Phase Change Material MicroPCM applied in building TES system

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Product Description:

MicroPCM applied in building TES system:

- High energy storage efficiency,save more space
- Low running costs
- Eco-friendly, safe and durable
- Energy saving and emission reduction

MicroPCM applied in building TES system Overview:

At present, the building TES system usually use the water to storage heat. But the water heat storage is limited,need a lot of space and part of the refrigerator(chiller) in system can’t make ice. So some company begin to develop new type of heat storage materials.

New type of heat storage materials--MicroPCM emulsion

MicroPCM applied in building TES systemThe new type of heat storage materials --MicroPCM (Phase Change Materials Microcapsule) emulsion is the material that encapsulate the organic PCM in the microcapsule(diameter 1-2micron) and mix with water for emulsion.The organic PCM main material is Paraffin wax, it is in the form of natural environment, harmless to the environment, safe and durable more than 25 years.




How it works:

Mix the MicroPCM emulsion with water in the heat storage tank.This system the MicroPCM emulsion begin phase change when the temperature around 7.Provide the higher heat storage and release capacity than water.


MicroPCM applied in building TES system

The system using the cheap electricity for heat storage at night:

MicroPCM applied in building TES system 

The system using the tank stored heat for cooling in the daytime

Benefits OF MicroPCM applied in building TES system

1.High energy storage efficiency than water,save more space
The MicroPCM emulsion stored heat is latent heat,the water is sensible heat.The latent heat is larger than sensible heat.

2.Low running costs
The system using the cheap electricity for heat storage at night and then for cooling in the daytime

3.Don't need a massive transformation existing systems or buildings
The MicroPCM emulsion can put in the existing heat storage tank or water circulation pipeline

4.Eco-friendly, safe and durable
The organic PCM main material is Paraffin wax,it is in the form of natural environment, harmless to the environment, safe and durable more than 25 years.

5.Energy saving and emission reduction
This system can reduce energy amount of usage and CO2 emissions.



1. What are we supplying?

We are specialized in PCM and microcapsule, service for all the cooling and heat storage system. We can not only supply the suitable products, but also the best service to you.

2. How Many years experience do we have?
We have been exported to more than 20 countries in the past 15 years.

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We always reply our customer within 24 hours.

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