Plug Valve of High Quality with API 6A Standard

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Product Description:

1. Structure of Plug Valve Description

Plug valves are indispensiblefor connecting the high-pressure manifold during cementing and fracturing operations  in oil fields. They are also used for similar high-pressure fluid control operations. Up to now,this product is ideal for use in cementing and fracturing manifoldsbecause of its good features such as compact structure,small torque ,easy maintenance,quick opening action and labor-saving,etc.

2. Main Features of Plug Valve

1) The plug valve is mainly made up of the body,the hand wheel,thepluger and the others.

2) The 1502 union connetion is applied to connect its inlet and outlet to he pipeline (this can be custom-made according to different requirements) .the precise fit between the valve body and the liner is insured by means of cylindrical fitting, and the sealant is inlaid through the outer cylindrical surface of the liner to make sure that it is hermitically sealed.

3) The cylindrical meal-to-meal fit between the liner and the pluger is adopted to insure a high fiiting accuracy and thereby reliable sealing performance.

4) Note:even under a pressure of 15000psi,the valve can be opened or closed with ease.

3. Plug Valve Images

Plug Valve of High Quality with API 6A Standard

Plug Valve of High Quality with API 6A Standard

Plug Valve of High Quality with API 6A Standard

4. Plug Valve Specification

Plug Valve of High Quality with API 6A Standard

5. FAQ of Plug Valve

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Q:Water Heater Relief Valve keeps opening.?
sounds like you may have a bad high limit/thermostat. replace it and it should fix your problem. the valve keeps popping off because of the pressure build up from the bea high limit
Q:Hot water running only in Shower with Single-knob valve?
Single Knob Shower Valve
Q:valve cover? ??????????
Usually only the valve cover gasket needs to be replaced (unless you somehow damaged the valve cover itself). It does just what it says. It is the metal(2) located on the top of you engine that covers the valves. It needs to be replaced when the seals are allowing oil to come out.
Q:Will schrader valve tubes work at 110 psi?
The valve will hold the pressure, the rest of the tube is the same as a presta valve tube. The tube does not contain the pressure anyway, it is the strength of the tire casing that allows higher pressure. Pressure ratings are more related to tire width than tire construction. If your new tires are narrower, that is the reason why they are rated for higher pressure. If you see a tire model available in various widths, the wider ones usually recommend lower pressure. This is not because the tire casing is any weaker, it is because a wider tire doesn't need as much pressure to hold you up due to the larger internal volume
Q:What is the purpose of the egr valve?
What Is A Egr Valve
Q:i have valve touble on motorcycle ?
Charlie, I know it is hard to transfer a sound into a word. but valves don't knock, they clack. So if it isn't a clack it isn't a valve issue. Sadly you haven't helped us to diagnose the issue by giving the make and model of your bike. That would really be a help. I would like to help you further so if you hit my avatar you will find my email address for direct contact so I can help you further if you can't find out more help form the other guys.
Q:Valve replacement surgery?
A friend 65 and I , age 61, had our mitral valves replaced this year. I felt very tired at first. Barely could get up into a pickup truck. My chest felt stiff with difficulty raising my arms. I slept on a couch with 2 pillows awhile. If I laid down flat on the bed, I could not breathe comfortably. It felt so great to be able to lie down flat on the bed after about a month. I had little twinges in my chest occasionally. It has gradually gone away. After 6 months, I feel great and can do all I could do before surgery. I go to water aerobics 2 times a week and walk my dog. Many people are getting valves replaced at ages 60 and 70.
Q:What can cure a heart valve problem?
It depends on what sort of heart valve problem you have, how bad it is, and how bad the symptoms are. Sometimes you don't need to do anything special except watch the diet and lifestyle, sometimes you need medicine, and sometimes the cure is surgical repair or replacement of the valve. I think prayer is a fine thing to help, but the Lord also gave us the skills so doctors could provide something a little more physical. If your heart valve problem is bad enough, it can cause damage to your heart and the rest of your body that all the prayer, diet, exercise and meditation in the world won't help fix. However, as a patient, it's always your decision if you want to take the doctor's advice or not. Otherwise you could find yourself dead, and explaining to God why you chose not to take the help He provided for you. So before you go making any decisions, you need to wait until you find out what the entire story is. Then weigh up all your options carefully,and decide.
Q:artificial heart valves and CPR?
Yes, and it doesn't matter if there are artificial valves or not. The thing about CPR is that it's only done for someone who is actively trying to die. The alternative to doing CPR is to let someone pass away, which is not usually the best course of action (unless they have a terminal disease and have asked not to be resuscitated.) If you are asking whether the presence of heart valves excuses someone from NOT doing CPR... then no. If you are asking whether heart valves + CPR and a bad outcome is because CPR should not have been done, then no to that too. The right thing to do for someone who is pulseless is to start CPR, call 911 and get more definitive treatment on the way. CPR is not going to revive someone - it is only a bridge until a defibrillator and/or cardiac drugs are available. I'm sorry that you lost your wife at such a young age, and I hope you find the answers you are looking for.
Q:Will my Hunter SVC VALVE will work with my Lawn Genie Valve?
Something is incorrect. All valve solenoids and all timers are designed to work at 24 v DC It should make no difference which brand of clock or which brand of valve you are using. Now the actual solenoid which is the circular cylinder with the wires coming out of it that screws into the valve may not fit all brands of valves but you can buy the correct brand to fit your valve at any irrigation supplier. If your controller is working with at least one valve it should work with any valve you have installed. I would look at the wiring and see that they are correctly installed and connected especially at the valve. If one of the two wires is loose or connected wrong then you wont get the valve to operate. If you have a voltage meter I would test it with that. If not make sure at least one wire from each valve is connected to the white (or nuetral wire) out of the controller and the other valve wire is connected to one of the hot wires coming out of the controller. If one valve does not work try connecting a hot wire off a working valve to the non working valve and test it. If it works your problem is in the wire you disconnected. I constantly work on sprinkler systems and wiring is no. one problem. Incidently I cant find a SVC valve listed in the Hunter catalog did you get the letters mixed up?

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