Plastic Insulated High Performance Flame-retardant Power Cable,0.6/1-26/35kV

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Plastic Insulated High Performance Flame-retardant Power Cable
产品标准 Standard
The product is manufactured according to the standard of GB12706-91、GB12666.5-90、GB/T17650-1998 and GB/T17651-1998 or IEC and DIN and ICEA.

适用范围 Applications
  本产品适用于工频额定电压0.6/1kv~26/35KV 输配电线路作配送电能之用。
The product is suitable for power transmission and distribution lines with rated voltage 0.6/1kV~26/35kV.

使用特性 Operating characteristics .
Rated power frequency voltage U0/U:0.6/1kV~26/35kV.
PVC insulated power cable Max . permissible continuous operating temperature of the conductor should not exceed 70 ℃,XPLE permissible continuous operating temperature of the conductor should not exceed 90℃.
Max Short –circurrt temperature of conductor shall not exceed 250.(5s maximum duration)
The installation temperature should not below 0℃
The flame-ratardant properties of cable comply with the requirements specified in A kind of GB12666.5-90
The flame-retardant properties of lower halogen cable comply with requirements specified in A kind of GB12666.5-90 except compluing with requirements specified in GB/T17650.2-1998 .
The flame-retardant properties of no halogen cable comply with requirements specified in A kind of GB12666.5-90 except compluing with requirements specified in GB/T17650.2-1998 .and GB/T17651-1998.
Three bending radius of a single core should not less than 20 times of the cable diameter
Two bending radius of a three-core cable should not less than 15 times of the cable diameter.

电缆额定电压的选择 Voltage designation
  U0- 电缆设计用导体与屏蔽或金属套之间的额定工作电压;
  Um –设备可承受的“最高系统”电压的最大值。
The rated voltage of the cable for a given application shall be suitable for the operating condition in the system in which the cable is used , and is expressed in the form of U0/U(Um)are applied to the system voltages and running state , and expressed in the form U0/Ukv.
U0-The rated power-frequency voltage between conductor and earth or metallic screen ,for which the cable designed .
U-The rated power –frequency voltage between conductors for which the cable designed.
Um- –The maximum value of “the highest system voltage ”for which the equipment may be used.

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Q:Identify power input cable ? [Pics]?
I have never seen anything like it. Consider replacing the fitting with a more common three-prong unit.
Q:Aqaurium filter, power cable submerged?
It's safe as long as the cable and filter are not damaged. They whole unit is sealed in plastic so the water and electricity can't meet up. Ian
Q:Is the power supply cable a standard type?
If you're talking desktops, then yes, the cord is an industry standard. You can swap them around as you wish. The same 3 prong cable is used by many other electronic devices (TVs, stereos, etc) Laptop chargers are an entirely different matter.
Q:can i run a ati radeon hd 2900xt with a two 4pin molex power cable?
Direct Answer : No you can't. Indirect Answer : You can, you need a converter though, there are converters that connect two 4 pin molex power cables into one six pin video card cable. PS. If your power supply doesn't have a 6 pin cable, more likely than not this means your power supply will not be able to handle video cards like the Radeon 2900XT.
Q:Buzzing noise made by power cable?
The buzzing noise is not that of a Laptop its rather that of the Power adapter of the Laptop so there is nothing to worry about it you laptop is as good as it can be. But i would suggest not to use that adapter for a longer time because it may cause trouble in voltage fluctuations .
Q:What could I use as a substitute for the power cable running to my car amp?
saftey wise buy a new wire if you go best buy curcuit city you can buy the red power cable by the foot
Q:What is this power cable called?
Ask for a 6 ft AC power cord. They come in a few difference shapes so just describe what you did here. If it helps reference Radio Shack model/catalog number #61-2878. Good luck!
Q:Can I run my TV power cable through the wall?
Unfortunately, it is no longer easy when the walls are already in place. The only other solutions are either to run the cables along the ceiling (above tiles), or else along the bottom of the floor/baseboards. Good luck!
Q:is 450W enough for a single SAPPHIRE ATI HD2900PRO that only uses one power cable ?(most 2900's use two)?
If if you havent i would recommend a HD3850 or 3870 as they have similar peformace with about half the power draw
Q:Why wont my ps2 power on?
Maybe the black big rectangle in the connection to the wall thing is damaged, maybe you need a new one

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