Pine LVL Scaffolding Wood Plank OSHA Certificate

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50 m³
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5000 m³/month

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Pine LVL Scaffolding Wood Plank  OSHA Certificate


Size:39/42*225*3960MM or Size:Length: <=8000mm Thickness: <=150mm, Width: as required

Material: Radiata Pine or Poplar, etc

Glue: E1, E2, MLM, WBP

Surface: with or without water-base painting.

General information:

Master Plank is designed specifically for use as a scaffold board, offering predictable durability and strength. It has been proof tested to meet OSHA & ANSI A10.8-2001 standards. Each plank is proof tested and stamped with the OSHA certification.

Plank LVL Scaffold Board is an environmentally-friendly product manufactured in Finland of 3mm spruce veneers from forests managed under the Finnish Forest Certification System. The forestry is audited by the Bureau Veritas (BV) according to the ISO14001 environmental standard and the ISO 9001 quality standard. The wood is procured according to the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) standard.

Dimensions: lengths: 8' - 24', thickness: 1 1/2" and 1 3/4", width: 9 1/4" and 11 3/4" (other custom sizes are available). Master Plank LVL Scaffold Board meets OSHA & ANSI A10.8-2001 standards


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Lead time depending on order quanity, The normal order can be deliveried with 3 weeks.  

Pine LVL Scaffolding Wood Plank  OSHA Certificate

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Q:How to completely remove the stickers on wood products
6. Bad toothpaste, a dollar, poor quality toothpaste used in the filler material coarse, just as a grinding agent, emergency use; 7. carburetor cleaning agent, 7 yuan a bottle, but will hurt the paint, with caution; 8. Water sandpaper grinding, generally do not test their own, this method is applicable to experienced old pull gold technician.
Q:Do you want to do electrostatic spraying?
No, electrostatic spraying is mainly used for the spraying of metal objects, because electrostatic spraying is required to spray and spray objects and the formation of the ground loop to complete the spray, dry wood conductivity is not good, so can not, and there are too many wood resin class
Q:Those stocks are the main wood products
Weihua shares: Weihua shares is the forefront of the domestic forest board integrated production enterprises, but also Guangdong Province, the largest (high) density fiberboard manufacturers and forestry enterprises in Guangdong Province leading enterprises. The company has been rated as "the National Forestry Outstanding Contribution Award for advanced enterprises", "Guangdong Province forestry leading enterprises" and "China's fiber industry hundred enterprises" and other honorary titles. The company's existing production lines were built in Guangdong Province, more abundant forest resources, the local fuel supply is more adequate, the site selection in line with the provincial timber processing planning layout. The company also cooperated with the local forestry sector and forestry economic entities to build about 65 million mu of forestry base and will continue to expand the construction of forestry bases.Jilin forest workers: Jilin forest workers is based on forest cultivation and tree harvesting, to forest processing as the leading, science and technology development as the driving force, the combination of forest industry and trade, production and marketing of large modern forest enterprises. Main business for the forest cultivation and harvesting, wood, wood products, wood-based panels, forest products processing and marketing, edible fungi, animal and plant, forest side of the special products, machinery and electronics, building materials, health care products processing and marketing, import and export trade Wait. One of the most unique is the green wood-based panel of the "dew river" brand particle board products, for many years been rated as provincial, Buyou products, has become a well-known brands.
Q:Wood products waxing
2, all dry, can not leave a little water traces, need no water residue. Because there is water, is the first place to fade in the future.
Q:What kind of wood is the fir tree?
The finished products are often known for their bold and bold style and require the artist to have a very high artistic accomplishment. Jin Si Nan ebony, due to natural variation, buried in the river bed and other low-lying sludge, after thousands of years of materialized; its not fade, not rotten, not insects, hard material, is the production of works of art, antique furniture ideal Of the material, in the art of ebony as a heirloom, evil spirits. Ebony handicrafts to Zen Shen Yuan works for the first push, the carving, the integration of round carving, carving, carving, carving, relief, carving and other carving techniques of the essence, everywhere meticulous, knife was meritorious, master craftsman , Will be silent flowing traditional culture into them, into a piece of magnificent works of art, from the shape, structure to each fit, each decoration, are abide by the ancient law, reached the United States and the United States Huan of the height, the concept of such as seamless, strokes like jade seamless. Its pure hand carving is not only the master of Zen Shen Yuan show, but also the creators will character, character and even ideas into the crafts, given its life process, but also its rise to the art of the best of the soul; Zen Shen Yuan handicrafts, fine Elegant selection of ebony, ancient art, fine carving, floating fragrance, both Kuang Shuo the culmination of this skill, but also the aesthetic elements of the cohesion of God.
Q:How to fill out the export of wood products and wood furniture business self - control situation
Third, the responsibility of the department Self-control plan by the quality inspection department each year according to the importing country and the customer's product requirements, the company's product type development, approved by the general manager after the implementation.
Q:the two materials of wood products contain a certain amount of water
However, once the room temperature and humidity changes, and some wood products will be cracking, warping and deformation and other issues
Q:Introduction The use of resin glue
3 minutes to be coated on the surface to be bonded, fixed 5- 10 minutes to locate.
Q:What kind of adhesive for wood products
Instructions 1, at room temperature (25 ℃) will be sticky treatment clean, and then A glue and B plastic to visual 1: 1 ratio of overlapping coating or in a sticker coated A glue, another sticker coated B plastic, And then stick together, before and after doing 2-3 times after running fixed 5-10 minutes. 2, at room temperature (25 ℃) will be sticky treatment clean, and then A glue and B plastic to 1: 1 ratio of plastic film with a plastic mixture, 3 minutes to be coated on the surface to be bonded, fixed 5- 10 minutes to locate. The glue in the paste after 30 minutes to reach the maximum strength of 50%, 24 hours after the highest strength. In the environment of -60 ℃ -100 ℃ can be used.
Q:Guizhou furniture for what kind of wood furniture
Wood furniture, the balance of moisture must be less than 15%, only suitable for use in Guizhou climate conditions. Otherwise, the wood products will crack or deform. Wood is a hygroscopic material, wet material placed in the air, will continue to evaporate moisture; dry material placed in the air, the air will be absorbed by the wood moisture.

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