Plain Dyed Microfiber Plush Rug

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Q:What is best for cleaning traffic lanes of carpet?
hire the rug doctor
Q:Hand made scrap rug?
cut your cloth scraps into long strips about 1 inch wide, sew ends together to make really long strips, sew 3 together at one end, attach that end to something and start braiding. when you get near the end of your strips, sew on some more strips and braid some more. Starting at the sewn end of your braid, tuck together and start a spiral sewing the edges of the braid to each other with button thread, keep going till it's the size you want. If you start folding a 3 - 8 inch length back on itself then keep going around, you will end up with an oval rug have fun
Q:How much does a prayer rug cost?
I am Syrian Muslim, and I recently went on vacation to a Jewish country and purchased a yarmulke. I have a feeling (that despite the yarmulke has less fabric than a prayer rug) I was charged double what you paid for the prayer rug.
Q:How did persian rug weaving begin ?
When did rug weaving begin? It is not known exactly when rug weaving began. In 1949, a team of Russian archaeologist, lead by S. I. Redinko were excavating in the Altai Mountain Valley of Siberia. Here, they uncovered the tomb of a Pazyryk prince who had been buried in the Fifth Century B.C.
Q:Nail polish in carpet?
nail polish remover will just eat it up , it melts I just found this out the hard way I finally just took little scissors and cut the carpet pile down. good luck
Q:What color rug would go with aqua walls?
I'll assume you mean wall-to-wall carpeting. You might look at a grey rug, maybe a medium to light grey. Not necessarily very exciting, perhaps, but I suggest that because carpet is hard to change. Once it's in, it's probably going to stay in for a while. Paint colour is relatively simple to change, and grey goes with many colours. Pink can go with aqua as long as you choose the right shades of both. It would have a sort of tropical feel to it and would look best with other colours that are light and bright. Tan is not going to go too well with pink, probably, but has a better chance of looking okay with aqua. Wouldn't be my first choice of a colour combo but could be all right. Grey would go well with tan and aqua.
Q:Pony rug sizes?How many rugs needed?
Rather than guess the size it would be best if you could try other ponys' rugs which would give you a good idea of the size you need. Sizes can sometimes vary between manufacturers. Your Connemara pony should be fairly hardy and might not need rugging up much unless the weather is really bad or he/she is clipped or getting on a bit. If you can afford it a basic wardrobe would be: 1 lightweight outdoor 2 medium outdoor 1 heavyweight outdoor with neck (only if it gets really cold where you are) 1 light indoor 1 medium indoor 1 fleece (can be used as a cooler) This sounds like a lot of rugs, but they should last for years and your pony will have rugs for every type of weather! Remember, outdoor rugs get soaked and filthy so you need to have a few. Indoor rugs should be washed regularly to ensure they stay breathable. Most fit in a normal washing machine. Sometimes it is possible to buy really cheap rugs at shows and auctions, but some are useless and it is best to buy a decent brand, such as Weatherbeeta. Make sure the rugs fit well and check fittings regularly because badly fitting rugs can cause a lot of discomfort for a horse and can also be dangerous. Now's the time where you might get some good deals on reduced rugs so have fun buying!
Q:Bad carpet mildew smell?
After This product is excellent...recommended by hospitals and veteranarians for getting rid of all kinds of strong, foul odors. Comes in spray or concentrate....not expensive either.
Q:Fruit punch on a white carpet?
I agree, that it may be too late, but the best thing I have found to take out nasty spots on my berber carpet is Folex. It's almost a miracle in a spray bottle. It's kind of pricy, but well worth it. If you can find it, get it. Good luck. PS-I would have your roomie pay for it :-)
Q:how do i Make own rug/mat?
There are a lot of ways to make a small rug. An easy ways to start with a piece of nylon carpet. If you are doing a small rug about 18 x 27get a carpet sample at a carpet for about $1. Go a craft store and get permeate markers of the colors you want and just color the carpet. Markers and the dye used to color carpet are about the same thing. You can also get pieces of carpet, cut to shape and glue together. You can also braid cloth together to make a braided rug. There are lots of craft books to show you how.

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