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Quick Details

  • Product Type:Other Fabric

  • Supply Type:Make-to-Order

  • Material:PVC+POLYESTER

  • Pattern:Coated

  • Coated Type:PVC Coated

  • Style:Plain

  • Width:1.02-3.2m

  • Yarn Count:1000x1000

  • Density:20x20

  • Weight:400-1200g

  • Use:Truck cover and others

  • Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

  • Place of Origin:China

  • Use:Truck Cover

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Kraft paper
Delivery Detail:15-18Days


PVC fabric for truck cover
100% polyester, coated or laminated
water proof, fire retardant,anti-mildew, anti-UV etc.


Features:1) PVC Coated Tarpaulin Fabric

2) Density: 20 x 20/inch

3) Yarn: 1000 x 1000D polyester woven

4) Weight: 500 - 1200gsm, 14.5 - 35.5oz

5) Width: 1.5 - 3.2m, 59 - 126"

6) Tensile strength: >2500N/5cm

7) Tear strength: >250N

8) Adhesion: >100N/5cm

9) Temperature: -30 - +70 celsius

10) Flame retardant

1) UV-resistance

12) Anti-mildew

Truck Cover

CategorySpecificationWeight (g)Tensile strength
in N/5 cm
Tear strength
in N
Coating materialFlame-retardant standardsColor fastnessTemperature resistance
DCW250250*250D 36*362501500/1500100/90PVCNFPA701,M2,B17–8-30°C/+70°C
DCW410500*840D 18*184102000/1800150/140PVCNFPA701,M2,B17–8-30°C/+70°C
DCW5101000*1000D 20*205102500/2000250/250PVCNFPA701,M2,B17–8-30°C/+70°C
DCW6101000*1000D 20*206102500/2500270/270PVCNFPA701,M2,B17–8-30°C/+70°C
DCW6801000*1000D 20*206803000/3000300/300PVCNFPA701,M2,B17–8-30°C/+70°C
DCW9001000*1000 D 12*12L2/29004000/4000500/500PVCNFPA701,M2,B17–8-30°C/+70°C
DCW10001000*1000 D 14*14L2/210005000/4500900/900PVCNFPA701,M2,B17–8-30°C/+70°C

1.Add flame-retardant, anti-UV, mildew resistance, cold resistance, and surface treatment according to customer requirements
2.Color and weight according to customer requirements
3.Has strong tensile strength, tear strength and adhesion strength

Depending on the specifications of the fabric can be used to make trucks, trains covered with cloth, awning, tent, etc.

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Q:Is the engine cover iron good or plastic good?
The engine shield is made of plastic, better than iron.First, because the bottom of the car is hit by stones, there are many opportunities, and the metal is easy to cause larger noise;Two is due to rain or slippery wet road water, sometimes high pH, easy to cause corrosion of metal;Three is due to plastic materials, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, low noise, low cost.
Q:What glue is best for sticking a plastic case?
AB glue is usually good, but it's better to go to the motorcycle shop and let it stick to you.
Q:What plastics are used for interior trim?
Specific to see what parts, automotive interior decoration also has a lot of material choices, such as PP, PA6/66, ABS, PBT, PC/ABS and so on
Q:How does the car smell (plastic taste)?
If the car came bursts of burnt plastic smell, most of the electrical circuit due to overheating. It should be noted that the outer sheath of the wire is generally thin, so even if the line has overheated, the odor will not be as large as when the clutch is burned. But the burning of the wire, generally accompanied by partial smoke, or local fever, as long as careful inspection, can certainly find the source, determine the location of the fault.
Q:How do you remove the wax from the car and rub it onto the plastic?
My car decoration beauty technicians to buy a toothbrush instrument with asphalt asphalt cleaner wax cleaning agent sprayed in the white place with a toothbrush brush slowly brushing brush after spraying the wax wax slightly dry after the instrument instrument can be erased
Q:Are the front faces of the cars plastic?
Most are made of plastic front face, but there are a few metals, and because of the different models, prices and other factors, but also determines what the front face of the car is made of materials.
Q:What are the materials used for the intake manifold? Why?
The intake manifold for automotive powertrain systems has always been made of metal. Because of the complex shape of the manifold, it was made of aluminium alloy before, but the inner wall is rough. The resistance to air is very large and noise is large when it is used. The combustion is not enough and the exhaust gas is exhausted. At the beginning of the last century in 80s, Europe began to lose core manufacturing method (CoreMelt), so the manifold made of not only the high cost, but also some scrap, because manifold materials of PA66 (or PA6) reinforced by glass, the processing temperature at 250 to 260 degrees Celsius, while the contact time in mold and core only a few minutes, but part of the core will inevitably be melting, the size of the inner wall manifold is difficult to control. In recent years, due to the development of vibration welding technology, the welding technology of large-size glass fiber reinforced PA66 becomes more and more mature. For this reason, the manifold can be molded into two MANIFOLD Parts by vibration welding and become one. Most manufacturers in the world use this method to produce manifolds to make metal manifolds plastic.
Q:The plastic on the car's crust is a little bit broken. What glue is better for sticking?
Look at the specific material of the plastic, ABS, PC, PVC, acrylic and other materials, flat bonding, with YH-818 of this to sticky, transparent environmental protection
Q:Why do cars use metal?
Excuse me, have you considered the car engine within the general scope of work, at about 500 degrees Celsius, the exhaust pipe is generally at 300 degrees Celsius, while the use of cars in a state of China's northern Heilongjiang Mohe County generation is 60 degrees below zero, the South China Sea Surface Temperature in southern province of 55 degrees, the temperature inside the car can reach 82 degree
Q:What is the coat under the headlights?
With the development of automobile industry and the large application of engineering plastics in automobile industry, the bumper of automobile is an important safety device. Today's car front and rear bumpers, in addition to maintaining the original protection function, but also the pursuit of harmony and unity with the body shape, the pursuit of its own lightweight.

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