PMB-741 Elastomer (SBS) Modified Bituminous Waterproof Sheet Material

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Product Description:

Elastomer (SBS) Modified Bituminous Waterproof Sheet Material is a thermoplastic and elastic 

modified bituminous dipping and coatingmaterial made out of Stylene-Butadiene-Stylene (SBS),the filler base is polyester felt, glass fiber felt and glass fiber reinforced polyester felt, it is a kind of rollable sheet water proof materials with the surface cover of the isolating materials like polyethylene film, fine sand and mineral slice (or particle) etc.

Type and Specification

Classified by filler base: Polyester filler (PY), glass fiber 

filler(G) and glass fiber reinforced polyester filler (PYG). 

·Classified by upper surface isolating material: Polyethylene 

film (PE), fine sand (S) and mineral particle (M).

·Classified by lower surface isolating material: Fine sand 

(S) (note: the mineral particle with the fine sand diameter not 

more than 0.6mm) and polyethylene film (PE).

·The physical and mechanical properties were divided in 

Type Ⅰ and Type Ⅱ.


—Filament polyester filler base sheet material:

·The combination of filament polyester filler base and SBS 

modified bitumen, forms a high performance and high class 

comprehensive water proof sheet material.

·Forming a high strength water proof layer, to have strong 

resistance agaist water pressure.

·Good performance of breaking resistance, tearing resistance, 

fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance, mould resistance and 

weather resistance;

·High tensile strength, high elongation, high adaptive capacity to 

base shrinkage,deformation and fracture.

·Good resistance performance of low and high temperature: It 

still works under -50 ℃ , adaptive to cold and hot surroundings, 

especially in chilly region.

·Good workability: Hot melt cementation, we are able to contruct 

in the four seasons of the whole year, hot-joint is able to be reliable 

and durable.

—Alkali-free glass fiber filler base sheet material:

·Combination of economical filler base and high performance 

SBS modified bitumen.

·Higher tensile strength, excellent resistance to high and low 


·Good performance of corrosion resistance, mould resistance, 

weather resistance and good workability.

—Glass fiber reinforced polyester filler base sheet material:

·We may use mechanical mounting method to construct, and it is 

safe and environmentally friendly.

·The product has better dimensional stabiliy.

·Water proof for various industrial and civil engineerings.

·Underground water proof and damp proof for industrial and civil 

engineering, and water proof for indoor swimming pool and fire pool 


Application Range

·Water proof for municipal engineering such as subway, tunnel, 

concrete road surface, bridge surface, sewage works and refuse 

landfill etc.

·Water proof for water conservancy facilities like canal and water 

pool etc .

Application range for various filler base and surface sheet 


·Polyester felt filler base elastic modified bituminous water proof 

sheet material is appropriate to the roof and underground water 

proof engineerings of industrial and civil engineering projects.

·Water proof type Ⅱ is appropriate to roof type Ⅰ and Ⅱ and 

underground water proof projects.

·Glass fiber reinforced polyester filler base sheet material is 

appropriate to mechanically-mounted single layer water proof, but 

must pass the wind load test.

·Glass fiber felt filler base sheet material is appropriate to the roof 

of structurally stable building and suitable for underground water 

proof project.

·Exposed surface is suitable to have water proof sheet material 

with non-transparent mineral particle as upper surface isolating 


·The water proof sheet material with find sand as surface 

isolationg material is appropriate to underground constructioin 



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Q:What is the difference between SBS and APP rolls?
Compared to the use of SBS waterproofing membrane to use a larger range. But each has its own advantages and disadvantages, according to the local environment and the actual situation of the building in combination with the characteristics of two kinds of coil to choose materials. You have to compare the next, I can only tell you SBS waterproofing membrane prices than APP waterproofing membrane high.
Q:PVC waterproof membrane effect how
Coil waterproofing layer Roof construction process are: 1, thermal adhesive method: the use of thermal imitation fat for the membrane and the grassroots, membrane and membrane bonding construction methods
Q:Asphalt composite tire flexible membrane is SBS
SBS waterproofing membrane implementation of standards: GB 18242 (2008) "elastomer modified asphalt waterproofing membrane" Asphalt composite tire flexible membrane implementation of the standard: JCT 690 (2008) "asphalt composite tire flexible waterproofing membrane" Sometimes the composite tire coil also refers to several other rubber modified membrane.
Q:About asphalt waterproofing membrane
This is two different materials. 1, conventional linoleum is based on the base paper for the fetal base, impregnated with petroleum asphalt or tar asphalt made of the surface, the surface of the stone powder from the isolation. The average thickness is about 0.7 to 1.2 mm.
Q:Do you know how many square meters of waterproofing membrane to send a set of tests?
Chlorinated polyethylene-rubber blend of waterproofing membrane: 250 volumes for a group, the lack of a group also.
Q:DTM.E polyester composite waterproofing membrane, cheaper than the asphalt membrane?
the product in line with GB18173-2006 "polymer waterproof material" national standards.
Q:What is the difference between PET waterproofing membrane and BAC waterproofing membrane? What is the commonality? Is BAC a PET?
PET refers to polyethylene terephthalate, PET film using polyester composite film as the surface material, coated with rubber asphalt adhesive material, with cement mortar paste or self-adhesive. Can be constructed on the wet base surface, the grass-roots requirements are low, with high bond strength, bonding effect is good, not channeling water and so on.
Q:What is the use of waterproof membrane?
As we all know, the quality of waterproofing membrane is good or bad, the use of appropriate, a direct impact on the quality of waterproofing works, the life of the building also has a direct impact.
Q:What is rigid waterproof, flexible waterproof?
4, rigid waterproof and rigid waterproof material is not the same concept, the same flexible waterproof and flexible waterproof material is not the same concept. Such as polyethylene polypropylene is a flexible waterproofing membrane, with polymer mortar (or bonded paste) bonded polyethylene polypropylene composite waterproof layer, it is rigid waterproof, because the mortar binder in the grassroots deformation will crack , The web between the web and the web can not withstand the deformation of the grassroots, and the water infiltrates from the lap to cause damage to the waterproofing layer.
Q:Is the asphalt waterproofing membrane facing the side?
Because there are many types of self-adhesive waterproofing membrane, their use and construction methods are different, there are two main methods. 1, the normal self-adhesive paving method: the film directly paving or polymer cement cement wetting method, paste in the grass-roots level. The bottom of the floor floor of the building, in the concrete cushion with cement mortar leveling, and then the coiled surface of the membrane down, paste in the leveling layer, the roll surface pouring 50 thick stone concrete protective layer, Floor concrete. Wall construction, the film directly attached to the basement wall panels, and then do the protective layer on the outside. Commonly used modified asphalt self-adhesive waterproofing membrane, modified asphalt wet sheet is usually used in this method.

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