Polished Chinese Marble kinds of colors and shapes

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100 m²
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10000 m²/month

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2SIze300x300x10mm 457x457x20mm 600x600x20mm 2800x1600x25mm,or as customer require
3thickness1cm,2cm,3cm,4cm or other thickness your requirement

honed,polished,sandblasted.bush hammered, rough picked, Mushroom, Axe-cut, etc. 

6Payment termsT/T 30%deposit and 70%balance(pay against B/L copy) or negotiation
7PackagingThick tiles are packed directly in wooden crates, with safe support to protect the surface& edges,then in strong wooden crates.
8QualityAll stone edges without breaking angle, no crack.
9Min. Order  One 20GP container,Small order is acceptable, we can ship it by LCL shipping to your destination
10Delivery timeAccording to your purchase quantity
11Place of originalFujian,china

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Q:Stone plate, granite and marble, what is the difference between the three?
Artificial stone used for indoor countertops, such as kitchen and toilet. Seam small, no oil leakage.
Q:What is the stone, how to buy stone?
Listen to the sound of the stone hit. In general, the quality of good stone its percussion sound crisp and sweet; the contrary, if there is a slight cracks within the stone or due to weathering lead to loose contact between the particles, the percussion rough dumb.
Q:Is there a detailed introduction to Maple Leaf Stone?
Maple red in the granite, bright colors, more distinctive, relative to India red and other red imported stone price is much cheaper, widely used, common in outdoor ground.
Q:What is the material of aerobic stone
front and back, in addition to the two sides is the side, the side is polished side of the smooth side
Q:What is the stone cut back?
Stone search for the back of the cut that is the stone chamfer, that is, the edge of the stone ground into 45 degrees or according to the design requirements of the angle polished into
Q:What is the difference between imported stone and ordinary stone?
Consumers should be based on their own needs to choose their own varieties of stone, if it is an ordinary home decoration should choose radioactive category A stone species, if it is used on the project should be appropriate choice according to its radioactive classification.
Q:Home decoration stone how to choose
Listen to the sound of the stone hit. In general, if the quality is good, the internal dense uniform and no micro-cracks in the stone, the percussion sound crisp and sweet; the contrary, if the stone internal micro-cracks or fine veins or due to weathering lead to loose contact between the particles, then knock Shaking loudly.
Q:Common stone repair materials which
Painted waxy stone due to wax plug the stone pores and make it not breathable, often lead to stone lesions, but also make stone protection treatment becomes difficult. Wax will also absorb dust, making the surface of the stone is easy to pollute. Unsaturated resin used in stone repair and enhanced unsaturated polyester resin is a thermosetting resin, when it is in the role of heat or initiator, can be cured into a polymer network polymer. It is applied to the repair and enhancement of stone is based on several aspects: consolidation speed; low viscosity, easy to use and operation; light color, good transparency; colloid hardness, good polishing; simple preparation, low cost. If the marble has a corner, and the debris or missing angle did not find it, then you need to find a similar material with the marble. The exact outline of the debris is made of wax paper ...
Q:What are the characteristics of stone?
Compressive strength The compressive strength of stone may vary depending on factors such as mineral composition, crystal thickness, uniformity of cemented material, area of load, load and cleavage angle. If the other conditions are the same, the crystalline particles are usually small and bonded together with the dense material, with high strength.
Q:Marble and granite, respectively, suitable for use in what position?
Marble texture is more impressive, can be used for sculpture, etc., more famous marble carving materials are white marble, granite mostly used for outdoor construction, away from the crowd living place, radioactive, marble will be widely used In people's lives

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