Plastic Crusher Machine for Recycled PVC PE PC Material

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Product Description:

1.Description of Plastic crusher

strong plastic crusher is mainly used for the crushing of rigid plastic . Claw type design knife: with strong cutting force ; Inlet hopper, crushing room and screening bucket separation design, and easy to load and unload; Special design for crushing room, no material skip, large feed inlet and easy to charge; 
The front and back walls of crushing room use double-layer sound-proof with low noise; 
After crushing , final scraps can be directly feeded into extruder.

2.Specification of Plastic crusher

. Adopting deafener low in noise;
. Adopting removable bits which can be separately removed and sharpened after getting blunt.
. Suitable for smashing all kinds of soft,hard and formed plastics.     .The steel case,the cast steel knife carriage and the alloy knife with the ability of avoiding craching.
. Stage cutting knife,increasing the crack capacity and the efficiency.
. Movable sieve,convenient to be assembled and disassembled,easy to cleaned and color-changed.
. The feeding hopper fitted with sound insulation,improving the operation conditions.

. The feeding hopper with protect switch,safe to the operator.
Special made super powerful cracker,especially for cracking super thick stuff.

3.Images of Plastic crusher

Plastic Crusher Machine for Recycled PVC PE PC Material

Plastic Crusher Machine for Recycled PVC PE PC Material

Plastic Crusher Machine for Recycled PVC PE PC Material


4. Package of Plastic crusher

Package: Wooden case or Using Anti-rust oil processing, then use stretch film cover extruder against moisture damage.

Shipping: By sea or By express

5. FAQ of plastic crusher

Design Considerations:

In designing a crusher for a specific purpose,many questions must be answered, in order to achieve optimal performance.Information needed would be:

1.Which one material that is needed to be crushed?

2.Size,thickness,solid or hollow of the material to be crushed.

3.We need know the shape of materials and capacity in your requests. 

4.Size of output products as requests.

In answering those questions,we can figure out if our machine can crush and which

models will meeting with your requirement.We can design,customize and do our

utmost  to meet customers' demands.

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Q:In hard rock foundation construction, can not be carried out burst, crusher does not move. Is there any good way?
There will be a lot of smoke coming out; in such a circle, a hole about 1 meters in diameter will be formed. Then it can be built with static blasting.
Q:I want to make a plastic lid will use what machine?
To an injection molding machine, plastic mould, rubber drying machine, the price, look at your request. About 3~9.
Q:Working video of aluminium crusher
Like cans, civil aluminum (pot bowl), aluminum plate, silk belt is aluminium, aluminum content generally below 95%, as for die casting aluminum, automobile and motorcycle parts etc.
Q:What's the difference between a plastic crusher and a particle machine?
A few million, there are more than ten million or tens of million, you can according to their actual situation, choose a few more manufacturers, to make a choice.
Q:How to dust the plastic crushing material?
Negative pressure dust collector. Downdraft design, sink dust in the ash bucket does not rebound, low resistance material with high quality and full automatic pulse compression air deashing device, the dust removal efficiency is more efficient,
Q:What are the key words in plastic machinery?
Plastic cleaning machine, plastic conveyor, plastic feeding machine, plastic processing machine, plastic recycling machine, plastic processing machine, waste plastics granulator,Waste plastic granule machine, waste plastics extruder, waste plastics processing machine, waste plastics recycling machine, waste plastics machinery, waste plastics equipment, plastic machinery,Plastic equipment, foam granulator, foam granule machine, foam processing machine, foam recovery machine, foam recycling machine, regeneration foam machine, waste foam machine
Q:Points for attention of plastic recycling granulator
3, the main bearing room at both ends of the bearing parts burned, hand burning or noise, we should stop, repair and add butter. During normal operation, the bearing chamber butter once every 5-6 days.4, pay attention to find out the law of operation of the machine, such as: machine temperature, speed, speed, according to the situation, timely processing.5, the operation is stable, should pay attention to check the gap coupling agreement is too tight, to timely adjust some loose.
Q:What heating machines are better in the recycled plastics factory?
Of course, the crusher is the longer the better, if conditional, get two sinks, the effect is better
Q:I'd like to know something about a waste plastic crusher
The crusher needs different structures for crushing different materials, especially the structure of the guide roller and the broken silo, which has little relation with the screen. If you really want to improve, then you need a certain amount of technology to achieve, do not damage the original function, but also increase its utilization rate, it is recommended that professional operations staff can be transformed.
Q:Plastic grinding machine mainly grinding PVC grinding material thickness of about 20 silk finger cover size, which kind of pulverizer is suitable for this purpose?
Overview of plastic grinding machine compared with the same type of milling machine, under the same power output is greatly improved (increased by 20%-50%), saving about energy consumption of the dust collector is added to effectively reduce dust pollution, the discharging of the main fan reduces the labor intensity of workers and open the door cover of the host can be replaced, which is convenient for maintenance and the tool windand watercooling system reduce the working temperature inside the machine body, the grinded material uneasy degeneration

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