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Q:Carpet over concrete floors with adhesive?
Buy a carpet and pad that can both be glued down, called a double stick.
Q:Whether purified water is needed for carpet cleaning?
Just regular hot tap water. Make sure that rug is sucked several times with vac to make sure carpets can dry. Make sure rooms are well vented to prevent molding and dry rot. Do not place any furniture on carpet tell it is dry. Make sure if you use a spot gard on carpet you get it all out the best you can for the chemicals can break down the carpet threads, fibers, and backing. To much soaking of carpet will cause the padding underneath to get wet and that takes forever to get dry so use caution. Go slow like directions saw, but don't soak. GL!!!
Q:Can carpet be washed?
Fruit stains soiled carpet, you can use about 8% of the concentration of ammonia soaked in sewage first, and then brush dipped in this ammonia scrubbing.
Q:What is the carpet on the floor that is used for stepping on the doorway?
Doormat classification1., according to the use can be divided into: outdoor mats, indoor mats, location pads, elevator mats, etc..2., according to the functions are: sand scraping, dust removal, water absorption, anti-skid and other functions. [1-2]3., according to the appearance of the shape can be divided into: Ring silk type, Z font, modular, aluminum alloy floor mats, carpet mats.4. according to the material types: tufting Mendian, acrylic, polypropylene, Aluminum Alloy doormat doormat doormat, rubber mats, door mats, doormat, polyester fabric.
Q:Is there any specific prayer rug?
It is not necessary to have a prayer rug with you but say if your travelling you probably need one because you wont prostate on stones would you? and prayer rugs are comfortable as well. the one you have will work easily.
Q:What is PVC carpet
It's plastic, environmental protection, it depends on what price you want to buy
Q:would you keep a mini fridge on carpet?
Yes. I've never seen a warning not to and never heard of a fridge fire. Wow people her are paranoid. Only issue is cleaning the carpet from dropped food.
Q:chili from the carpet?
After you try what you think is right... dilute 1/2 cup oxiclean in 2 cups warm water,mix up till disolved then pore on carpet till you've soaked the stain area put a white towle on it and step on it so it's set there. Then let stay there overnite. in the morning pick up the towel and stain is gone. If stubborn stain do the process again.
Q:How to distinguish between good and bad of the carpet?
There are two kinds of expression parameters, conversion formula: 1 ounce \ square yard = 34 g \ square meter 3, the pullout force of the carpet decides whether the carpet loses hair easily, the larger the pullout force, the less easily the carpet loses hair, on the contrary, the smaller the pullout force, the pull out the smaller, the more easily the carpet to lose hair. The abrasion resistance of the carpet in the fixed pressure... On the other hand, the discharge in certain occasions may cause harm, by hand touch (texture), feel density. the pullout force of carpets is seen by people's eyes (square yards = 34 grams \ square meter 3. abrasion resistance carpet under fixed pressure. On the one hand, electrostatic accumulation results in dust absorption, bacteria erosion and deterioration, and it has connection with the thickness of the carpet, on the contrary, such carpets have good elastic.
Q:Fixing Flat carpet.?
Deep shampooing with a rented carpet cleaner might fluff it a little, but when carpet gets old or is cheap to begin with, nothing you can do once it gets flat except rip it out and get new carpet.

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