Photovoltaic Solar Insecticidal Light System

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Product Description:

1. Structure of Photovoltaic Solar Insecticidal Light System

Solar Street light is composed of LED light source, battery, solar panel, controller and lamp pole. Photovoltaic Solar Insecticidal Light  is equipped with solar panels which transfer solar energy into electricity. The transferred electricity powers the insecticidal light. Our solar insecticidal lighting device works in respecting the principles of "Phototaxis" and "Chemotaxis" to increase the insecticidal effect  and the area under the influence.This product is highly suitable for remote region without immediate access to power grid,such as orchards, tree farms, outdoor work sites and nature reservations.


2. Main Features of Photovoltaic Solar Insecticidal Light System

  • colloid storage battery or LFP storage battery,

   scientific controller for charging and discharging control;

   which helps extend the lifetime to 5-10 years and reaches the same lifetime as the whole light products and avoids trouble of frequent changing storage battery and related costs.

  • high effect LED light source: lightening effect is 100% better than normal energy saving lamp, and the lifetime can be extended til 100,000 hours.

  • lamp pole: light and long, with aluminium profile, easy for transportation and installation, ensuring longer  lifetime for use.

  • all-weather lightening model function:

  •    adjust power output of LED light source according to  electricity collected  during the daytime


  •  durable waterproof controller:  water resistance protecting level up to IP68,

                                                       assuring controller lifetime up to 5 years.


3. Photovoltaic Solar Insecticidal Light System Images

 Photovoltaic Solar Insecticidal Light System

4. Photovoltaic Solar Insecticidal Light System Specification


Light height(M)   1.5-31.5-31.5-3
Lighting poer(W)      20 2020
working hours568
Maximum battery storage   1 day          1 day  1 day  
Solar module power   17V/40W17V/50W17V/60W
Battery (Ah)12V/27Ah12V/33Ah12V/42Ah
Control method

time control,


rain control

light control, time control, rain controllight control, time control, rain control

5. FAQ

1)Which places are suitable for this product?

       This product is highly suitable for remote region without immediate access to power grid,such as orchards, tree farms, outdoor work sites and nature reservations.

2)  Will you send samples first?


3)   Do you have articles made to order?

      Yes. the surface color of lampost and its device can be changed accroding to specific requirement.

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Q:Solar lights do not always open but charge every day, the battery will be bad
Open circuit voltage of about 4.5V, charge and discharge controller to detect this voltage after the action, the battery discharge to the lamp.
Q:How to charge the solar lights
Solar energy as a "inexhaustible" safe, environmentally friendly new energy more and more attention.
Q:The working principle of solar lamps
Left and right, charge and discharge controller to detect this voltage after the action, the battery on the lamp discharge! The simplest said: solar panels will absorb solar energy and converted into electricity after the power reserve battery for night use.
Q:What are the problems of LED solar lights such as high damage rate and low brightness
At present there are more solar LED lighting solar street lamp battery, the battery itself is not what the problem is, the most important is the unreasonable allocation of the battery capacity is low, the lighting time constant, but the capacity of the battery, battery life cycles to increase very reduced, life expectancy of 3 years may be the standard battery in 1 years later or 2 years later on a big problem.
Q:What are the advantages of solar led street light?
2, LED solar street light installation is simple and convenient, without the need for ordinary street lights as laying a large number of basic projects such as cable, only need to have a base fixed, all the lines and control parts are placed in the lighthouse, forming a whole. 3, LED solar street light operation and maintenance costs low. The entire system is running automatic control, without human intervention, almost no maintenance costs. Solar street light led the shortcomings
Q:What is good for solar lights?
Can share a lamp holder. Dual power supply is required. The backup power supply mode, the simplest way is the use of relay, usually the work coil it connected to the solar inverter output, midpoint conversion contact load, normally open connected solar inverter output, normally closed connected with the power input, when no inverter output voltage, power relay
Q:The development trend of solar lights
The use of solar photovoltaic power generation is the trend of energy use irreversible.
Q:What is the working principle of solar lighting?
Solar energy into electricity, stored in the battery inside. Battery pack to the lamp (usually LED lights)
Q:How long can a solar street light be used?
Solar street lamp life is also necessary maintenance, in the early installation, we must strictly in accordance with the construction standards to do, in the configuration as much as possible reasonable configuration, increase the capacity of the battery, thereby extending the life of solar lights.
Q:Can a solar-charged watch be filled with a fluorescent lamp?
Amorphous silicon solar panels in the fluorescent lamp when the best power generation capacity

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