Plastic Handle Small Saw Frame SJ-0137 Saw Frame

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Product Description:

saw frame:6",
surface treadment:chrome plating, plastic spraying, corrosion resistance,with non-slip handle.
Saw blade:18TPI,carbon steel product whole steel structure, with non-slip handle. Can cut steel, wood, plastic stool rod type, durable


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Q:Which is better for saw blade, alternating tooth ladder or flat tooth?
In summary, sawing wood, particleboard, MDF or tooth, can be sharp wood fiber cut, cut smooth; in order to keep the grooving bottom flat, with flat tooth or flat composite tooth; sawing plywood, fireproof board generally choose ladder flat teeth, is expected to open the computer the sawing sawing rate, diameter and thickness of the alloy blades are relatively large, about 350-450mm in diameter, 4.0-4.8mm in thickness, most of the ladder flat teeth, in order to reduce the edge collapse, saw.
Q:What can the marble sawing blade
The diamond cutter head is inlaid in the lower edge of the plate, according to the length of the saw blade, the cutter head number decision, can be up to 45. In the mosaic, be careful not to let the knife top distance arrangement, this can reduce the vibration of saw blade, make the saw more stable operation.
Q:The reason and solution of saw blade breaking in sawing process are briefly described
The causes of the break of saw are: the pressure is too large when sawing soft material, the angle of sawing is too large, and the proper measures and methods are not taken when sawing material and sheet material, and the sawtooth is coarse and not suitable for the workpiece.
Q:What kind of saw blade is used on melamine board?
The selection of the bottom slot saw is based on the design of the saw. If we can adjust the height of the table saw with a single slot can be realized and the thickness of the main saw blade unified, general specification: diameter 120MM * 24T * teeth thickness (2.8-3.6) * aperture 20/22; if can not adjust, need to use double slot blade through the gasket the thickness of the main saw uniform, general specification: diameter 120MM * teeth (12+12) T* thickness (2.8-3.6) * aperture (note 20/22, 12+12 mean, every piece of the number of teeth of the double tablets were 12 teeth). Of course, using a single slot through the blade height adjustment sometimes is not easy to achieve complete reunification, so there are a lot of people directly choose double slot instead of the saw blade, adjusting the relative simple and easy, but double slot saw higher relative prices.
Q:Can a curve saw iron?
Working principleThe structure mainly consists of a series motor, a reduction gear, a reciprocating rod, a balance plate, a bottom plate, a switch, a governor, etc..The working principle is that the motor is decelerated by a gear, and the eccentric roller sleeve on the big gear drives the reciprocating rod and the saw blade to reciprocate.
Q:What kind of oil do you use to cut the aluminum material with double head saw?
Emulsion by special formula does not contain chlorine, specially for solving problems of aluminum metal and its alloy during processing (such as chip bonding, tool wear, surface accuracy and surface contamination etc.).
Q:Notice of sawing, points for filing and cutting
Cut file1, the position and effort are basically the same as sawing2, go over the file3, the file cutting direction should be replaced many times, do not have another azimuth file for a long time4, the timely removal of scraps on file5, a, can be forced to force some large, some of the small fine file when (especially by smooth file)
Q:What with the wood surface retting flowers also need?
Sawdust and dejecta mix, costumes, with a plastic bag and tighten bag, placed in 30 ~ 35 DEG C, from 1 to February can be fermented rotten. Then to semi dry, mixed with soil were used as pot soil culture flowers can grow flourishing flowers fragrant; leaf green, flower seedling with nutrition soil as it has wonderful functions of promoting vigorous growth of seedlings.
Q:Why do fitter saws T8, T10, T12 and other steel materials work harder than saw 10,20 steel, and the saw blades tend to be dull?
T8, T10, T12 belongs to carbon tool steel, carbon content is 0.8%, 1%, 1.2%, and high content of cementite, high hardness steel and 10,20 steel; high quality carbon steel, which belongs to the low carbon steel, steel hardness is low, so the T8 T10 T12, saw fitter, steel material etc. 10,20 steel saw blade than laborious, easily to be worn.
Q:What is sawing? What's the function of it?
The saw is wavy and cross shaped. A saw blade, so that the kerf width is greater than the thickness of the blade back, thereby preventing the clamping saw blade and blade wear and reduce overheating.

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