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Inexpensive--save material, recycled used, good material to replace carton boxes

Environmentally Friendly--Environmental Protection

Convenient--good intension, excellent flexibility, can pack heavy goods

Healthy--water-proof, oil-resistance, weathering resistance, anti-corrosion, acid and base resistance
Safe –
smooth,nonradiative nontoxic

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Q:The type and classification of wooden pallets
post palletThe column tray is divided into two types of fixed type and removable type, and the basic structure of the utility model is that the 4 corners of the tray are provided with steel columns, and the upper end of the column can be connected with a beam to form a frame type. The main function of the column tray is to use the column to support the weight of the object, and to fold it; two, to prevent the goods placed on the pallet in the course of transportation and loading and unloading.
Q:What's the difference between a slot bridge and a pallet bridge?
Professional information, process engineering, water conservancy project content are based on the actual work of students encountered in the collation, for reference, if there are problems, please communicate in a timely manner.
Q:The goods were shipped to Europe by air. Do you have specific requirements for pallets?. Dimensions, materials, for example.Also, do you have to use European standard pallets?
The dimension standard of pallet is the important standard of logistics unit. There is a direct relationship between the tray and the storage shelves, handling products, containers, transport vehicles, unloading platform and transportation facilities, so the size of the tray is the basis to consider other logistics equipment specifications. For example, the width of the crossbeam of the pallet beam shelf is the most common with 2300mm and 2700mm. The former holds two 1200mm * 1000mm trays, and the latter holds three 1200mm * 800mm trays. Here, it is particularly worth mentioning is that to establish an effective pallet public system, you must use a unified specification of the tray, tray standardization is pallet work consistent premise.
Q:What is the wooden pallet fumigation
Compared with wooden pallets, fumigation tray has characteristics as follows:1, export free fumigation, disinfection free, visa free, convenient entry and exit;2, the product is wood tray appearance, also has high compressive strength, high bearing performance;3, can effectively avoid the traditional wooden pallets wooden node, wool, color, high humidity;4, waterproof performance is good, the production process is simple, low cost;5, the use of alternative wood tray, strong adaptability.
Q:How to adjust balance of tray balance?
1. rotating balance nut (nut opposite) adjustment zero until the pointer alignment central line.2. the left dish weighing tray, right weight. According to the weighing character, should be placed on glassware or clean paper, in advance should be in the same balance to weigh the quality of glassware or paper, and then weighing the substance to be called.3. add weights, gradually increase from the maximum value of the estimated weight. The tray balance should only be allowed to 0.1 grams. Add and subtract weights and move the marks on the ruler until the pointer is aligned with the central line again.
Q:EU what kind of material does the tray belong to?
EU tray is engineering PP+PE copolymerization using engineering materials, due to cost reasons, the car factory allows you to add the turnover box does not exceed 10% of the crushed material (non regenerative complex material), has reached the highest price, the quality of Tianjin FAW Group recognized by TOYOTA.
Q:How about the volume of foreign trade pallets?
It depends on how the carton is placed(carton length * single layer, how many boxes) * (carton height * several layers) + pallet bottom gap, about 10
Q:Do you need a tray for the hot cube microwave oven hot food?
Barbecue, barbecue food on the plate, placed on the shelf barbecue, so that food away from the heating pipe close to save barbecue time.
Q:How do the sticky glue on the plastic tray clean up?
The transparent adhesive loses the adhesive water in the middle of the adhesive tape and is tightly bonded. Similar to the principle of dissolving, and continue to use new tape, slowly will be able to tape the old tape of something, or direct use of gasoline, banana water, the effect of water is the most unsatisfactory. 3, if the area is not large, you can consider using rubber. If the home has expired hand skin care products, it will be applied to the plastic surface, because of the adhesive tape in the binding water, so reduce viscosity, remove traces of the effect is very good.
Q:What is the fee for a tray?
1. Pallet charges: the transportation of goods on pallets (wood, plastic or steel) when they are transported, resulting in the sum of the costs of pallet rental or purchase, pallet packing and handling.

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