Plastic Pipe/HDPE Pipe Price/HDPE Water Pipe Price

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Plastic Pipe/HDPE Water Pipe Price/ Best HDPE Pipe Price

Plastic Pipe/HDPE Pipe Price/HDPE Water Pipe Price

Plastic Pipe/HDPE Pipe Price/HDPE Water Pipe Price


High-density polyethylene(HDPE) pipe is made from high density polyethylene as the main

raw material, adding a small amount of antioxidants, Anti-UV absorbers and pigments

and be extruded by once-shaping technology from a plastic extruder.


GB/T13663-2000   ISO4427    ISO9001



1. Urban water supply pipe network;

2. Sand, salt dredging project;

3. Ore & mud slurry conveying;

4. Industrial raw material transmission pipeline;

5. Landscaping water supply pipe network;

6. Agricultural irrigation pipeline.  


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Q:PVC plastic pipe in the underground, what need to diameter, the hoop and flange is a kind of thing?
The hoop is usually used to make commonly known as pipe clamp, hose fastener with temporary fasteners, also can be used for temporary plugging. Flanges are also called flanges or flanges.
Q:What is a socket connection?
The socket connection is that the pipe or pipe end is inserted into the socket of the connecting piece, and the well is sealed with the slope filling material in the annular gap.
Q:Does the PVC-U drain plastic pipe need to be fabricated and installed?
Pipe supports are used in any place where pipes are laid, also known as pipe supports, pipes, etc.. As the supporting structure of the pipeline, the pipe rack is divided into two kinds of fixation and activity according to the operation performance and layout requirements of the pipeline. Set a fixed point as the fixed bracket, the pipe frame and the pipe bracket cannot occur relative displacement and deformation, deformation and pipeline compensator fixing pipe frame after loading compared to the values should be very small, because the pipe frame should have sufficient rigidity. The movable support is adopted in the place of the middle support, and the relative displacement between the pipe and the pipe frame is allowed, and the thermal deformation of the pipe is not restrained.
Q:What is this tube near the battery/fuse box in my w202?
it goes to the battery as a vent....but since your car is probably had a replacement one without the need for it . the OEM battery was not a sealed top
Q:I was using a plastic tube to draw the oil from the dipstick port. The plastic tube got stuck and I couldn't
Good job. I've done dumb things of this sort for years. On reading the other answer--which is to remove the dipstick tube from the block--I have to admit that this is a far better alternative than the one which I've proposed below. ....................... The plastic tube will be in there with the connecting rods--there's no screen or anything because nobody thought you'd be doing something like this. But the tube is unlikely to do any damage, either. You've gotta be able to get the dipstick in, so what you'll have to do, short of taking the oil pan off to retreive your tube, is to do a better job of getting it down inside the engine and out of the way. Unless it's a very stiff tube, there's little chance it'll damage anything: the only delicate parts in there are the oil-pump pickup tube and its screen. Go have a look at a service manual for your engine to see where these parts are, and if they're well away from where the dipstick drops into the engine, give the plastic tube a shove down into the engine with, say, a piece of steel rod. Please do not let the steel rod get stuck the way the plastic tube did.
Q:What is the tube that is conneccted to the fuel pump?
you should have 2 lines to the pump. a supply to the fuel system and a return back to the tank. the red clip is the supply fitting, id believe.
Q:What can you use for a mortar firework tube?
use cardboard concrete forms (such as for building a deck)
Q:I have a 5 gallon fish tank it's used but the underground filter is missing the plastic tube what can i do?
Sounds like you are describing a lift tube and that can be purchased at your local fish/pet store and cut to size to fit.
Q:Is it ok to distill with a plastic tube? (moonshine)?
if the plastic can withstand fairly constant temperatures around 180 degrees, then yes. the drawback is plasitc is not a very good heat conductor, and the tubing used in distlling is usually used to allow the hot alcohol to condense back into liquid. metal does this really well, and plastic is an insulator, so it will likely take MUCH more plastic tubing to cool the vapors.
Q:how to use slime tube sealant?
Read the directions that came with it.

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