite for a bedding box for my quail?
To find the amount of water you'll need just divide the amount of vermiculite by 6, and multiply by 4. This is because, with a ratio of 6:4, the water weight should be 4/6 the vermiculite weight. so 25.1*(4/6) = 16.733 g water
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of vermiculite insulation?
anything with good compost should be suitable
Q:How to care for a Box Turtles egg...?
Earthworms okorder.com
Q:what to do with bearded dragon eggs?
I have read the bag of vermiculite, and I agree the warnings are scary. In school the teacher always made us wet down the vermiculite and perlite so we would not breathe it in. Dry product can stick in your lungs.I remember the bag also says to wear a mask. I wonder if the Vermiculite Council mentions all the money they have payed the miners for their long term lung problems. Perlite has similar warnings. I have switched to washed play sand. Most other sands available at the garden centers have chemicals known to cause cancer as stated on the bag.
Q:is vermiculite poisonous for my ball python?
Yes. Lightweight concrete is made with lightweight aggregate. A few lightweight concrete's are made with lightweight sand. However lightweight sand is a rarity. Cheers and good luck!
Q:Shiny black dirt in Virginia?
isnt vermiculite made with asbestos? if so would you put it anywhere you may breath it?
Q:what soil/dirt should i use?
It okorder.com
Q:how to measure out a 2:1:1 ratio of ingredients?
Vermiculite holds moisture and helps hold nutrients and perlite helps with drainage.
Q:Where can I buy vermiculite(Not on the internet, looking to buy it today in person?
Hatchrite is perlite. And perlite and vermiculite are only dangerous if eaten, which a hatchling snake won't do since they don't take their first meal until after their first shed.

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