PG Series Roller Crusher is The Best Choice For Your Mining Business

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PG Series Roller Crusher is The Best Choice for Your Mining Business

General Information

Roll crusher is widely used for secondary and fine crushing in the industry of mining, building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy and so on. It can crush materials in middle hardness such as rocks, ore, coke, lump coal, slag, mineral slag, cement clinker, fireproof materials, and so on.



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Structure of roll crusher:

The main composing parts of the wheel gear driving device include the fixed roller, movable roller, driving shaft, machine frame, underbed, cover piece and long gear cover.

Working principle of roll crusher:

Double roll crusher is driven by the belt conveyor of the electric motor, and through a pair of middle reduction gear rolls, the fixed roll will rotate; and relying on a pair of long gears on the other side of the fixed roll, the movable roll is driven to move, and the two rolls will move in a relative motion in order to squeeze the materials.

Other types of Crusher:

Stone Crusher:

PG Series Roller Crusher is The Best Choice For Your Mining Business

PE Series Jaw Crusher:

PG Series Roller Crusher is The Best Choice For Your Mining Business

Hammer Crusher

PG Series Roller Crusher is The Best Choice For Your Mining Business  


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   We guarantee that your crusher will be ready within 45 days after receipt of your down payment.

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    We provide one year warranty for every crusher.

3. what kinds of service can be provided to customers

    Many thanks for your trust , we can provide you with proposal chart for complete production lines ,
   spot inspection and operator traning according to your demands and the conditions of applied spot , we can help you 
   choose the right equipments ,drilling rig ,loader ,trucks ,excavators and so on .

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Q:What is called counterattack broken stone?
Counter breaking stone refers to the use of counterattack crusher for stone crushing process. Counter breakers are commonly used in counter breakers, counter strike sand mills and so on. These devices can be used in many stone production lines to perform ore crushing. Oh, I hope it works for you!
Q:How does the counter crusher adjust the particle size?
Customers in the selection of machines are goods than three, choose the best one. When buying crusher there will also be a cheap psychology, of course, who do not want to buy high quality and inexpensive things. But in fact, a sub price goods, on buying anything, this theorem are established.
Q:What is the crushing principle of the rubber head crusher?
Working principle: the material enters the crusher, subjected to high-speed rotary impact hammer and broken, broken material, to obtain kinetic energy from the head office, from the high speed toward the frame body plate, the sieve material at the same time, mutual impact, was repeatedly broken, less than the sieve gap between the material discharged from the gap in the individual. Larger material, in the screen again by hammer impact, grinding, extrusion and broken, the material is extruded from the gap in the hammer. Thus yield the required size.
Q:Crushing methods for various types of crushers?
Impact crusher. The ore block is crushed by the impact of the fast moving parts, which can be divided into hammer crusher, cage crusher and counterattack crusher
Q:Can the concrete pavement be broken down and can be loaded directly with the loader?
With type 50 loaders, the efficiency of type 30 is too slow
Q:What machinery does dolomite use to break up?
Therefore, the impact of construction waste on urban environment can not be ignored. Especially in recent years, due to the increasing demand for reducing energy consumption, the application of vertical impact crusher with lower relative energy consumption will be more and more popular. The counterattack type mobile crushing station is a new type of environmental protection equipment which is easy to move and handle. It has the advantages of strong operation ability, easy operation and good maintenance. Gravel industry how to take a new road to industrialization has been placed in front of the industry. The rotor of the single rotor irreversible hammer crusher can only rotate in one direction. 2, the grain size regulation: wedge or gasket adjusting device is arranged between the two rollers, the top wedge device with adjusting bolt, the adjusting bolt when the wedge pulled up when the wedge will roll from the top fixed round of activities, namely two rollwheel gap bigger, the grain size change, when wedge block down, movable roller wheels in the compression spring under the action of two smaller gap grain size smaller. The optimum design of impact angle of crushing chamber can greatly reduce the loss of equipment. The product has excellent grain shape and reasonable grading, especially suitable for artificial sand making and stone shaping.
Q:Where are the broken wood mills with iron nails? Which brand is good? How much?
Industrial machinery and equipment is not mature which caused a lot of customers not blindly to buy, let the factory have no technology progress, technical staff of wood grinder manufacturers saw these deficiencies, committed to the development of the series began to wood technology equipment, long-term and visited around the introduction of foreign advanced technology, investment in power market development of timber mill new industry, obtain users praise!
Q:How to choose cone crusher model
We should pay attention to when choosing liner, users generally must consider three factors: production, consumption, the wear resistance of the lining board; the general should be carried out according to the following principles: the maximum feed size; the change of grain size, particle size distribution to the material; hardness; wear resistance materials. The longer the liner, the higher the power consumption, the hard material selection of short lining board, soft material selection lining board, in the distribution of materials, fine materials selection of short lining board, coarse material selection lining board. The distribution of the feed size, generally speaking, less than the closed side of the discharge material can not be more than 10%, if more than 10%, the power consumption increases, the product size becomes flaky. The increase of moisture content in viscous material can affect the throughput of material. Generally speaking, the moisture content of the material is not more than 5%. In the use of power: standard cone crusher should reach 75%~80%, short head cone crusher should reach 80%~85%.
Q:What kind of crusher is used for crushing stone?
Stone crusher includes: jaw crusher, counter crusher, cone crusher, and stone sand machine, all can be called "stone crusher". Specific depends on the kind of processing that stone.
Q:Why is the crusher easy to wear the stripper plate?
The surface of the liner is in a complex state of stress, and the extruded ore causes great pressure on the local surface of the lining plate, producing a chisel, cutting and impact on the lining plate, and the main form of wear is the extrusion pit.

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