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output oil and carbon

1.Safety with full safety device,auto alarming

2.Low investement bring you high profit


Detailed Product Description:

GM series waste tyre retreading machine,carbon black refining machine, distillationn machine for diesel.

1.Automatically soldering technique, 100% quality guaranteed. valves and emergency safety valves , 100% safe.

3.waste gas combusion systom, atteched dedusting systom, the discharge smoke is mainly vapour, no pollution at all.

4.CE certificate & ISO certificate

5.raw materails can be waste tyre, plastic, waste oil,make good use of waste materials.

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Q:Intelligent recycling of beverage bottles, can you put a few processes into a small soft drink bottle intelligent recovery machine?
Q:What are the waste recycling app?
Four years ago, Liu Xuesong Master are reduced to the first to grab the garbage scavengers, they need to solve the problem of the shortage of raw material. Liu Xuesong worked for a well-known Japanese fashion company, and was interviewed by fashion magazines 10 years ago. By coincidence, adding itmake. At that time, the company has only two executives, another executive Yang Guangze started building traditional materials, must be in line management, manufacturing. As a result, Liu Xuesong, who is enthusiastic about going into the branding campaign, is being pushed to the forefront of recycling. "It was crazy at that time."!" Liu Xuesong told reporters, "for all recycling enterprises, the supply shortage is pain point."." Because itmake the empty bottle recycling, environmental protection will be a lot of zero discharge and dust, the processing cost is higher than others, so the empty bottle recycling price is not competitive in the market. Its design capacity is 50 thousand tons, a year of recovery rate is only more than 20 thousand tons. The machine needs to start with nitrogen at 280 degrees, once started will not stop, because of the shortage of raw materials, itmake a shutdown losses of more than 100 thousand.
Q:Is the locomotive plastic particle machine really? Is the package recycling true?
The machine doesn't make any material, and the material you make is never acceptable
Q:What kind of machine is needed for a small plastic bottle recycling plant to be put into operation first?.
Can make a bottle of brick (with hydraulic baler), do the broken pieces (stripping machine, crusher), do a good PET, on the basis of the front and then need cleaning machine, dehydration machine.
Q:Are those selling plastic shredders guaranteed to recycle products? Are they cheats?
The market is changing. Who can guarantee full recovery?Henan Geng Hui answered the machinery
Q:I want to make recycled foam granules.
Foam plastic granulation, what is the source of your waste materials, social waste, or the lower corner of the factory material, the transport costs of this thing is very high.
Q:How can the old plastic bottles be recycled?
Usually, after drinking the drink, we throw the bottle and throw it into the garbage bin. We seldom care about the fate of it. If we can recycle and reuse the bottles that we have lost, it will actually produce a new oil field." Beijing renewable resources board limited company general manager Yao Yaxiong introduction, "every recycling 1 tons of waste plastic bottles, saving 6 tons of oil. Recycling plastic bottles can itmake per year 50 thousand tons, equivalent to annual savings of 300 thousand tons of oil."The last century since 90s, the international resources recycling technology and recycled plastics industry developed rapidly, many multinational companies have begun to use recycled polyester raw materials in a certain proportion in its products (i.e. waste plastic bottles): for example, Coca-Cola plans to 2011, so that all the coke bottle regeneration composition ratio reached 25%; by 100% British retailer Tesco recycled materials packaging beverage on the part of the market; recycled polyester introduced in 2008 25% in the French Evian mineral water bottle in...... Bottle grade PET chip Yingchuang company has Coca Cola Co to supply the coke bottle every 10 years there is a surplus from. The French food group Danone, Adidas and other international companies is also in talks with a surplus purchasing.
Q:Start a small plastic recycling material processing plant,
In fact, do not want them to say that the investment is so large, want to dry plastic recycling, you need no plastic crusher, rinsing machine, stripping machine, dryer.As long as you have the raw materials, like this kind of waste plastic materials, and the price is not very expensive.In one you want to have a market, you can say how many waste plastics have how much profit. If you can't find a good sales, Wanhua renewable energy can be substantial recovery.
Q:Home plastic crusher; family will produce plastic waste, should be special recycling,
Now, China is still not paying enough attention to the recycling of plastic waste.
Q:What are the precautions in the process of recovery of pollution and regeneration equipment?
6., regularly check whether the operation of the normal institutions, there is no noise, such as the discovery of failure, must be promptly removed.7. installation, disassembly and adjustment of rotating mechanism, should pay attention to ensure that the rotating mechanism reducer central line and gear central line parallel, and its meshing surface is not less than 70%, meshing clearance should be suitable. Tmall America tips: haze travel, remember to do a good job of protection.8., the motor encountered overheating, to stop in time, after troubleshooting, and then continue to run, the motor bearing lubrication to be good.9. each control box, distribution box and so on often keep clean, clean the dust on the electrical equipment in time.
Our main products include 23 series and less than 400 types of feeding systems, which are sold well in many countries and regions.Our products include extraordinary pipes, aluminum-sprayed compound boards, grain-making lines and series of drying machines, feeding machines, crushers, auto-mixing machines, color-mired and cold-watered machines, heaters and cold mixing machines, vibration sieve printers, and tractors.We look forward to receiving your correspondences in the near future.

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Location Jiangsu,China (Mainland)
Year Established 2002
Annual Output Value
Main Markets North America1.33
South America 3.32
Eastern Europe6.64
Southeast Asia 18.59
Africa 6.64
Eastern Asia 3.72
Domestic Market 59.76
Company Certifications CE;ISO9001

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Nearest Port
Export Percentage 61% - 70%
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Factory Size: 5,000-10,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 10
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