plastic bellows ( P E )

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Product Description:


  texture : PE

  OD : 54MM

  ID : 48MM

  thickness : 3MM

   weight :98.8g/m

  colour :  customers requirement

thickness : 1.5mm

applied range : wire sleeve

temperature range :-10℃ +20℃

length :1~500m

colour :customers requirement

Special specification can be made at the request of customers


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Q:fish tank pump tube problems?
using standard size plastic tubing like other air pumps on the market (about 5-6mm in diameter)
Q:In my sink I found a plastic tube used to inject drugs with a clear liquid inside it- there was a bitten lime?
Perhaps... Could also be someone is injecting fruit with vodka -- something we used to do when I was a teen oh so many years ago. Or maybe your dad has an illness he hasn't told you about? Why do you suspect your dad of that in particular? Is there a history? Only you can know for sure, not us strangers lurking out here on the internets. I hope things aren't what you fear and that things work out for you.
Q:Didn't the U.S. about in the 70's discover that lead couldn't be used in toothpaste tubes because of leaching?
Hello, Actually it was before that when dentistry figured out that the lead could leech into the toothpaste. What really changed the dispenser packaging of toothpaste was WW11, around the late 1940's...The war created a shortage of lead and the explosion of plastics uses suddenly caused toothpastes dispensers to change over to plastic and it's been that way since.
Q:How do i get a plastic bottle cap out a bottle cup sized hoover tube???????? (some methods already tried)?
Oh I had this same issue. Some of the methods I tried. Broom handle Mop handle Fork spoon knife the clothes pole from my cupboard Taking off the end of the hoover pipe. There's these 2 0r 3 bits you need to push in in order to get it off. It's real hard to do. Takes 2 people. Good luck. That's the most annoying thing in the world.
Q:Where can I buy inexpensive plastic tubes?
Try your local old corner hardware store. They have lots of stuff the big box retailers don't carry. They actually employ knowlegeable folks that genuinely enjoy helping you because their future depends on you to come back. You will find these tubes in the plumbing dept. and they come in white or black. There may also be grey plastic used in electrical conduit tubing.
Q:I have a hole ins a plastic tube that contains water how do I seal the hole?
hmmmmmmmmmmm sounds like you a have a problem use ductape
Q:how do i make a solar hot water system using a black rubber tube?
Excellent idea and glad you are heating your water in the car with solar energy.. eliminates your engine from having to heat the coolant in the radiator, less energy, save the fuel, and feel a lot better about yourself in the process... GO AHEAD... mount the sticker where it will attract the most attention.
Q:what do you call a plastic tube that holds electric cables?
Q:What is the name of the plastic tube that otter pop popsicles come in.?
They have two names from what i know of 1. Twice as nice 2. Gator pops hope this helps
Q:What type of tube is this description?
Hope this Helps

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