PIR Detector Dual Element Passive Infrared Wall Mounted

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PIR Detector Dual Element Passive Infrared Wall Mounted

Main Features

1.Detection Mode:Dual Element Passive Infrared.
2.Installation Mode:Wall Mounted
3.Operating Voltage:9~16VDC

Technical Parameter

Model No.
Detection Mode
Dual Element Passive Infrared
Detection Angle
Detection Range
Diameter 11m*12m. 25℃
Installation Height
Installation Mode
Ceiling/Wall Mounted
Infrared Area
Power supply
Current Consumption
8mA~25mA(about 20mA/12VDC)
Working Environment
Temperature: -25℃~55℃
Humidity:RH 95%
White Light Immunity
RFI Protection
20V/m (20MHz~1000MHz)
Alarm Output
Solid State Relay;(NC)Contact Capacity: AC/DC 100mA/30V
Tamper Output
(NC)Contact Capacity: AC/DC 50mA/24V
Product Dimension

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