Pipeline Ball Valve-Reduced Bore High-Performance DN 6 inch

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Product Description:

pipeline ball valve-reduced bore High-performance

Product Description of High-performance pipeline ball valve-reduced bore:

 High-performance pipeline ball valve is Raymond(RMD)hightech products,as switch control equipment,it is mainly used in natural gas,oil,gas,liquefied natural gas pipeline transmission system and other industries,its anti-sulfur products containing hydrogen sulphide,impurities and high corrosion are suitable for the long-distance natural gas pipeline.

Design Features of High-performance pipeline ball valve-reduced bore:

Body of high-performance pipeline ball valve is forged structure.The connection type for body and vice-body can be BB(bolted connection)and WB(welded connection).The WB(welded connection)and the LWB(Fully-welded extended stem)structure isadopted for buried ball valves,as shown below.
High performance pipeline ball valve series has the feature of strength, high perfect sealing, maintenance-free, long life and so on. The production of this series ball valve adopts the international advanced ball valve design and manufacturing technology, selects high-quality materials in accordance with the standard selection of materials and combines with advanced materials forming forging technology. At the same time, with the years of ball valve design and manufacturing experience, the use of advanced processing and manufacturing equipment and production and processing technology, through the first-class inspection and testing equipment and instruments, perfect quality assurance management system and excellence in the production of high-performance philosophy can ensure the quality of valves. This series of valve has the performance of a high strength, defect-free forging body, excellent sealing performance, even at maximum pressure difference(full pressure),it will still be able to ensure that seal without leakage, after frequent switching action to realize a safe usage in the transportation of oil, natural gas, coal gas, and other special medium transportation pipeline.

The special structure of valve seat seal of High-performance pipeline ball valve-reduced bore:

Floating structure means seat reciprocally can move along channel direction,so as to guarantee the ball and seat are tightly sealed.
)Valve seat structure suitable for different occasions and sealing requirements
Valve seat can be designed as a standard single-piston effect and specific dual piston effect,Figure1 shows single-piston effect-inletside seal;Figure2 shows Dual Piston effect-outlet-side seal;Figure3 shows special dual piston effect sealing structure
)Multi-level structure of the valve seat seal
As shown in Figure4,there are two elastic O-ring in the valve seat ring-ring A and ring B.Sealing ring A spring-loaded through the valve seat so that the sealing surface of sealing ring A tightly fit with ball surface to form an initial seal.When there is pressure in the system medium,the piston force
produced by the piston force produced by the piston effect of size difference makes elastic deformation of the ring A Ershi sealing surface and ball more closely fit the surface to form a re-sealing;meanwhile,due to ring A in the medium resulted in elastic deformation under pressure so that the sealing ring B is also closely fit the surface of ball for the formation of the second stage seal.When the system medium pressure increasing,it will have an enormous pressure in the valve seat ring A and ring B,so that the two seals have a greater elastic deformation,and then the metal valve seat ring surface and the ball surface sealing together to form a third level of metal to metal seal.
)The assisted valve seat sealing equipment
Based on the actual service condition,medium requirement,sealing requirement,etc.,the assisted valve sealing equipment will be considered to be necessary or not.The assisted valve sealing equipment is a one-way valve installed outside of valve body that can prevent medium leakage and can inject sealing grease into valve body by external force.When the assisted valve seat sealing equipment is required,valve seat ring shall be design and processed with injection grove and hole to connect the assisted valve seat sealing equipments.Such equipment can prevent the medium by the sealing of injection of rease.Refer to Figure5 for reference.

Pipeline Ball Valve-Reduced Bore High-Performance DN 6 inch 

Multi-level structure of stem sealing 
Figure6 shows the stem multi-level sealing by adopting"O"ring,flexible graphite and grease injection;"O"ring achieves the first level stem sealing;Replaceable flexible graphite realizes the second level sealing by the compression of packing sleeve and packing flange;And the third evel sealing is realized by installing assisted sealing injection valve to the packing box,and by designing with the injection groove and hole to connect with the stem injection valve,which can inject grease.

 Pipeline Ball Valve-Reduced Bore High-Performance DN 6 inch

Unique and safe seat structures of High-performance pipeline ball valve-reduced bore:

Ball valve fireproof design is implementation of the API607,API6FA standards.According to service conditions and user requirements,ball valve can be designed as a fireproof structure.
)Fireproof structure of seat
As shown in figure7,there is composite fireproof ring,which are combined with graphite and stainless steel wire in the seat.Once the soft ring is burnt out in case of a fire,the fireproof ring and seat ring will form a piston structure through the spring to load the valve body.That will push and closely contact the metal seal surface of the seat ring to the body surface,So as to prevent a lot of medium from leaking from the burnt place of the seat ring,and prevent the fire from expending.

 Pipeline Ball Valve-Reduced Bore High-Performance DN 6 inch

()Fireproof structure(body and bonnet)
The seal gasket for bolt connecting valve body and valve bonnet,are used fireproof stainless steel wire and flexible graphite gaskets.Gasket compression load through the bolts and ultimately,ensure the valve body and valve cover between the metal to metal contact,so that the valve can with stand more high load,but also improve the fire safety of the valve.But for the full welded ball valve,the valve body and cover is welded structure,that fundamentally eliminate the possibillity of leakage of the valve housing.Even in the case of fire damage,there will be no leak.
)Fireproof structure(body/packing and stem)
The body and packing connection gasket adopts fireproof stainless steel wire and flexible graphite gaskets.The stem packing adopts flexible graphite to ensure no leakage in case of fire.


Pipeline Ball Valve-Reduced Bore High-Performance DN 6 inch

Pipeline Ball Valve-Reduced Bore High-Performance DN 6 inch

Standard of High-performance pipeline ball valve-reduced bore:

Design Standard

 API 6D customize 

Connection Standard

 ASME B   16.25-2007  ASME B 16.5  ASME B 31.4  ASME B   31.8  DIN  GBGB/T  JBJB/T JIS customize   

Test Standard

 API 6D customize 

Face to Face

 API 6D customize 

Pressure-temperature rating

 ASME B 16.34-2004 customize   


 MSS SP-25 customize 

FAQ of pipeline ball valve-reduced bore:

Q1:I can’t find the type of steel check valve which I need. what can I do?

The chart above only lists out some common composition of steel check valve parts.We may provide other different parts material composition according to the customer's request or the actual valve working condition.


Q2:Which certification do your products pass?

  Our products are in accordance with ISO 9001ISO 14001API 6AAPI 6DTS CEAPI607/6FA/BS6755.


Q3:How can I place an order?

  The only one thing you should do is to tell us the sepecification about type quantity and  mode of transportation, then we will send you quotation within 24 hours.

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