Plastic Insulated High Performance Flame-retardant Power Cable,0.6/1-26/35kV

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Plastic Insulated High Performance Flame-retardant Power Cable
产品标准 Standard
The product is manufactured according to the standard of GB12706-91、GB12666.5-90、GB/T17650-1998 and GB/T17651-1998 or IEC and DIN and ICEA.

适用范围 Applications
  本产品适用于工频额定电压0.6/1kv~26/35KV 输配电线路作配送电能之用。
The product is suitable for power transmission and distribution lines with rated voltage 0.6/1kV~26/35kV.

使用特性 Operating characteristics .
Rated power frequency voltage U0/U:0.6/1kV~26/35kV.
PVC insulated power cable Max . permissible continuous operating temperature of the conductor should not exceed 70 ℃,XPLE permissible continuous operating temperature of the conductor should not exceed 90℃.
Max Short –circurrt temperature of conductor shall not exceed 250.(5s maximum duration)
The installation temperature should not below 0℃
The flame-ratardant properties of cable comply with the requirements specified in A kind of GB12666.5-90
The flame-retardant properties of lower halogen cable comply with requirements specified in A kind of GB12666.5-90 except compluing with requirements specified in GB/T17650.2-1998 .
The flame-retardant properties of no halogen cable comply with requirements specified in A kind of GB12666.5-90 except compluing with requirements specified in GB/T17650.2-1998 .and GB/T17651-1998.
Three bending radius of a single core should not less than 20 times of the cable diameter
Two bending radius of a three-core cable should not less than 15 times of the cable diameter.

电缆额定电压的选择 Voltage designation
  U0- 电缆设计用导体与屏蔽或金属套之间的额定工作电压;
  Um –设备可承受的“最高系统”电压的最大值。
The rated voltage of the cable for a given application shall be suitable for the operating condition in the system in which the cable is used , and is expressed in the form of U0/U(Um)are applied to the system voltages and running state , and expressed in the form U0/Ukv.
U0-The rated power-frequency voltage between conductor and earth or metallic screen ,for which the cable designed .
U-The rated power –frequency voltage between conductors for which the cable designed.
Um- –The maximum value of “the highest system voltage ”for which the equipment may be used.

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Q:Can you identify this power cable?
It is an IEC C7 power connector (unpolarized, but that is pretty much the norm). Also known as a figure-8 or tape recorder connector for largely historical reasons. Any electronics or electrical shop should be able to sort you out - Radio Shack for instance.
Q:The computer host is always start to stop, resulting in the last can not start. What is going on?
GB-2002 provides: metal cable bridge and its bracket and the introduction or extraction of metal cable ducts must be ground (PE) or zero (PEN) is reliable, and must meet the following requirements:
Q:Replacement Power Cable for HF M300?
The power adapter that came in the box is Canon's CA-570. Search for that at OKorder.
Q:The living room to the bedroom cable does not work
Low voltage and wire aging has nothing to do with the cross-section of the wire, the cross-section is small, then the resistance of the wire is large, the pressure drop is large, the user's voltage will be reduced, but also with the wire and wire connection resistance, contact resistance Large, but also cause the user to drop the voltage, low voltage and the aging of the wire has an indirect relationship, the wire aging, that there is a certain history, and in recent years, rising living standards, household appliances also increased, with the time Increased, the power has increased, relative to the wire is concerned, is overwhelmed, so the line is often the place where the line voltage is very low
Q:xbox 360 power cable?
It depends on what chip set they have. An older Elite 360's power cable (with the older set) will fit into a new one, but not the other way around. It sounds like the one you just bought is older than the one that was banned.
Q:Power Cable Check Well b-type covers show what?
Indicating the carrying capacity of the covers, according to "People's Republic of China town construction industry standards" to understand that: steel fiber reinforced concrete inspection covers are divided into A, B, C, D four
Q:Wire yellow and green, respectively, that line of fire or zero line
Insulated piercing clamp is mainly composed of reinforced shell, puncture blade, gasket, waterproof grease, high strength bolts, torque nut and cable terminal cap. When the cable needs to be branched or connected, the cable branch line terminal is inserted into the waterproof terminal Cap sets, to determine the main line branch position, with a socket wrench screw clamp on the torque nut, the process of contact with the blade will pierce the cable insulation, contact with the conductor, the sealing ring ring around the cable puncture position, the shell Grease overflow, when the torque reaches the set value, the nut torque mechanism off, the main line and branch line is connected, and waterproof performance and electrical effects to meet the standard requirements of the parameters. T-shaped terminal is composed of insulation base, wiring frame, fire shield composed of three parts, wiring box by the wire clip, screws, nuts and variable frame and other components, wiring clip and wire contact surface was wrapped in the shape of the dentoid staggered structure, With a large area of ​​spinous process, pressure line reliable features. Through the different shapes of the wire combination of each other, can form a double connection, the lower access to the main line, the upper access to the branch line, the formation of continuous "T" -shaped connection, the product is a protective cover, especially suitable for cable trays and cable And other small places to use, can effectively prevent the suffering of the mouse on the line.
Q:Where can I find a power cable for the eMachines monitor .. model 900W?
Check at Office Depot and Best Buy.
Q:computer power supply cables/ placement?
Its on your motherboard factory web site. usually there is a 4 or 8 pin for the mobo PCI bridge, sata, pata, power connectors for drives. smaller for floppy, blue wire for PSU fan speed report. just find out what FORM you need, most are ATX.
Q:what happens when A power cable of copper is stretched straight between two fixed towers.?
Change in length=(coefficient of expansion)(original length)(change T)= (.0017)(chose your favoret length, I chose 100)( -128 because T is decreeing)=-21.76 Strain = (change in length)/(original length)= 21.76/100= .2176Pa (for simplicity's sake I dropped the negative, rember the wire is in tension) Stress = (youngs modulus)(strain)= (11•10^10)(.2176)= 2.3936•10^10 Pa The UTS (2.4•10^8)<(2.39•10^10) so there is definitely necking and because of the difference most likely there was failure long ago.

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