Plastic Pipes- PEX/AL/PEX Pipe

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Basic Size of Plastic Pipe-PEX/AL/PEX Pipe:


Size (mm/inch)


AL Thickness






1/2“ /1216mm













Features of PEX/AL/PEX Pipe:  

1,Material: Random Polypropylene

2, Sizes: 16mm to 32mm

3, Pressure Rating: 1.25MPa, 1.6MPa, 2.0MPa ,2.5MPa

4, Colors: every color is available, depend on customers

5, Connection: socket fusion joint, electro fusion joint or transition joint

6, Standard: ISO

Applications of PEX/AL/PEX Pipe:

1, Cold or hot water supply

2, heating system including flooring heating

3, wall heating and radiating system

4, Central air conditioning system

5, industrial liquids transportation

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Q:in your opinion what is better in transporting liquids plastic or metal tubes in your opinion !?!plz answer?
Ok friend, according my little knowledge, the plastic is better in transporting some kinds of liquids(eg. Water, oil, etc). Why? We've known that water(H2O) is containing Hydrogen and Oxgen elements. The Oxygen can risk some metal (called corosi), the metal will be damaged and doesn't good for a long time.. Plastic? It's not like metal. Good for it.. Thanks,
Q:trying to find these sweets that look like little raindrops in a plastic tube, not around anymore?
I'm not entirely sure but I know they sell Hard rock ice candies' They look like little sparkly drops, or maybe raindrops. They can come in separated pieces or all attached on a stick (Like a corndog)
Q:NG tubes, hard to take care of?
as long as you don't have to replace it, it is easy.
Q:What are the main types of plastic pipe joints?
Force transfer joint: it is a new product connected with pipe and pump and valve. Connect them by bolts to make them a whole and have a certain amount of displacement. This can be adjusted according to field size during installation and maintenance, and axial thrust can be transmitted to the whole pipe at work. This will not only improve efficiency, pumps and valves also play a certain role in the protection.
Q:Plastic pipe for concrete wall column
You should say that the wire pipe, after threading the use of.
Q:When you rub a plastic tube with a fur or a wool cloth, the rubber tube becomes negatively charged.?
while something is rubbed with something else what comes into play is Frictional electrical energy . there is something called the paintings function it fairly is the minimum potential required via the electrons on the exterior to circulate away it . So if Fur and rubber are rubbed in accordance to the ques rubber rod will become negatively charged hence fur might desire to be dropping electrons hence , btw utilising molecules doesnt appear as if a stable theory to me so , in accordance to me C is the final answer .
Q:would you disinfect or sterilize plastic tubing for use in surgery?
Most plastic stuff comes already sterile from the manufacturer. There is the option of gas sterilization, if the tubing won't survive an autoclave. Most surgical instruments are metal and ARE re-sterilized, at least in the OR's where I work. We don't reuse tubing.
Q:whats the best way to connect two plastic tubes?
It really depends on the material you have, i would go and find a smaller pipe that fits in there tightly and then glue it in or you can find a sleeve that fits on the outside and glue it !
Q:What's the name of that plastic tube used to fold stars?
There are several names, namely:1 star plastic tube paper;2 、 color star tube;3, lucky star broken tube.Fold a star with a plastic tube
Q:There is a plastic tube under the motorcycle
It is rough engine vent pipe. Fine exhaust oil gas pipe. Not pretend little.

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