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Product Description:

1. Lates fashionable design with different capacity and color.

2.Lead & Cadmium data can meet  FDA & CA 65 standards.
3. Fast sample and delivery.

4. Microwave & dishwasher safe.

5. Hand printed decoration is very popular in USA  & Euro & Asia.
6. You could put different designs or your own designs on your products.

7. OEM and ODM are welcomed.

8. It's fit for daily use at home ,hotel or else you want.

9.With our own factories,we can assure the highest product quality and provide competitive 

price for all customers.




8.5" salad plate,10.5"dinner plate


Ceramic (Porcelain)




With  hand print


A, AB, ABC, different standard according to customers’ request.


1380 degree

Water absorption



Individual packaging (brown box, white box, color box, gift box)





Sample lead time

7 days for usual shape and size.

15 days for new shape and size

Delivery time


Additional Informaiton

Dishwasher& Microwave Safe.heat resistance


(1) Our products are provided with excellent quality, beautiful facade, delicate design artwork, safe packaging, competitive price and delivery on time.
(2) We offer Free gift / color box design, Packaging design, Cartons are able to pass the DROP test.
(3) We can make new designs according to client’s requirements such as new shape, material, color,size, printing and so on.
(4) OEM/ODM available.
(5) Contact 24 hours.
(6) Display design.

(7) Inspection and inspection reports.


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Q:House has many large plate, pan don't know how to place can let a kitchen don't look messy.
Can match the vertical storage drawer ark and high vertical storage tank, you can put the large plate, pan, etc.
Q:Want to ask the general cattle in the western restaurant dish plate is a few inches..
O g o stainless steel products used the world's most high quality material, the surface is fine wire drawing more, a few species also have mirror light table
Q:Wash the porcelain plate is suddenly split down the middle is what?
Accidentally touch bad, go to old change new, the home has an occasion. Look at yourself
Q:Why stainless steel plates will be black
The emergence of this layer of black ash is due to the material contains several corrosion material can only be separated the body, and can't dissolve. Several other metal, such as some more aluminum iron containing silicon, will also have the same black ash after corrosion. Low nickel stainless steel type 201, use of ferric chloride corrosion liquid corrosion, the corrosion surface with a layer of black ash like oil, get up, the ash on the clothes are not easy to get rid of. Solution has three: one is the replacement of base material, such as more expensive 304 stainless steel, there is no this kind of phenomenon; 2 it is to change the formula of corrosion or on the basis of the original party can add melt black ash material; Three is in the normal corrosion, with a kind of complex water wash or remove ash liquid black ash. However, large areas of corrosion ash removing, cost is not low, therefore, to ash liquid is most suitable for small area corrosion is the spiral corrosion after black ash removal.
Q:What food production of paper
Has dry wet napkin paper napkins and napkin, commonly used is normally dry napkins, has been used instead of a handkerchief or towel, name is varied, such as handkerchief paper, facial tissue, napkins, towels, towel paper, paper towels, etc. They all are made from crepe paper as raw material, the packing also each different, have bags, boxes, cylinder, package, etc. This kind of product is not disinfected, as long as the production environment and clean raw material, the product can completely meet the requirements of the provisions of the state of health. Must choose a hygiene license when buy so and indicate the producer name and address, production date and shelf life of products, and do not covet is cheap, choose underground processing factory production product.
Q:Three vegetables a soup plate forming method? What is the process?
Machine production, I can't get.As long as the mold production soon no problem
Q:KFC is put food on the plate, to complete. Is also very urgent!!!!!!
If a dish, soup, beverage, hamburgers, French fries, desserts, chicken products have, in your direction, the plate of the upper left put napkin, spoons, sauce. Remember that the spoon, sauce class should be put in a napkin. In front of the plate in the middle drinks, sundae, soup, salad, bean puree. But heat and cool in the middle of the distance. Near your location in the middle of the main meal.
Q:How to remove the adhesive on the stainless steel plate?
Heat blower, cloth glued on, press vigorously, blow again, press again, then slowly tore down
Q:KFC plates under the pad of paper tried poison?
Even tried poison ink is not good for people, so don't put the food directly above.
Q:Hand-painted plates should be what kind of paint? Finished drawing how to don't let it dry rub off
1, with glaze, draw fire, never fade. 2, acrylic paint, but generally not high, as far as possible not food contact.

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