Plastic Handle Small Saw Frame SJ-0137 Saw Frame

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$3.80 - 16.80 / pc
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TT or LC
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1000 pc
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1000000 pc/month

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Product Description:

saw frame:6",
surface treadment:chrome plating, plastic spraying, corrosion resistance,with non-slip handle.
Saw blade:18TPI,carbon steel product whole steel structure, with non-slip handle. Can cut steel, wood, plastic stool rod type, durable


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Q:Chainsaw carburetor laps is the best way to
For example, the low speed is not enough, the old fire can be tight. Increase the throttle, saw the strength is not enough, can tighten up the screw speed of H. But these are not overdo sth. ah. For example, too high, chainsaw easy cylinder scoring.
Q:What kind of material is used for saw blade? How to distinguish between coarse, medium and fine teeth?
Fine tooth tooth -32 / three inches. The coarse teeth saw blade used in cutting cast iron and non-ferrous metal (such as copper, aluminum), tooth blade used for sawing steel, and fine tooth saw blade can be used for cutting low carbon steel, stainless steel and high toughness, fittings and special-shaped pipe fittings. Saw blade is the use of high carbon steel or low carbon steel carburizing, nitriding, quenching production.
Q:Can you tell me what to cut off the aluminum pipe with the tool? Knife or saw?
Set in any part of the pipe shear, at the end of the pipe shear handle, on the handle of the pipe cut, and on the shaft of the pipe shear.
Q:How to adjust the carburetor?
Check the intake valve, whether the intake is good, the gasoline tank lid loose, air intake, at this time to accelerate the strong, which proves that the intake valve is inadequate, replacement or adjustment. Four, the British star, the backbone of Malaysia brand chain saw use of the carburetor are imported from Japan, so when the carburetor cleaning, please do not easily adjust the oil surface and destroy the original structure, thorough cleaning can be assured use.
Q:Why oil and gas chainsaw logging can be used for mixing
Because the chain saw most cases is the need for a hand to work, take this factor into consideration, the chain saw engine in most cases is required to power and weight can not be too heavy for handheld operation.
Q:What with the wood surface retting flowers also need?
Cultivate in the root of flowers and trees can keep warm, make the flowers and trees safe winter.
Q:How about the 06 saw in the broken aluminum door and window equipment? What are the characteristics? What is the difference between it and CNC saws?
Broken bridge aluminum door and window equipment name LJZ2S-500 * 4200, broken bridge aluminum profile, double angle CNC cutting saw, LJZ2-450 * 3700 broken bridge aluminum door and window double angle cutting saw (06 saw)Motor Anhui Sanyang, power 2.2kw, Shanghai FENDA motor, power 1.5kwJapan and Japan saw blade diameter: 500mm thickness: 4.4mm WEMARO diameter: 450mm thickness: 4.0mmGuide to card too - 40mm linear bearing motion precision and stability of domestic circular guide - 50mmHead movement mode, CNC PLC control, high precision, ABBA screw drive motor drive, visual position, accuracy in general.Saw in and out of control square rail + slider (silver) control precision, travel 135mm long copper composite sleeve, driven by the cylinder, the trip up to 120mm
Q:What kind of saw blades can be used to cut stainless steel square tubes with metal circular saws?
Clamp, special design, strong clamping force.Automatic oil lubrication, automatic feeding to slide. Make your operation more secure!It is fast and convenient, efficient, saving labor and processing times.Some machine parts imported components, to ensure that the service life of the machine.To the power saving, long service life, the body is smooth and bright and beautiful do not wrinkle, non technical personnel can operate freely!Overall, the new optimized design, small volume, strong versatility, solid body deformation.To machine design reasonable structure, firm and reliable, stable operation.It works through rigorous testing, good quality, unified specifications!
Q:What kind of hand saw?
Gardener: saws, folding saws.3, fitter: iron bow.4, the hand-held machine power saw: portable chain saw, electric saw.
Q:Many years after the old tree roots cut off the germination of how to deal with?
One way is to find a thick, still alive root, dig a hole in the root, and then fill it with a heavy bottle with a drip bottle, drip it into the hole at the slowest rate, like a drip. I often use second methods, labor-saving, and kill completely.

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