Polished Porcelain Tile 200x200

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China Main Port
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TT or LC
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10 Meters m
Supply Capability:
1000 Meters per Day m/month

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Product Description:


Porcelain tile



3)Size:300*300mm and others


Porcelain tile

1, MOQ:20FT Container

2, Packing:8pcs/ctn

3, Port:China

4, Thickness:6-9mm

5, Color:all kind of colors

6, Payment terms:T/T,L/C

7, Delivery time:12days after deposit

8, Usage:Exterior&Interior




1,Made in 1200°c high temperature fire

2,High intensity and persistent wear-resisting

3,Low water absorption

4,Different types for your choice

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Q:I am decorating the house, the room is good or the tile is good? Both do not know that good?
In general with wood flooring, but if it is particularly wet place can be considered with tiles, if cold carpet covered!
Q:What kind of material is good, is the floor is good or tiles good! What is the material?
The building is best to choose the floor
Q:Do not burn brick is not a new type of wall material?
No burning brick count new wall materials. Mianshao bricks are made of fly ash, cinder, coal gangue, tailings, chemical slag or natural sand, sea mud, etc. (one or more of the above raw materials) as the main raw material, without high temperature calcination and manufacturing a new Wall material called dry brick. The product is in line with China's "protection of farmland, energy conservation, local conditions, local materials," the development of general guidelines for building materials, in line with the State Council has forwarded "strict restrictions on the destruction of brick burning to actively promote the views of wall reform," in line with the State Administration of Taxation State Administration of Taxation 20 document "on the part of the comprehensive utilization of resources, such as the implementation of preferential policies for value-added tax policy," the product is free of value-added tax building materials. The characteristics of the Mianshao Brick are not any other wall bricks, with a reasonable scientific formula, according to a certain proportion of adding solidification agent and trace chemical additives, so that the size, humidity, mixing degree with a reasonable equipment to strengthen the treatment process to achieve the best Plastic state, after the high pressure compression molding, the rapid hardening of the brick body, the longer the time, the better the effect of good brick, brick wall do not have to soak, the appearance of tidy. Because of the high strength of the material, durability, size standards, shape integrity, uniform color, with a simple and natural appearance, do the water wall can also do any external decoration. Therefore, it is a replacement clay brick very promising development of the replacement products.
Q:Recently saw the wood floor, visit the building materials market when you see a wood called the wood, it is what pattern rosewood, ebony, although it is said that it is tiles
Sen Wood is not a wooden floor, is now the sales champion of imitation wood tiles, because it looks very realistic, many people think that there is really a layer of logs in the brick. In fact, it is really tiles, waterproof fire performance is very good, and does not contain formaldehyde is environmentally friendly. Because now advocate environmentally friendly low-carbon life, and if you really use those precious trees to do the floor, then the resources will be more and more scarce, so the Italian Italian pottery company invented the forest is to replace the traditional wood flooring, The external compensation for the grass barnyard grass carpets, and then the United States and the United States and the United States, the second is not formaldehyde harmless to the human body, the use of life is relatively long.
Q:The reason why my government banned the use of red brick building materials is
. red brick than the hollow brick to heavy, build the same thickness of the wall, firing red brick than the amount of clay required for clay to more than 1/. and the burning of red brick when the consumption of coal and other energy than firing hollow brick To more, the amount of dust emissions are also large, the destruction of the environment is more serious. Because the red brick is heavier than the hollow brick, made the same height of the floor, red brick building weight than the hollow brick building to be heavy, the unit area of the load on the surface of a larger, directly lead to building piles Base, the column design should also increase, a direct result of steel, cement and other building materials increased, the cost of housing increased.
Q:Tang River building materials market Xin Zhongyuan floor tile is good
Water absorption is an important factor affecting the quality of floor tiles, high quality tiles, water absorption is generally low Higher water absorption of the floor tiles due to the more easy to absorb, after the cold shrinkage after the expansion of the surface will lead to cracking and tiles of brick tiles, if the brick is not marked with water, you can use tea or water droplets in the back of the tiles, the number Minutes after the spread of water droplets, the more water, that is, low water absorption, better quality As raw materials are natural stone, floor tiles are generally radioactive According to the national environmental standards, the radioactive level of decorative materials is divided into A, B, C three categories, A class of decorative materials production and use of the scope of unlimited, for indoor tiles, the best choice of Class A products, Check the floor tile environmental monitoring report, see what kind of product belongs In addition, the polished tiles must have a national mandatory product certification (referred to as 3C), select the polished tiles when the attention of the Shanghai workers and senior management for the report check the tiles of the load-bearing: the tiles can be tilted place, and then stand up to adults, after a period of time, see the tiles have no obvious signs of cracking Good tiles should have a good load-bearing; check the floor of the wear resistance: In general, the floor tiles are very hard wear and tear, you can use the key and other hard objects in the floor tile surface, see is to leave obvious traces; , Check the stain resistance: tiles need to have a strong stain resistance, you can use water pen on the floor to write, and then wipe with a damp cloth to see if the left handwriting
Q:What is the benefit of brick materials compared to other materials? I was learning the building, the teacher called analysis of building materials, I chose the building is all red brick.
You mention what the problem yo: people can not figure out the brick masonry compared with other materials: low cost, since the major, simple structure, can be harmful to the heart of the spoons of the slanting slanting riveting on the ground, mechanical properties without reinforcement Concrete is good.
Q:Red house guest room 9 meters long, 6 meters wide, to choose a floor tile floor. Choose which of the following specifications
Choosing a brick of 600 is not missing, but it does not look good. Choose the brick of the 800 material but look good
Q:Taking into account the use of environmental protection and practical use of red wood
, and this summer is the most hot imitation wood grain brick, after years of development is now directly called wood flooring market, What are the advantages of the ridge, how to use to achieve the best results? Together with Xiaobian to see
Q:Now there is a kind of ground material directly attached to the name on the floor tiles
Called tile adhesive. Apply to the ground paste. 2. Applicable to tile, stone plate, composite panels, quartz stone and other building materials wall paving. Can replace the low-rise, building-based solid small and medium-sized building materials products dry hanging. 3. Low shrinkage, can be used for demanding large composite panels, quartz board floor paving. Hope it helps you.
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