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HANA Heavy-duty coatings originated from newmaterials research in aerospace industry. Test results from the nationalauthorities show that , our products have excellent performance in adhesion,acid, alkali and salt resistance, which are at a worldleading level. It has undertaken stringenttests and already been successfully used in the defense aerospace and heavychemical industry.

Petroleum and petrochemical industries, whether oil gathering system upstream or downstream refining systems have a relatively severe corrosion. HANA Petrochemical anti-corrosion coatings,including high temperature resistant and anti-friction oil drill pipe anti-corrosion coatings, can effectively solve problems for our customers.

Product Features

Superior adhesion

Excellent temperature resistance

Good resistance to sulfide corrosion

Excellent abrasion resistance

Drill Pipe Inner Wall Coating Index

External Coating Index

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Q:Advantages and Disadvantages of Lacquer and Latex Paint
General friends that the paint is toxic, mainly by the impact of television advertising.
Q:Heroes what is the paint coating with barium sulfate it and ink with barium sulfate and plastic barium sulfate difference?
There is no significant difference between the classification of barium sulfate is mainly their own physical properties to determine some of the parameters.
Q:What is the difference between leather dyes and ordinary paint?
There are many kinds of paint pigments, including oil paints, Chinese painting pigments, watercolor paint, gouache pigments, acrylic pigments, resin pigments, etc., including a variety of agents, linseed oil, peach gum, propylene emulsion, alkyd emulsion. And the chemical properties of leather dyes and uses are completely different.
Q:Class A lithium polymer battery and 3A level difference
Belong to the manufacturers themselves named, does not belong to the industry common naming rules category. Refer to other places naming rules, 3A level should be better than the A level.
Q:How to make watercolor paint is not easy to fall off?
Some people like to remove the less important oil paintings from the inner frame to roll up to save, (I am talking about the cloth oil painting) In fact, this is very bad for the oil painting, on the one hand under the box oil canvas easily deformed, In addition, folding is also easy to damage the painting of the painting. There are some friends of the proposal is hard to roll if the volume can be against the volume (picture outside), for reference only. Glossy oil on the light can not roll, or the surface will be broken.
Q:What is the difference between waterborne pigments and oily pigments?
Essentially differing in nature, whether the pigment is used for water or for oily primarily depends on whether the dielectric material used to make the product pigment is hydrophilic or lipophilic (solvent). Or oil and water. So the general finished pigment is not able to be generic, but if you buy water oil can be a common pigment.
Q:what should i paint?
Paint a sunset setting over and ocean, paint a sailboat off to the left, and some waves, under the water, paint an octopus, a few fish, and seweed, sand, a shell or two, and a jellyfish wouldnt hurt! haha, sorry if i'm taking away your creative freedom! i'm at the beach, and i just sketched it!
Q:Why do people do paint work when dizzy?
Paint contains formaldehyde and other organic ingredients, these substances released into the air on the human body have some harm. Causing some allergic reactions to the respiratory tract, and may be related to the occurrence of certain malignant tumor disease!
Q:There is no dye that is insoluble in water, but can be colored with gasoline and diesel
Similar to the principle of similarity
Q:what is car paint hardener?
It goes in the urethane clear coat to complete a chemical reaction which hardens it in a relatively short time.

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