Plate Collection Vehicles in Many Specifications

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Product Description:

1. Product Description:

Product Name: Plate collection vehicles

 Product Type : Q20A

 Product Specifications : L760 * W450 * H920mm

 Material: Stainless Steel

 Packing: 1 / box

 Product Specifications : L600 * W400 * H970mm

 Material: Stainless Steel

Use Scope:

1. banks, stock exchanges , churches, bookstores, office buildings, telecom business .

2. hotels, commercial buildings, supermarkets, Chinese and Western fast food restaurants and other high places .

3. Government agencies, research institutes, hospitals, schools , galleries, theaters, museums.


Our products are specialized, through the provision of high quality, innovative design products and attentive service and dedication to provide customers with high-quality , durable , cost-effective , innovative portable products, all in the US market leader in this industry , and won at home and abroad high praise


2. Product Characteristic:

--Simple design, with firm metal frame, lightweight and practical

--Adjust eco-friendly toughened glass, chrome frame, and meet the environment standard

--With 4 roll-around wheels, smooth and easy to move

--With 3 shelves for well placing various of accessories


3. Product Specification

Plate collection vehicles can easily achieve tableware handling is a flat transport equipment, generally mute rubber tire design , ease of its operations on a small scale , practical, able to collect a lot of disposable tableware, reduce operating strength of the staff , which is widely used in many occasions the hotel kitchen , hospital services.


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Q:What are the procedures required for hotel furniture customization?
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