Phase Change Material PCM refrigeration system for Mine refuge chamber

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PCM refrigeration system for Mine refuge chamber

Refrigeration PCMs Used in Refuge Chamber

Phase Change Material (PCM) refers to a kind of substance that can store latent heat and can change its form when the temperature changes. It is called Phrase Transition when the material changes from solid to liquid and vice versa, during which the PCM will absorb or release large amounts of latent heat. PCM consists of organic and inorganic PCMs and all of the PCMs referred to in this Article belong to inorganic ones.


Environment of Refuge Chamber and Requirements for PCMs

To prevent CO and other toxic gases infiltrating into the chamber, airtight and positive pressure structure is usually applied in the refuge chamber. Temperature and humidity will gradually rise when people get into the chamber. To meet the requirements with the temperature lower than 35°C and the humidity less than 85%, dehumidify and cooling should be conducted in the refuge chamber. 

Temperature in the refuge chamber (capsule) should not exceed 35°C and the melting point of PCMs should stay 24-27°C.

The most important technical parameter of PCMs is latent heat. Resulting from the small and limited space in the chamber, PCMs with no scent, high latent heat, high density and suitable melting point are required.   
- Latent heat: equal to or larger than 350 KJ/KG;
- Density: equal to or larger than 1.38 G/ML;
- Without pungent odor (i.e. ammonia) when PCM is in its solid phrase or being heated;
- Melting point of PCMs stays 24-27°

PCM Consumption

Average power of human body is about 200 W and it is around 75 W when sleeping or watching TV. 24-hour metabolism of each person is 11.88 MJ. In case that the latent heat of PCMs is 350 KJ/KG, daily consumption of PCMs is 34 KG and 136 KG for four days. Hence, PCM consumption can be evaluated by the number of people.

PCM Cooling Solutions for Refuge Chamber

Aluminum Foil Bag Packing
Put the PCMs packaged with aluminum foil bags in the metal box (mainly 304 stainless steel) and put the box in the refuge chamber. Usually, wind-cooling or water-cooling methods are utilized to crystallize liquid PCM. In case of accidents, ambient temperature of the refuge chamber rises and makes the PCMs melt while absorbing heat, thus to achieving the target of controlling temperature around a favorable range.  
PCM packaging:
Bag size: 16 * 31 cm 
Weight: 500 g/bag


PCM Bags Hanging on the Stands

A string of connected PCM bags are hung on the stands, stand sizes are designed according to the chamber size, and these stands can be moved to wherever you want.

PCM refrigeration system for Mine refuge chamber

PCM refrigeration system for Mine refuge chamber

PCM refrigeration system for Mine refuge chamber


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