Plasterboard for Architecture and Decoration

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Formaldehyde: E2,E0,E1

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Plasterboard for Architecture and Decoration


Plasterboard Length :1800mm to 3600mm 
Plasterboard Width :1200mm&1220mm 
Plasterboard Thickness :7.0mm to 15mm 


Plasterboard Packing : 


Two sheets glued together without pallets by hand in bulk,20'contianer.


Two sheets glued together with pallets by forklift in 40'container.


 Plasterboard  Features :


Gray paper-faced /Environmental friendly/Light weight/Moisture-resistant/smoothness


Plasterboard Delivery :Within 15 days after deposit.


Payment :T/T or L/C.


Price Term :FOB,CNF,CIF.



1...Standard Plasterboard

Plasterboard Length :1800mm  to  3600mm

Plasterboard Width :1200mm&1220mm

Plasterboard Thickness :7mm  to  15mm

Plasterboard Edge :Square Edge and Tapered Edge


2...Fire-resistant Plasterboard

Plasterboard Length :1800mm  to  3600mm

Plasterboard Width :1200mm&1220mm

Plasterboard Thickness : 9.0mm  to  15mm

Plasterboard Edge :Square Edge and Tapered Edge


3.Plasterboard Accessories:

Drywall Screw
Size: 3.5mmx25mm,3.5mmx35mm,3.5mmx50mmm etc. Paper Joint Tape Size: 50mmx50m etc

Self Adhesive Fibre Glass Tape: 50mmx90m etc

Packing: 24rolls/box

Jointing compound: 5kg/bag

Main channel, furring channel,wall ange, U track,T-Grid etc, sizes upon your detailed request.


Plasterboard for Architecture and Decoration

Plasterboard for Architecture and Decoration

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Q:I would like to ask the home of the gypsum board is generally used in general how thick?
Home Taishan has a centimeter of the quality of the price can be in a 1718 bar
Q:I have a physics problem for you.?
1/0.4+1/0.7+1/.2 = 7.5+1/.7 or about 8.93 the plasterboard drops 27*2.5/8.93 C : about 7.7C so temperature at plasterboard/brick is around 19.3 C the wood drops twice as much about 15.2C so brick-wood interface is around 15.2C. Appropriate numerical precision when the conductivities are given to 2 significant figures means your answers should be about 19C and 15C. The brick is awful! Have a look at the link below; even thermal grease isn't much worse than this brick but the values do seem to be pretty typical.
Q:Any quick fix to rotting plasterboard in the bathroom behind the tiles?
unfortunately it would need total retile if the tiles are popping off the adhesive has failed and it may drop and injure or damage the bath.
Q:Home furnishings commonly used gypsum board how much size? how much is it? Which brand is best?
Big board Shandong Taishan more. 2440 * 1220mm. The ceiling is made of the standard 600 * 600.
Q:Waterproof practices of light steel keel gypsum board partition wall
Mainly to the wall with the ground part of the transfer of real seed, pay attention to consider the contraction.
Q:experianced plasterers help me please!!! Can Plasterboard be applied over a shocking wall?
Interesting terminology. Yes, you can put plasterboard or drywall over existing plaster. However, are there any plumbing or electrical considerations? How will you trim corners, baseboards, doorways, etc ? Usually it is smarter to remove the old material before applying new. ps It is wise to remove all loose plaster, as it may release and lodge in the way while applying the new board. Of course, if the whole wall is loose, you have nothing to glue to, and trying to nail or screw plasterboard over plaster is often hopeless.
Q:Will the mirror be glued to the plaster board?
The base of the lens is preferably sandwich, or the base of the nine-board. This is the standard base material. In the paper gypsum board on the lens, the actual is also posted, but theoretically is not possible. Keep the room dry. The bottom with a care can be better.
Q:i have a aluminium clad house without insulation in between cladding and the plasterboard,is eco spray foam an?
The spray in foam sounds great,, BUT it's not cheap and here is the REAL PROBLEM. If your house ever gets a leak, the foam will not absorb the water, nor will the aluminum. If there is any wood in the walls, it will absorb the water. If the leak is not detected, the wood will eventually start to rot. If the wood is a structural member of your home,things will start to fall apart. This may take awhile, but it will show It's ugly head and by the time it does, it may be too late to save it.
Q:what is the going rate for hanging plasterboard?square ft>?
$30 to 45 per hour
Q:How do I fix a hollow plasterboard wall with horizontal joists?
Hello UK. Well it sounds like you have a mess. What I would do is cut out the damaged areas between each stud making sure that you take out the plasterboard half way into the stud. Then replace the area with Sheetrock or plasterboard. The board should be cut to fit the hole and you should be able to screw to the existing studs. If you dont have enough board to screw to, then build a new box made of 2x4s and then put up your new board. Then its just tape and mud to finish.

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