Plant Plastic Seedling Tray with large dimension

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We have quite different models of seeding trays, such as the 32 cells, 50 cells,72 cells, 98cells, 105 cells, 128 cells ,200 cells . And they are made of HIPS or PVC , being used extensively in horticulture field , like cultivating Propagating Vegetable , flowers and other plant from seed.


Mass propagation and Different product types are available, as below:

1.In-vitros in plastic bags with agar (Popular & Low Cost)

2.In-vitros in plastic cups with agar

3.In-vitros without agar

4.Plug plant in peat moss(With Low Infection Rate, High Livability, High Additional Value is recommended)

5.Rooted cuttings in Green-oasis

6.Paper-pot plugs

7.Bared-rooted young plants


Plant Plastic Seedling Tray with large dimension 


Environmental, non-poison, good air permeability, with aging resisting agent, long service life

Large capacity ,enough growing space for the root system

not easy to be deformed under high temperature

with holes at the bottom, to prevent the root from being rot by too much

with flume inside, the water reach to the bottom easily

suitable for the seed of the vegetable,flower,forest


How to pack it?

Packaging Details:each kit into a carton 

carton size:43.5*27.5*14.5cm 


Delivery Detail:30days

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Q:Disposable chopsticks are white pollution?
NoWhite pollution is characteristic of city environmental pollution in various public places could see waste plastics, they come from nature, made by humans, and ultimately attributed to nature is not easy to be naturally treated, thus affecting the nature of the ecological environment.
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Unless you have x-ray vision and means to perform an exploratory abdominal surgery, there is no way to cure him at home without a vet. A cat that has eaten plastic and is now vomiting and not eating most likely has a blockage and the ONLY treatment for a blockage is surgery! If there is no vet where you are, call a cab and go to one. Otherwise, you might as well start digging a hole now.
Q:Why is plastic FOIL a good a good insulator?
Plastic and foil are two different things, foil = some type of thin metal. Don't think I've ever heard of plastic foil.
Q:how to get a gas stain out of plastic?
Q:Will it hurt my hamster if it eats yarn or plastic?
umm...i'm goin with YEAH
Q:what is the main effects of the plastic to environment?
Plastic is one of the major toxic pollutants of our time to the environment . Being a non-biodegradable substance, composed of toxic chemicals, plastic pollutes earth, air and water, but it does have it benefit if used in a control and monitor environment. Quite a substantial amounts of plastic bags and bottle do enter the environment as litter or debris, (fish, turtle and bird eat them thinking they are jelly fish). The best proctection for the environment is to control and train human being on how to disposed plastic parts and follow regulations from the start to the end.
Q:how to fish with plastic worms for bass?
I know you're supposed to use fairly large fake worms that cover the whole hook. You want to reel it in so that it looks like the worm is swimming. I get much better luck with live worms and a bobber though. With a bobber, just hook on a worm about 3 feet from the bobber, cast out, and wait to see the bobber be pulled under.
Q:importance of plastics in computers?
Well... I'd say that most computer parts have plastics. The Printed Circuit Boards are made WITH some kind of plastic (Polyester Fibre) and also there are cables, wires, capacitors, conductors, jumpers, and a lot of other internal stuff that are made from plastic. I'd say that its main dutie is to insulate the electricity and prevent short-circuits. Without plastic protection, all the components would be unprotected and short-circuits would happen very often. Not to mention the casing. If you look at your monitor, you'll see that its case is made from plastic. Your speakers too. So your computer case (it probably has a plastic front). So your mobile phone is (yes, a mobile phone these days are computers - they have RAM, CPU and video cards). Your iPod... Your digital watch... Everything's got plastic. It's non-conductive and also much lighter than most metals (specially the cheap ones such as iron and aluminium). To answer your question, a computer would work without plastic. But it would cost a fortune to replace it by other non-conductive material. We could use glass for instance, but can you imagine having a glass-keyboard and a glass mouse? Or a wooden mouse? That would be quite weird. And an iron monitor and computer case? You'd have to build a concrete structure in your living room to support a ton of metal, wood and glass. Also, injection molding is much cheaper than machine pressing. And much easier to handle. And much smaller. And lighter.
Q:What country produces the most raw plastic?
Plastics are oil based - so it follows that oil producing countries must have the lead
Q:Planting in plastic containers healthy?
I've always had much more success growing in clay (terracotta) pots than in plastic ones. Not because of any leaching chemicals, but simply because they tend to get too hot and stuffy in the sun and I often get the impression that the roots get 'cooked'. Here's a very apt quote from a fellow gardener, which I think says much: Just imagine yourself having to live and breath in plastic clothes, yuck! Plastic really suffocates, and that creates a breeding ground for disease. Mind you...I've seen many very healthy and lush plants in nurseries which have always been in plastic pots and are thriving nevertheless. I think if you really want to use plastic, just make sure that the pots themselves don't get too much direct sunlight and don't heat up too much. Good luck! :)

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