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   Company standard :
      phosphate coating : online phosphating :≥0.8g/㎡
      offline phosphating:≥01.5g/ m2
2、 RAW MATERIAL                        
      wooden spool , steel spool , Z2            
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Q:appliance cord hastwo black wires....?
The two black wire cord is one wire short to properly connect the dishwasher. The black wire on the dishwasher is the one that is supposed to get connected to a hot wire (it is supposed to be black), which goes all the way back to a breaker in the breaker panel. The white wire is supposed to be connected to a wire (it is supposed to be white) that eventually gets connected to the neutral bar in the breaker panel where all the other white (neutral) wires are connected. The green wire is for safety, it is the ground wire. It is supposed to be connected to another green wire (or a bare wire) that will go all the way back to the breaker panel and connect to the ground bus in the breaker panel with all the other green or bare wires. The two black wires, one ribbed, is just a two wire cord. The fact that one is ribbed, just makes it easy for anyone to know which is which. It is typically used for lamps that do not need to be grounded, so there is no need for the third green wire. It is not suitable or legal to use to hook up a dishwasher. It is also doubtful that the two wire black cord is a large enough gauge (size) of wire. If a wire is too small, it can overheat and cause a fire. The minimum wire gauge recommended for dishwashers is 12 AWG copper.
Q:How to splice into a wire?
You can use a Scotch Block Electrical Connector, or Scotch-Lok if you put them on correctly you won't have any trouble with the connection, these are fast connectors. If they are going to be outside in the dirt and rain, heat shrink wrap them, you should really always do that but especially out in the weather.
Q:Wiring a bathroom fan help?
Red and black are both hot, white is neutral. Use black for fan and red for light or vice versa, depending on which switch you want to operate each one. Added - Have to hook up the white neutral wire to both the fan and the light, this creates the electrical circuit needed. You can attach all the white wires together with a wire nut.
Q:High voltage with small wire?
Assuming the wires aren't linked, and assuming the voltages are with appreciate to floor. There's no difference between the wires, or as a minimum there need not be any variations. What makes you factor there may be. Voltage is only a knowledge utilized to the wire, through batteries for example. When you have a 1.5 volt battery and a ninety volt battery (that you would be able to purchase these, but steeply-priced) both with the bad tied to floor. Now take 2 small pieces of copper wire, about an inch long. Lay each one on the constructive terminal of one of the crucial batteries. That meets your stipulations. Nothing happens to the wires.
Q:Wiring surround sound speakers?
Unless your making up for some deficit in an esoteric 5000 dollar amp, with strange damping circuitry requirements monster cable is a huge waste of money. 14 Gage is fine, LAN cable is not and is not meant for the purpose. I went out and bought a pair of huge monster cables, that reminded me of nothing less than heavy duty house wire, which, by the way is much cheaper. Found it 1. incompatible with anything but banana plugs, which, 2 were not supplied but offered at even further ridiculous prices, 3. were not compatible with standard receiver outputs or speaker inputs until quite recently, 4. made no perceptible difference over a good run of litz wire, 5 are largely retailed to rubes and aficionados to show off their wallets, and a handful of professionals with particular matching problems with hyper sensitive gear. If you've got an extra hundred bucks, invest it in your amp or speakers instead.
Q:Ps3 wired controller?
It sounds like the wire is loose. To fix this, you'll have to open up the controller and reattach/secure it. If the wire is exposed and is frayed, you'll probably have to get a new controller. This is very broad because you didn't specify the model of the controller. Some of the wired controllers use the normal Ps3-USB wire, while others do not. So, trying opening it up and securing the wire. If you're lucky and it's a Ps3-USB wire, replace it with a new wire. Otherwise, you'll have to get a new controller if you can't fix it.
Q:Sony Xplod Amp Wiring help?
its the remote wire. it goes from your amp to the back of your stereo deck. if you have an aftermarket deck ( which i would hope you do) there will be a wire labeled that says remote wire. connect the blue wire with that wire behind the deck. the whole purpose of the wire is to tell the amp to turn on and off with the car.
Q:drive-by-wire & drive-by-brake?
HI Drive by wire In a drive by wire set up there no solid connection between the steering wheel and the front wheels. the steering is all done be electronics. on a regular car there is a shaft that goes from the steering wheel to the steering gear box, then tho the steering arms to the wheels. ON by wire the steering wheel moves switches and valves the turn the wheel by a pre set amount. Drive by brake this is done by using two brake pedals one for the left side and one for the right side.. when you step on the left brake it slows or stops the left side so the car well turn in that direction. that's how airplanes steer when on the ground they have a left and right brake hope this helps Tim
Q:What is difference in the wire that you get with the underground fence and regular insulated wire?
There isn't anything special about the wire that comes with the kit, it is just wire. If you have already installed the fence and just need to enlarge the area you can use your own wire just make sure it is the same gauge wire as is already hooked up.
Q:Surround sound wiring problems can you help?
Easy fix: Wire and mount all the speakers, without the grill if possible. The grill will be added later. Get an old 9v battery. Grab the first wire, like 26 for example and strip the wires back about 1/4 inch. and twist each wire. With a helper in the center of the room, tap the wire ends intermittently to the battery. DO NOT KEEP THE BATTERY WIRED TO THE SPEAKER FOR MORE THAN SHORT PERIODS OF TIME. 1-2 SECONDS ONLY. Have the helper tell which speaker is making noise. Have them move to that speaker and take note if the woofer is moving IN or OUT when making sound. If the woofer is moving OUT, take note which wire is touching the POSITIVE post of the battery and wire the speaker to the corresponding output on the receiver. If the woofer is moving IN during sound, switch the wires on the battery and mark the positive. The receiver should remain OFF during setup. Repeat these steps for all the speakers and mark the cables with speaker locations AND positive / negative I.D. with a small piece of tape for future reference. Replace the grills and power up the receiver to set the sound levels. Good luck.

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