Pier Column Formwork and Dam Formwork

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Pier Column Formwork and Dam Formwork

China Formwork Wuxin(Beijing)Import & Export Co., Ltd. ( CFWIE ) is an integrated service supplier of international trade in formwork & scaffolding industry. As a subsidiary of China –Railway Wuxin Group, CFWIE is an overseas business window set up in Beijing. We mainly specializes in import and export international trade of formwork, scaffolding, crane, engineering machinery and other construction equipment.

1.Y-Shaped Pier Column Formwork

2.V-Shaped Pier Column Formwork

3.Dam Formwork for xiluodu Hydroelectird Station

4.Hyperbolic Pier Column Formwork for Guangzhou Railway Sation.


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Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of the bridge erecting machine
Compared with the downward bridging machine, the upper bridge erecting machine does not need to be laid
Q:The difference between the bridge erecting machine and machine
Bridge machine is mainly used for large span bridges, each section is divided into many sections together to large degree. The prefabricated bridge machine section hoisting in place, in a cross together, according to the crane, bridge span, and to select the bridging machine, bridge building machine is mainly used for railway box girder construction, when the segment assembly is completed, but also with the bridge machine horizontal wet joint and tension operation after the period of construction, to be later after the completion of construction, only a downward move across. Bridge machine commonly used 40 meters (inclusive) within the T beam, box girder erection, the end of the frame on the line, it moves down a cross, the latter construction and it does not matter.
Q:How to weld the wet joint of bridge erecting machine
Specifically how much I do not know, but the specification can be found
Q:The difference between double guide beam bridge machine and single beam bridge machine
Double beam bridge machine:The double guide beam type bridge erecting machine is composed of a double leading beam, a supporting leg, a hanging beam trolley, a moving mechanism, a traversing mechanism and an electric control system. Main beam usually adopts triangle truss, Bailey assembling and box type structure.
Q:What is the difference between bridge and gantry crane
Mosaic good (girder girder hoisting a piece also has two tablets, user requirements set) on both sides at the same time on the leg lifting, erect, then workers quickly climbed up, tighten the screws, then the trolley to the main girder structure, just part of the installation on all OK.The main movement in the road: beam yard hanging template, hanging beam, frame beamRailway: beam yard hanging template, hanging beam, frame beamShipyard: hanging welded plateAlso used for cargo handling occasionsWrite bad, please forgive me
Q:How does the bridging machine work?
If this thing can be explained with the image should be more clear
Q:What is bridging agent? What is the main purpose?
This product is a white cylindrical crystal, insoluble in water, soluble in ethanol, ethyl ether, benzene, isopropyl benzene and other organic solvents…
Q:What should be done before the erection of the bridge girder
But it is very different from the general sense of the crane. The requirements of the harsh conditions, and the existence of the beam on the line, or called the longitudinal shift.
Q:How long will it take to set up the 30 - meter girder erecting machine on the highway
It depends on the situation. Different manufacturers have different. The utility model is provided with a counterweight guide hole which is provided with a counterweight guide hole. Overall between 38 meters to 60 meters to see what you need.
Q:Bridging machine belongs to special equipment
Special equipment refers to the safety of life, a greater risk of boilers

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