Plastic Party Flashing Glasses Led Glasses Light Up Glasses Round Circle 17387

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Product Description

plastic party flashing glasses led glasses light up glasses 
glow glasses 
for party,dancing,bar...
many kinds 
cheap price


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 poly bag per piece 

12PCS/big poly bag 


MOQ by sea :10-30 cartons depends ,each item at least one carton ,many items total 10-30 cartons

MOQ by air:120PCS-1 carton  depends if there is ready goods.

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Plastic Party Flashing Glasses Led Glasses Light Up Glasses Round Circle 17387

Plastic Party Flashing Glasses Led Glasses Light Up Glasses Round Circle 17387

Plastic Party Flashing Glasses Led Glasses Light Up Glasses Round Circle 17387

Plastic Party Flashing Glasses Led Glasses Light Up Glasses Round Circle 17387

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China National Building Material Group Corporation. CNBM Group ranks 267th of the Globe Fortune top 500 enterprises. Stainless Steel is one of the main products of CNBM. We are specialized in all kinds of led products, such as Flexible LED Strip, Rigid LED Bar, LED Tube, LED Bulb, LED Panel, Spot lights, Ceiling Light, Downright, Flood Light, Wall Washer, LED Module, Track Light etc.



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Q:Why do you want to take the glasses with the 3D movie?
2D animation was not developed in the middle ages of Europe, nor was it just for the students of the sketch school. Although it includes similar unit animation respectable and familiar artistic elements, but it also includes modern and sometimes surreal things, a digital time axis rotation, synthesis, transition and special effects, which has become a major pillar of television and film and television animation, also is the backbone of Web. Digital video editing tool itself is a powerful animation tool, 2D computer animation technology that graphic design technology only basic people doing animation is easy. Even in such as Disney (Disney) that have a long history of the animation studio, an important part of the computer is now in the scene, in almost every step of production must be used, but in any case it must also 3D artists to master 2D digital animation tools, in fact, each 3D film or television image is art home 2D animation tools and technology combination, so as to form a scene. For example, in the movie "Titanic" ("Titanic"), magical movie special effect is the use of 3D animation, 3D animation which is synthesized by using 2D 2D film vivid animation tools, makes it look very lifelike.
Q:Music as 3D glasses can go to the cinema
Non flash 3D glasses:No flash 3D glasses no longer need to receive electricity signal, there is no concern in this regard, health performance is obvious. Watching 3D TV adds a wearing glasses, links, more or less will make viewers feel not accustomed to, so the glasses are light, the use is convenient, of course, is an important factor. Do not flash 3D glasses with no power supply device, the design is very light, the overall weight of less than 20 grams, mostly lighter than the shutter glasses, wearing a large increase in comfort. Moreover, the flash type 3D is easy to make a jacket type glasses, look at the 3D when the clip will be directly placed on his own glasses can be a pair of glasses, and so on to many people who have to wear glasses to provide more convenient. In addition, do not flash 3D glasses because it does not involve infrared signal reception, versatility, wearing various brands of flash 3D glasses can be viewed, eliminating a lot of unnecessary trouble. In addition, do not flash 3D and IMAX cinema because of the same mode of 3D, so do not flash 3D TV matching glasses can also be taken to the theater to watch 3D movies.
Q:3D glasses can not be used
It doesn't depend on the mobile phone use, is a specialized 3D film was effective, that movie is looked at with the naked eye shadow, with 3D glasses is three-dimensional, polarizer is the principle of polarization, such as shutter effect, the light polarization in another direction, so
Q:Why Hisense 3D glasses no effect?
