plastic bellows ( p v c )

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 OD :35mm


 ID :30mm




 weight :133g/m

 temperature range :-10 +60

applied range:0~200m

Special specification can be made at the request of customers.

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Q:My wife flushed a plastic tube of lotion down the toilet. Is this bad?
No, you shouldn't be concerned if you've used the toilet a few times since you posted this. If it was going to back up or be a problem, it would have happened by now. I hope that puts your mind at ease.
Q:what do you call the plastic tubes used for pet water bottles, and where can you find them?
rubber tubes? you can find them at any pet supply store.
Q:how long would it take for air inside a plastic tube 3inch by 1inch to go stale?
What do you mean by go stale? Smell bad? Become contaminated with organics from the tube? I would think you would also need to specify what kind of plastic that makes the tube to have a chance to answer this.
Q:do i need to need to clean the gas tube on my ar-15?
Russ is on to something. Peanut butter works ok but its kind of messy. Maple syrup smells better when the gas tube heats up. I drop a length of monofilament fishing line through the gas tube, tie the end to a q-tip, dip the q-tip in the maple syrup, and pull it back through. Repeat until the tube is clean.
Q:Please help! Fish tank thing that goes on tube to stop water from going down the tube?
no return valve is what you're looking for.
Q:Plastic covers / tubes on lamp?
Take the piece with you to the closest of these 2 stores and look in the plumbing isle for PVC pipe the same size. If the new pipe has writing on it you need to get off use a scotch brite pad.
Q:cigars that come in plastic tubes?
extremely tough aspect. lookup into yahoo and bing. that could help!
Q:Can you recycle the plastic tubes that are used when you are on oxygen?
They are probably Polyprop but if you can not identify the plastic you cant recycle-generally. You need to ask a manufacturer
Q:Eustachian tube disorder!!! pls help!!!?
Q:people singing with a tube in their mouths?
It's called a Talk Box.

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