Point light / C2000-W

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Item specifice:

IP Rating: IP65 Power(W): 3 Body material: die-cast aluminum
Certification: other Input voltage(V): AC 85~264 Working Temperature(℃): -40~+55
Warranty: three years

Product Description:

Product Features


●Composed of die-cast aluminum


No UV/IR. Polycarbonate cover. Soft light


Low power consumption, long lifespan , high reliability


Wide range of application and brilliant color output


AC85~264V wide input voltage range


Operating Temp -40℃~+55℃




Types of Application



●Shopping malls, office buildings, hotels, landscape lining,


extensive bridges and overpass, other decorative purposes.


Point light     /       C2000-W     Point light     /       C2000-W






Technical Parameters



       ModelPower WattageLuminous Flux        CCTCRI  IPDimension(mm)
C2000-W-3W          3W     270lm4000K/5000K≥65IP65L71×W59×H44.5



Size Chart (mm)     C2000-W


Point light     /       C2000-W



Light Distribution  Curve           C2000-W


Point light     /       C2000-W         Point light     /       C2000-W



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Q:What's the positive effect of the three proofing paint on the LED point light source?
LED lights above, it is best not to paint three paint, it will affect its brightness, light transmittance, and it is not conducive to heat radiation
Q:How can the light source distinguish between sensibility and resistance?
From electrical performance, to distinguish between inductive and resistive, look at power factor, pure resistance power factor of 1 (incandescent lamp), or else it is perceptual.
Q:What's the difference between LED TV and LED backlight?
LZ, the main difference between CCFL backlight and LED backlight is that the LCD panel has different backlight types. CCFL cold light tube (similar to daylight lamp), LED (LED). Backlight module from CCFL to LED can bring many benefits, can make the screen brightness more uniform, product power consumption is lower, the shape can be more light and fashionable. However, the W-LED (white light LED) backlight is widely used in the market. In fact, this backlight is only the replacement of the light-emitting components, but the display effect is very weak, not even improved. RGB-LED (Tri Color LED), which has obvious effect on LCD products, is used in high priced LCD TV because of its high production cost.
Q:Why use LED light source for lighting source line array CCD image sensor measuring circuit, pulse frequency to drive by linear CCD line integer times?
Because CCD is only a row of pixels, an image output is a row of pixels, if the ambient light suddenly changes in the output of a row of pixels within the time, will lead to a row of pixels, the individual pixels high, individual pixels is low, affect the actual test results.
Q:What is the relationship between projection and light sources?
The price of light source: the projector of new light source is generally more expensive, buy it basically replace the money of traditional light bulb for 5 years, and there are many and totally not worth it.
Q:Does the LED light save power than the general light source?
Durable: the LED is fully encapsulated in epoxy. It is stronger than the bulb and fluorescent tube. There is no loose part in the lamp body. These features make the LED easy to damageHigh brightness, energy saving, high efficiency, fast reaction speed, good shock resistance, long service life. In order to illustrate the characteristics of white LED, look at the light source used at present condition. Incandescent lamp and halogen lamp, the light efficiency is 12 ~ 24 LM / W; light efficiency of fluorescent lamps and HID lamps the 50 to 120 lumens / watt. On LED: in 1998, light white LED is only 5 LM / W, in 1999 has reached 15 LM / W, this index is similar to general household incandescent lamps, and in 2000, light efficiency of white LED has reached 25 lumens per watt. This indicator and the tungsten halogen lamp is nearly.2005 years, LED luminous efficiency of up to 50 LM / W, 2010, the optical efficiency of LED reached more than 100 lumens / watt. White LED working current reaches. Lighting AMP level thus the development of white LED writer, will become possible.
Q:Why is the LED lamp environmentally friendly?
LED light source is advantageous for environmental protectionLED is a full solid body impact resistance is not easy broken, waste Recyclable, did not reduce the amount of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen pollution of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and other harmful gases and produce improve people's living environment, can be called the "green lighting source."There are three kinds of current production technology: a white LED, using red, green and blue three high brightness LED three color principle and has been able to produce mixed into white, according to the intensity ratio of two 3:1:6, using ultra high InGan blue LED, the fluorescent powder, add a little on the tube of yttrium pomegranate drill as the main body, it can produce Huang Lvguang and the yellow green and blue with hints of the synthesis of white light under the excitation of blue light, three is not UV LED, UV induced three color phosphor or other fluorescent powder, generate a mixture of white light.
Q:LED point light, which is good?
Hello, generally choose big brands will be more reliable, the same brand of what materials and the company positioning, such as the use of dedicated outdoor point light source LED light bulb, certainly than the conventional point light source of better quality, more in line with the use of the environment.
Q:What are the features of the LED Lambertian light source?
Upstairs friends say, in fact, is right, even. Refers to a specific LED as LED as the first floor of the brothers Lambertian source said, usually required to comply with the Lambert distribution, uniform light, not necessarily light, can also be a diffuse surface, usually by LED in front of the light source and some such as diffusion film, lens type implementation
Q:Is there any difference between laser near infrared and LED near infrared?
Because the spectral width of LED is 50-80nm. The advantage of laser light source is its good color and high energy. The wavelength of semiconductor laser is <10nm, which avoids the phenomenon of color channeling. The instrument using laser light source has good precision and multi-channel efficiency.

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