Try these glasses, please.Complementary colorAlso known, both common color, red and blue 3D glasses, polarized passive 3D technology such as red and green colored lenses of the glasses: a fractional disadvantages: first, glasses need to be equipped with batteries, but the glasses must take to enjoy TV programs, while electromagnetic wave emitted radiation then battery current, can cause unexpected disease. Two: the screen flicker problem, 3D glasses flicker problems, mainly reflected in the 3D active shutter glasses, 3D glasses on both sides of the opening and closing of the frequency is 50/60Hz, that is to say the two lenses per second to open 50/60 times, even so fast, the eyes of the user is still can feel, if a long time watch, will increase the burden on the eye. Three: brightness greatly discount, with the addition of black film 3D glasses, each eye actually can only get half of the light, so the active shutter to see, just like wearing sunglasses and watch TV, and glasses easily tired. Do not flash (using polarized light) I recommend the use of general Hisense can be.
Q:What are the materials used in 3D glasses lenses? Can you use PC injection molding?
TAC lens is a kind of composite material which is made up of multi layer material, which is often made into polarized lens. The utility model is composed of seven layers, namely, a polarizing layer in the middle, an ultraviolet filtering layer on both sides, a broken layer and a wear resistant layer.PC material can also be made of PC polarized lenses used to make 3D glasses, but the cost is high, and its visual clarity is not high TAC.
Q:Hisense LED65K600X3D, 3D glasses how to use ah
Basic operation and indicator:Glasses open: off the state by pressing a key to enter the boot, at this time the green light once,Enter the boot state.Glasses off: the boot state by pressing a key to enter the shutdown, at this time a red light,Enter shutdown status.Working mode: This machine has three working modes (3D mode, left eye mode, right eye mode).Indicator light for normal operation is as follows:3D mode: NoneLeft eye mode: red light flashes every 4 secondsRight eye mode: green flashes every 4 secondsMode switch: in the eyes of the state of the boot, double-click the key can switch to open the 3D glassesWorking mode, double click once to switch the working mode. The working modes are as follows: 3DThe left eye mode - > mode - > right mode. Reboot automatically back to "3D mode"".Description: the left eye pattern and the right eye pattern cooperate with a dual view function or with a dual viewFor the use of a television set, instructions for use are shown in the relevant TV guide. )
Q:Production of 3D glasses
The essential material: red blue colored paper, colored paper, cardboard, ruler, pen, scissors, glue lipstick. Is a stationery line near the paper to buy a large, as long as 12 yuan, is to recycle cardboard box, to find a lost cardboard.Necessary materials.The first step: pick up your glasses, the shape of the signature on the cardboard. Remember the picture frame a little thick, more durable; nose draw a little bigger, better with the nose shape anastomosis; support glasses ear box (don't know how to say) do a little longer, if too long can be cut short, but too short not saved.It is difficult to start everything.Glasses with angle and shape.The second step: cut the shape of the glasses, and then the glasses frame thick cardboard, cut with a blade.Thick cardboard is hard to cut.The third step: Lipstick glue red colored paper pasted on the left eye, blue posted on the right eye, do not mistake the place. If the color is not deep, see the three-dimensional effect will be relatively poor, can be attached to the two layer of paper.Color is too light in color words, can be attached to the two layer.Remember the left red right blueberry can also use waste paper, made. 3D glasses production methods, and sometimes want to experience the excitement of the 3D effect to bring their own hands to make a 3D stereo glasses. Money is not difficult
Q:Why do some 3D glasses are red and blue and some are black, what is the difference between them?
Black is the lens for the polarizing filter lenses, red and blue for the parallax lens, you want to know the details of my question.
Q:The difference between 3D eyes and VR eyes
At present, there are three main forms of vr.1, PC program, the use of computer driven VR helmet form, the advantages: a strong sense of immersion, human-computer interaction to a greater degree of satisfaction. Such as: HTC vive. Disadvantages: expensive, clumsy2, one machine program, directly equipped with screen. Such as, M2. Advantages: convenient, immersion good shortcomings: the battery is not durable, endurance.3, the mainstream of the program is the mobile phone box VR program to smart phones as the media, equipped with mobile phone box VR rendering. Advantages: high cost performance, no limitations. Such as: vrfarm shortcomings: rendering the effect of mobile phone based, there will be a sense of vertigo.
Q:I watch TV movie is about 3D, dual screen, should with what kind of glasses 3D
About 3D glasses. This look tired, the head can not move the distance is limited, but the quality is good.

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