Pier Column Formwork and Dam Formwork

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Pier Column Formwork and Dam Formwork

China Formwork Wuxin(Beijing)Import & Export Co., Ltd. ( CFWIE ) is an integrated service supplier of international trade in formwork & scaffolding industry. As a subsidiary of China –Railway Wuxin Group, CFWIE is an overseas business window set up in Beijing. We mainly specializes in import and export international trade of formwork, scaffolding, crane, engineering machinery and other construction equipment.

1.Y-Shaped Pier Column Formwork

2.V-Shaped Pier Column Formwork

3.Dam Formwork for xiluodu Hydroelectird Station

4.Hyperbolic Pier Column Formwork for Guangzhou Railway Sation.


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Q:Bridging machine is not suitable for all the height of the beam body
The front leg is to reduce a certain height. Do not know who you are using the bridge machine, and some of the front legs of the bridge machine can be dismantled section, and some have spiral support, so, but also with the design manufacturers, can not change their own. Once you have it, in case of any problems, the designer has no responsibility.
Q:How does the bridging machine work?
I saw at the site of the bridge building machine, its main principle is: (methods, mainly introduced the first beam behind it in between the land bridge was) and the first and the second piers of the bridge pier, the establishment of six pivot, and then put the prefabricated beam from the prefabricated plant shipped between the land and the first pier place
Q:What is bridging agent? What is the main purpose?
Bridging agent formula: [C6H5C (CH3) 2O]2 molecular weight
Q:What are the conventional lifting equipment? Bridge erecting machine is a kind of lifting equipment
The standard is the Dalian crane factory out of a set of plans, covering each tonnage, span height are certain old. Non - standard is the new crane design specifications of the product, the old light a lot more, more powerful, can be based on the design of different tonnage span highly targeted. GB door machine is generally only state-owned factories to use, and now the market may account for seventy or eighty of the non - standard bar,
Q:Bridge machine HS coding is how much ah
84798990 double beam bridge machine84798990 Longmen bridge erecting machine84798990 science and technology extension type double guide beam bridge machine84798990 special type Longmen bridge erecting machine84798990.90 bridging machine86040099 bridging machineI agree that your description is too simple, how to give you the appropriate coding? Best picture ah
Q:Detection and quality standard of bridge erecting machine
This type of bridge machine can not be self, need to push the locomotive. The forearm is used for hanging beam, and the rear arm is balanced, and the front and rear arms can not swing in the horizontal plane. When the bridge is built, it is often necessary to use a special 80 ton Xiaoping car to transport the beam to the hanging arm of the bridging machine, which is called "feed beam". Bridge crane will lift the beam, the axle load increases, and the bridge of the new embankment is relatively soft, therefore, the bridge crane crane beam must take reinforcement measures, such as the use of heavy car road, add sleeper, etc..
Q:What is the technical parameter of 30m/100t fixed guide beam of bridge erector?
Adapt to the maximum bridge longitudinal slope + 3 M + + + 3 + + 3Car rated speed (m/min) 1.5 1.5 1.5Car rated longitudinal walking speed (m/min) 4.28 4.28 4.28
Q:The difference between the bridge erecting machine and machine
Bridging machine and bridging machine are actually similar.
Q:100 tons of bridge crane can lift 100 tons beam
No way。 Because it does not include the weight of the bridge.
Q:Bridge crane is a bridge crane should be classified as
Bridge crane is a bridge crane should be classified as that? Is it called bridging machine 5Chj201010 | browse 464Recommended 2016-06-25 22:18:20 best answerThe bridge erecting machine is a device for placing a prefabricated beam on a prefabricated pier. Bridge crane is a crane, because its main function is to lift the beam, and then transported to the location and put down. But it is very different from the general sense of the crane. The requirements of the harsh conditions, and the existence of the beam on the line, or called the longitudinal shift. Bridge machine is divided into the erection of highway bridges, conventional railway bridge, passenger dedicated railway bridge, etc..

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