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The plastic crusher is applicable for crushing waste of plastics bottles,defective plastic plastic,PVC and etcs

ps-600 crushing machine
rotor size:Φ420*600mm
screen opening:20mm(option)
discharge hole:ΦD150
feeding position:1370*990*1740
motor power:22kw

blade:4 pcs sationary

        6 pcs active
overall dimension:1620*1380*1920
total weight:2600kg

ps-900 crushing machine
rotor size:Φ540*900mm
screen opening:20mm(option)
discharge hole:ΦD150
feeding position:1540*1270*2280
motor power:37kw

blade:6 pcs stationary

        9 pcs active
overall dimension:2128*1790*2690
total weight:3500kg

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Q:How do plastic particles agglomerate?
There are special crushers now, but I know the crusher is used in traffic, road construction, cement, lime and so on. It should be used for plastics
Q:Plastic crusher does not eat what is the reason?
You can check the rotation direction of the rotor is correct.
Q:How many units should be taken for processing polyethylene granules? It is better to introduce them in detail,
Third to have a drainage exhaust plastic extruder, used to contain water, exhaust, old plastic heating plasticization, melt extrusion plastics; the fourth to have a simple plastic extruder, after first extrusion of molten plastic after two extruded into the thin; fifth to the cooling water tank and a cutter the filament, cooled and cut into particles. The technological process is as follows:Selection, classification and cleaning of waste plastics: extrusion, plasticization, cooling, cutting and packingIf a set of extrusion granulation equipment has 20~30 square meters, the workshop is enough, but the outside of the site requires a little bigger, and at least one hundred square meters
Q:In hard rock foundation construction, can not be carried out burst, crusher does not move. Is there any good way?
Cutting machine cutting width; or hammer drilling; then using hydrochloric acid into the reaction -- so, there will be a lot of smoke; such a circle, forming a hole diameter of 1 meters. Then it can be built with static blasting.
Q:How much does it cost to run a disposable plastic basket factory?
Do this line of investment is relatively large, high technology, management should also keep abreast of it. In addition, the volume of products is still large enough to make money.
Q:The crusher can not be broken. What happened to the stone?
Within a certain range, increasing the eccentricity of the eccentric shaft can increase the capacity of the crusher, but it also increases the energy consumption of the crushing unit weight of the ore.. The speed is too large, will have been broken in the crushing chamber of the ore to discharge, and blockage phenomenon, but to reduce production capacity, power consumption increases, therefore, there should be a jaw crusher optimum rpm.
Q:PVC how much is a plastic crusher?
About fifteen thousand, I do this, welcome to ask or see my space
Q:How much does it cost to process a ton of plastic bottles?
Market analysis of broken plastic bottles for waste plastics bottlesA bottle of mineral water and other waste polyester plastics have emerged, this kind of products except mineral water, and transparent bottles, beverage bottles of coke, because of its large volume, light weight, it is difficult to transport, so local processing is an economical and practical new way. Among them, it is the simplest and feasible way to break, clean and process plastic fragments. Besides removing the fixed waste materials, it can create economic benefits of about 300 yuan per ton, and the market prospect is very impressive.
Q:Which industries will buy crushers?
Lime, buildings, minerals, coal, and so on, may be used more
Q:Plastic crusher blade easily broken, because what?
Third, heat treatment of hardness control, and proper tempering treatment.

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