plastic bellows ( P E )

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Product Description:


  texture : PE

  OD : 54MM

  ID : 48MM

  thickness : 3MM

   weight :98.8g/m

  colour :  customers requirement

thickness : 1.5mm

applied range : wire sleeve

temperature range :-10℃ +20℃

length :1~500m

colour :customers requirement

Special specification can be made at the request of customers


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Q:Steel wire frame, polyethylene plastic pipe is not keel?
Steel wire reinforced polyethylene plastic pipe with high strength steel wire mesh skeleton about spiral winding reinforced high density polyethylene (HDPE) as the matrix, and use high performance HDPE modified adhesive resin will be a new type of tubing steel skeleton and the inner and outer layer of high density polyethylene closely connected together.
Q:How can I straighten a plastic tube?
use heat if that doesent work cut it an find a piece of hose that fits over it and electrical tape it. it called spliceing..
Q:what can I do to control the toothpaste for a one way flow to the tube exit orifice?
use a rolling pin to squeez the stuff out...and there is a gadget on the market that looks like 2 fingers, you slip the bottom of the tube between the 2 fingers and just turn up so that the tube rolls around and over the fingers and the paste doesn't he idea?..but you can always by toothpast in a pump
Q:Plastic pipe gas problem 150 degrees, plastic pipe surface problems?
Plastic pipe is usually plastic resin as raw material, adding stabilizers, lubricants, etc., to "plastic" method in the pipe mill by extrusion processing. Because of its light weight, corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance, no bad smell, easy processing, convenient construction and other characteristics, it has been more and more widely used in building engineering. Mainly used for building construction of the water supply system, piping, drainage, exhaust and sewage sanitary pipe, underground drainage pipe system, storm pipe and wire installation supporting the use of threading tubes, and so on.
Q:What type of tube is this description?
Hope this Helps
Q:Punctured/Collapsed Lung Tube?
A chest tube is literally a plastic tube that is inserted into the chest. It is roughly as big around as a Sharpie marker. It will be inserted between the ribs, just below the armpit. It will drain air and fluid from the pleural cavity (space between the chest wall and lung), which will relieve pressure on the lung and allow it to re-inflate. There are complications that can occur, but they are rare. After the chest tube is removed, there will be a small scar on the chest that is a few inches long. Hope that helps, and I wish your friend a speedy recovery.
Q:Copper tubing 1x 36, threaded on both ends, one end has a plastic ball?
sounds like protection so not to damage the threads or out of round wall. Copper is very soft and does not take much to damage it. Sometimes to prevent contamination on refrigerant cooling copper.
Q:auto:My Dodge Neon needs its brakes bled. What size plastic tube is used?
3/16 or 1/4.
Q:I've had 10 flat tires on my mtn bike. I've used Slime inner tubes & a thin plastic thingy inbetween my?
Use the tire liners. most of the mechanics i understand hate it in the event that they are changing a tube to verify you used slime in it. Slime isn't for biking. i understand they make it for biking yet it nonetheless sux. the best is to get a CO2 inflator and cartridges, Pedros tire lever, and a lot of tubes. that's advisable to look at getting greater effective tires besides so which you do not ought to circulate by each of the tubes. As suggested above, the marvelous Armadillos are an spectacular for city using. a splash on the heavy area yet very, exceptional. Continental makes good city tires too.
Q:How to deal with dirt in soft plastic pipes?
At present, the plastic tube technology is constantly updated, there have been many high-tech products. Such as cross-linked polyethylene pipe material deformation decreased, impact strength increased, low resistance and high temperature capacity, compared to the traditional polyethylene plastic pipe has a major technical breakthrough.

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