Plastic Garden Chairs with Fashion Design

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Product Description:

Feature of Plastic Chair

Material: PP Plastic seat and back, wooden legs


Color: red,black, white, yellow etc

Plastic Injection Mould


modern design and beautiful shape , light and easy to move, high quality and resonable price

It's widely used as garden chair, leisure chair etc.

Package of  Plastic Chairs

Standard export Package or as per your kind request

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Q:How do I clean crayon marks in plastic desks and chairs?
Hair dryer method:Use the blower at the crayon mark, blow for a minute, and then wipe it with a damp cloth.
Q:Does a plastic chair catch a cold?
If it is possible to consider hypodermis or sponge, if combined with the winter and hot, with a simple choice of ventilating sponge, hot weather can also put a cool pad on top, their home is gavee de
Q:How do I remove stains from plastic stools?
Nonionic surfactants extracted from moving plants have good emulsifying, washing and dispersing properties. The movable oil pollution can be emulsified quickly, decomposed and prevented from being re deposited, and the sewage carrying capacity is strong, and the residue is eliminated thoroughly.
Q:Chair with wood good, or iron good, or bamboo good, or plastic good, or cement good?
Specific points. Environmental use.The hotel business with a small capital plastic, high-grade bamboo wood point.Home, unless your family who is fat, or iron exclusion.The cement stone yard, home of bamboo wood retro, elegant, plastic.... Well, it's no good just to be light
Q:Rocking chair, swing room, there is no other materials, such as plastic?
But should not use alkaline soap and solvents, to prevent the total plastic plastic agent was destroyed, resulting in plastic hardens, brittle; or swelling of certain plastics, causing damage to the product.
Q:How to wash the crayons in the plastic chair
In the plastic chair on the crayon just need a wet rag, then dip some baking soda, gently scrub with crayon marks the place, don't bother, they will soon disappear.
Q:Choose the chair for baby, good solid wood or plastic?
Solid wood chairs generally feel strong, multiple functions, in addition to the chair, can also open to the desk, very practical. The plastic chair, feel relatively easy to clean, not easy to breed bacteria. Search a large number of user comments, it seems that most mothers still think of solid wood chairs than plastic chairs for better, more powerful, so strong and durable, and recommended more mothers choose wood for the baby chair.
Q:How about the size of the chair covers?
Use a ruler to measure the length, width, thickness of the chair, and then enlarge the 5%.
Q:Is the material of plastic good or good ABS PP?
If you want to compare, then you have to set a premise, because A BS has flame retardant, ABS, weather resistance, ABS, etc., PP inside there are enhanced PP, toughening PP, and so on.
Q:What is the range of metal and plastic composites used in aerospace seats?
Carbon fiber composites are widely used in aerospace, such as rockets, missiles and high-speed aircraft because of their unique and outstanding physical and chemical properties. For example, made of carbon fiber and plastic composite manufacturing aircraft, satellites, rockets and spacecraft, not only large thrust, small noise, and because of its lighter quality, so low power consumption, can save a lot of fuel.The carbon fiber is widely used in aerospace, aviation, aircraft and spacecraft structures because of its high temperature resistance, light and hard mechanical characteristics. A structural material such as aircraft: the main wing, tail, body; two construction materials: aileron, rudder, elevator, decorative material, blade plate, truss, such as brake pads and helicopters; the rocket exhaust cone, engine cover; satellite structure, solar panels and antenna rocket and missile shell, etc.. At present, small business machines and helicopters carbon fiber composite material consumption has accounted for about 55%, military aircraft about 25%, large aircraft accounted for about 20%.

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